Sulfur/chemical smell/taste from 1 sink only??

bgaviatorMay 30, 2012

We have 1 particular sink in our basement bathroom that when you first run the water for the day, or at night if it hasn't been running for a few hours, that the water smells sulfury and very nasty tasting. If you let it run for 10 seconds, it tastes fine. It is only this 1 sink though that does sulfur smell from the showers, or other sinks. What is happening? We have well-water.


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Smell from hot and cold or just hot or just cold?

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Well or city water?

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The OP clearly posted "We have well-water"

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well water....and i have never tried seeing if it came from the hot side....but i always notice it on the cold side when I go to brush my teeth or take my meds. It goes away after about 10 seconds of letting the water run. But it makes no sense that it really seems to only be coming from this one sink.

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Again... need to know if hot and cold or only hot or only cold water smells.

When was the last time you had your well water tested?

Is there any water treatment hardware installed?

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sorry for my delayed response....I sampled both hot and cold water side....and strangely, it only comes from the cold water faucet! Is the plastic line tubing leaching something bad into the water that's in the line? That line is longer length because of where the pipe came into the wall, so there is a little bit that hangs down and would hold residual water....hmmmm

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Well we finally fixed the problem by changing the cold water inlet line to a flexible stainless steel type line. The plastic line had to be leeching something into the residual water. This is very disturbing to me. I am halfway tempted to say something to Lowes about it.

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