Relative cabinetry prices: brand vs. brand

stretchadMarch 29, 2008

We're going to redo our kitchen but aren't quite ready to approach Lowes/HD for quotes on cabinetry. I was wondering if anyone has sufficient knowledge to know which brands are generally cheaper or more expensive. My assumption is that ikea is the cheapest, but I'm not sure how it goes from there.

SO, can those of you who respond supply your ranking of cabinet brands from cheapest to priciest?

This might help those of us who are early in the planning stages...


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I don't know about the prices, but I do know that they carry some of the same brands, just different names. That is, the parent company of our cabinets (American Woodmark Cabinets) owns the companies that distribute to both Lowes and Home Depot. The Shanendoah cabinets we got from Lowes is the same as a different name for Home Depot. I like Lowes as a company better and they had a great special at the time we ordered.

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Yeah, I figured out that Diamond and Thomasville are essentially the same thing. Good to know since I have no home depot in current location, but in new location (where we're doing the remodel) has no lowes, only Home Depot.

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We have Thomasville and went through Home Depot - both of which we have been VERY pleased with.

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Prices vary a lot depending on where you are purchasing. In my case I priced out 4 different lines -- all from lumber yards/kitchen places (as opposed to HD or Lowes). These are all semi-custom lines. Omega Dynasty was most expensive ($20,000), Brookhaven 2d ($18,000), Candlelight ($16,000) and Showplace (the one I'm going with ) $13,000.
The one caveat is that if you want INSET doors (usually only available with custom), I'd recommend Candlelight. They have a gorgeous product, but when we had to cut our budget, I switched to Showplace (also very nice, but no inset doors - just full overlay).
I would shop around beyond just HD or Lowe's -- many lumberyards/hardware places also sell cabinets and these are often comparably priced for a little bit better quality.

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Omega is one line...Dynasty is another (same manufacturer, different standards of construction and pricing). Dynasty is their lower cost line (they don't give them away as you see above heh heh) and Omega is a fully custom line (they're building some crazy shaped cabinets for me). Omega would be in the high end of the cabinet spectrum for cost, comparable to Hertco, Woodmode, and I've heard Plain & Fancy (but I haven't seen any P&F cabinets so I can't be sure of that). Omega does gorgeous inset doors on their custom line.

I would shop more than just the big box stores. Get your drawings done up and the shop with them. I believe Medallion is a nice, middle of the road brand, and when we looked at them on display we thought they were really pretty and well made. They just couldn't do what we needed.

If you're in a larger city, I'd price out custom cabinets by a local cabinet builer. We did't have that option here (just two guys who are any is retiring and the other was too busy to do a kitchen within two years). I've seen some amazing pricing on custom made cabinets in the lower 48.

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Just to clarify - my $$ from Omega was for their semi-custom stuff, not the custom which is part of the reason I thought the price was on the high side. I'd second (as I mentioned above) that shopping around at a variety of cabinet sources is the best bet -- most people just assume that HD and Lowe's will be the best deal and that isn't always the case (not to mention that you can get a wider array of choices elsewhere).

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So would you say it goes something like this?

Shenandoah/Comparable Home Depot Brand
Kraft Maid
Plain & Fancy

Custom built can be any where in between...

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To that list, add: Schuler (most expensive brand at Lowe's, probably just below (more expensive than) Thomasville; Fieldstone, probably comparable to Showplace.

Also, if quality is an issue, be aware that HD/Lowe's have huge upcharges/markups for just about every quality detail, while the higher end mfrs include them in the price. For example: plywood vs. particleboard, drawer glides, extensions. I think that ordering a number of upcharges can double or even triple the base price.

I've ordered Showplace. Glazing is free. Still it's nearly $20K for about 25 linear feet.

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That's no too far off for a listing, but you're leaving out many brands, which is fine :) They might not be available in your area. Woodmode would be up there with Omega Custom, and Dynasty would be down with Medallion I believe. Hertco would be right above Omega. Karman is in the middle (avoid them...they have switch and bait displays) and then there's Quakermade, probably right there with P&F.

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igloochic - thanks for some additional brands. Problem is that I'm just very unfamiliar with brands at this point since I am so early in the process. That's half the point of this 'exercise' :-)

An updated list:
Shenandoah/Comparable Home Depot Brand
Kraft Maid
Medallion - Dynasty
Showplace - Showplace
Plain & Fancy - Quakermade
Omega - Woodmode

Any others?

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Here's a few more and how they ranked, lowest to highest, for us:

Custom Design by Amish builder my CKD knows

I went looking for tile today and ANOTHER kitchen guy asked for our plans. So, it looks like I'll also be getting prices for CastPoint. As for Woodharbor's brands, incluidng CastPoint, they go in this order: Rockglen, CastPoint and Woodharbor. I don't know, yet, how they fit into the above scenario.

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Merrilat and Mid-continent should be somewhere between Medallion and home depot brand, probably some argument on exactly where. I am very happy with the Mid-continents I just bought at UBC (United Building Centers). Schrock is probably not quite as good as these two, but has a lot of great special organizational options.

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Schuler and Medalion are one and the same cabinets; Schuler is the name stocked at HD and/or Lowes. I would not rank Medallion as low as you're interpreting - definitely get more than the 3 Medallion-related responses in this thread before concluding that they're middle-of-the-road. Their quality control is far superior to KraftMaid with a beautiful finish and many, many options. Several KDs who post on this forum have consistently given Medalion very strong recommendations.

Of course, my opinions are not all related to the gorgeous Medallion cabinets gracing my kitchen.

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Can anyone place Kountry Kraft or Rutt in the above list (especially compared to Woodmode/Brookhaven cabs)? This is very helpful -- thanks all for your info.

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oofasis - thanks for telling us about schuler/medallion being the same. That helps!

Really all this list is for is a ranking of prices relative to one another - not a ranking of quality. So hopefully you're not offended if the location stays the same. It's not meant to signal middle of the road quality - only price :-)

Chefkev - I believe shcrock is the same as diamond/thomasville, no?

On a separate note, is anyone familiar with starmark?

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Where would Crystal cabinets fall? Especially the new Keyline which is their low end?

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Rutt is a high-end cabinet- comparable to Woodmode, Quality Custom Cabinetry (QCC), Neff.

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Does anyone know where Armstrong would come in on the list?

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You will get different pricing by region - plus encounter regional brands. Also, some things are standard on some lines and options on others - so this exercise is not exact.

With all that said - here are some more for your list from cheapest to priciest which coincides with lowest to highest quality as well)

Haas - probably right after Ikea and before Shenandoah
Wellborn - after Thomasville


these last 3 probably fall between Brookhave and Plain and Fancy pricewise

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Berryberry: Regarding Wellborn being listed after Thomasville. That means that Wellborn is generally more $$ than Thomasville? Do you know if Wellborn cabinets are of a better quality than Thomasville? Thanks! I'm looking at a lot of different brands and this list really has helped.

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stretchad... starmark and fieldstone is one and the same. I'm not sure of their pricing but do know I love the look of their line.

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stretchad, I'm not sure if Schrock and Diamond/Thomasville are exactly the same. I have a Schrock catalog and I looked online at some of the Diamond Cabinet PDF downloads and they sure look mighty similar. I know from a previous GW post that they have the same parent company, MasterBrand, which includes all of the following:

Aristokraft, Capital Cabinet, Decora, Diamond, Georgetown, HomeCrest, Kemper, Kitchen Classics, Kitchen Craft, Maple Creek, Omega/Dynasty, Schrock and Somersby

Dang, you practically need a scorecard to keep track! HTH

Here is a link that might be useful: MasterBrand Cabinet Family Link

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I forgot that I had also priced out Wellborn - they were in line with Brookhaven in pricing.
As to quality, I'd say all the cabinets I looked at were nice, well made semi-custom with finishes and options I like,d so for me it really did come down to price. I went with Showplace because plywood boxes were standard and glazing was free (also, upcharges for cherry wood and painted were much lower than with other brands - 3% rather than 10-20%).
As another poster commented, this isn't really a post about relative quality - just our pricing experiences.
Also, if it helps, I was pricing out painted maple shaker style , flat panel cabinets.

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I just got Cherry cabinets from and they are wonderful. They carry a few good brands one being Thomasville at a different name. I was quoted 12000.00 at Home Depot and I got them at for almost 3000.00 off that price! Jason helped me with everything and is so nice. If you ask for Jason and mention LMSB you get another hundred dollars off. I looked everywhere for cabinets, all the home store, local cabinet shops and the internet. This was the best deal and for the best cabinets. I researched for over a month before making this decision. Good luck, I will post pictures when they are installed. Now I just have to pick out the perfect granite!

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I'm suprised no one has mentioned Scherr's Custom Cabinets yet. They are similar to Ikea in that they make Ready-to-assemble frameless cabinets, but instead of offering a few dozen cabinet sizes and about a dozen cabinet door style/color/material choices, they offer completely custom sizing and virtually unlimited options for door styles/colors/materials. My final cost for cabinets was only about 2.2 times what the cost would have been for the closest approximation of my layout using Ikea cabinets.

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I just had a kitchen full of starmark cabinets installed. They are truly beautiful and appear to be a good quality-standard full extension drawers with soft close, all plywood boxes standard.

Of course, I am comparing to my POS builder's grade cabinets that they replaced, but they really do seem like nice heavy duty cabinets.

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

I looked at Columbia and at Merit. I went with Columbia. Both are on the internet.

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I have Canyon Creek. This is a brand I rarely see mentioned, but my KD was keen on them. She compared them favorably with Brookhaven as I recall.

I was somewhat concerned before I got them, not because of any bad reports, but for lack of any reports. They come from Washington state, and I'm in MA, which might be one reason they aren't common in my area, but they aren't common on GW either.

But, bottom line is that now that I have them I am very pleased.

These are semi-custom: the cabs come standard in 3" increments, both width and height, but can be customized, for a charge, to any size. I was trying to maximize my storage within the footprint I had to work with, so I did a fair amount of that.

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I found Shiloh to be a great value in an upper midrange cab. Full plywood boxes, wood reinforcements instead of the cheap plastic stapled braces, no upcharge for glazing. Very nice finish and though not cheap certainly not expensive

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Lifetime Cabinets is a very competitvely priced manufacturer, comparable to Wellborn Cabinets. Both manf. have ample options, though not as many as Showplace and Omega. Lifetime has many great selling points, and in most cases both Lifetime and Wellborn are priced better than Lowes and Home Depot.
My top 3 best get more pay less


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did you have to pay a big freight charge to get the cabinets from Washington State to MA?

I am in Mass. too and trying to help my friend find quality but reasonably priced cabinets for her kitchen.

I am scared off of Lowe's for her, because I think she might need a little more hand holding and based on the reports here, you have to have some stamina to go that route.

thanks for any Mass. related cabinet info you can send my way.

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So is the general idea is that Aristokraft are very low end cabinets, and Kemper decent? We are looking at going with a semi-custom guy who seems to have great prices and products. The prices are going to be pretty similar. Would you guys avoid Kemper/Aristokraft if you could?

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Aristokraft and Kemper are fine for their price range. But if you start to upgrade these lines, you might as well go up to semi-custom (ie KraftMaid). I'm a KD and used to sell Aristokraft and Homecrest but we dropped them because most of our clients wanted to upgrade the drawers and sometimes the exposed ends. KraftMaid was actually less money than Homecrest (with the upgrades).

And to avoid them? They are not the bottom of the cabinet world...there are others that are even lower end. You have to factor in your budget, your expectations, your home's value...etc.

I think it's the "FINISH" that sets apart the stock lines from the semi-custom and custom cabinets.

By the way, there's a really beautiful kitchen that a gardenwebber did in Aristokraft. Her name is Robin something. She might be in the FKB. However, her cabinets might have been upgraded (and more of a semi-custom price range). I don't know since I haven't carried AK for many years now.


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It also depends where you buy the cabs. ALL the local contractors (and many employees of big boxes) recommend the local lumberyard, which carries Wellborn. OK. Wellborn price was much lower than the supposedly comparable lines carried by Lowes and HD.
Then, my installer told me to work with a specific salesperson. HIS price was a bit less than the price quoted by the OTHER salesperson (same store), even though I switched from half to full overlay. Also, previous quote was from last fall, before large price increases.
So: where you buy and whom you get quote from! Lots of leeway in cabinet pricing (huge markup, I presume).

Find a good installer first! That's what I should have done. HE had lots of good tips on how I COULD have reduced cabinet costs.
Sadly, because of the economic downturn, a lot of very good contractors are now doing kitchen installs. I never could have gotten my guy before.

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Can you pass on the "good tips"? We are starting the design process for a kitched renovation later this year and would love to have this type of insight.

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Sadly, I wasn't paying attention to the specifics--something about what he would do with the ends. I'm sure any decent installer would know the same stuff.

Also, for money saving--at first I ordered molding (needed approx 10 upper and 10 ft lower). Anyway, I cancelled and my bill went down by $300. The add-ons of any sort are very expensive.

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Has anyone seen the quality of Omega DYNASTY? How about there painted finish?

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I know that many have been very pleased with the Omega/Dynasty stained cabs. I'm confident their painted finishes are equally high quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to Omega/Dynasty cabs in the FKB

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Sorry I didn't see your message sooner.

I paid no *explicit* freight charge. I got these through a KD / cabinet rep. Of course the shipping is buried somewhere in the cost, but I have no way to tell how much.

I didn't get a quote for this same design from anyone else, or with any different cabinets, so I don't have good comparative pricing.

My KD changed companies while I was dithering. She took this line of cabinets with her to the new outfit - they didn't carry them before. I could crassly imagine that it was because they provide a higher profit margin for the KD. But she at least tells me that they are a better value. My installers, who do mostly higher end work (and mine seemed high enough) were favorably impressed.

Drop me a private mail if you want specific info.

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We have been looking at different cabinets for a while now and keep coming back to Cuisines Laurier. Any pro or cons on them? we need to make a decision pretty soon if we are going to get this done this year.

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gglks, buehl just put in Dynasty cabinets and has a couple of Omega mixed in (omega is all custom, dynasty is their line that is not custom, but still great quality). I know she's in love with her finishes, but if you want to ask her specifics, do a post with a title "Buehl tell me about your Dynasty cabinets" or something and she'll fill you in.

I have all Omega in my house, being installed now. They are drop dead gorgeous, with finishes that are rich and great detail in the cabinet work. But you do pay more for all Omega (I have mostly custom sizes so it wouldn't make sense to try to mix in the Dynasty). I know buehl has a few Omega's in her kitchen as well though (and you really can't tell the difference unless you look at actual box being the heartier of the two).

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remodelfla and igloochic.........thanks for the feedback on omega/dynasty....the link was really helpful...still trying to nagivate my way around all of this!!

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Just note that Dynasty/Omega are *framed* cabinets. If you want frameless you hve to look elsewhere. (Unless they have updated their lines recently.)

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We initially looked at Kraftmaid at HD and Kitchen Craft cabinets. They were comparable in price.

After meeting with a small kitchen design company, they recommended Cabico cabinets. We are in the process of buying beaded inset cabinets from Cabico for slightly more than the other brands.

From what I read, the Cabico cabinets are a good cost to quality cabinet. At least we hope this is true.

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For the list, I think Cabico and Brookhaven are similarly priced.

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Can anyone place Kabinart in the list? Also, what other names does Thomasville/Diamond go by?

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I am also looking for cabinets...I have looked at brands like Sculer and Dewills and christiana. IS any one familiar with Dewills or Christiana (These are not sold at Lowes/Home Depot) I also thought the Schuler cabinets looked quite decent. Any problems with Schuler cabinets?

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modern life interiors


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I'm a freelance KD. I do not sell cabinetry, but make material recommendations to clients based on their budget and needs.

There is very little difference between Omega and Dynasty. The exterior finish is one and the same and you CAN customize the Dynasty. For examples, it's less expensive to order a reduced depth Dynasty, than a 18"D Omega or order a Dynasty piece with a finished interior, if necessary.

Woodmode, Rutt & QCC are heads & tails over Omega - their construction details and finish is much, much better.

Plain & Fancy, Crystal and Candlelight are fabulous upper mid level cabinets.

For mid range, Cabico is a great value (frameless, too), as are Medallion (the best finish for a mid range imo) and Dynasty (I recommend lumberyards where pricing is very competative). Just a note, you make encounter the DynastyI line - they provide a inset panel as opposed to a reversed raised door on shaker style doors and are a more budget friendly line.

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Another vote for custom cabinets. Seriously...check with local cabinet shops. you may be very plesantly surprised. My cabinet guy quoted me a price that was not much higher than IKEA (about 30% higher), and WAY less than anything lowes or home depot had. They have been delivered and installed and are perfect in every way!! They are semi-frameless, raised panel solid oak doors, 3/4" oak plywood boxes, and the most amazing furniture-grade finish I have ever seen on cabinets. They have crown molding (well, they will really soon), pull out spice drawers, flueted columns by the sink base and cook-top base, and all drawers on the lowers (29 of them).

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Does anyone know if there is a difference between Diamond and Lowes Diamond (Reflections)? There do seem to be a couple differences between Diamond and Thomasville as far as finish options (namely the heirloom black we want for the island).

paulines - thanks for adding your expert opinion. I am really interested in Medallion after reading here and on their website and am just trying to find a local dealer. My builderÂs estimate was created using Kabinart but I have a couple issues with that brand (mainly I want a solid recessed panel in the Shaker door style and pots and pans drawers cooktop base). I am trying to find another brand without significantly increasing the cost. Diamond/Thomasville and Medallion are a couple that seem to meet my needs and I am hoping the pricing is not much higher. Your post inspires me to continue pursuing Medallion.

For custom cabs, do the cabinet makers order the doors or make them? How do they provide all the storage options and such? What about the finish, especially painted, is it as durable as factory 15 or whatever step processes? I am so confused about how this works!

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This is a great thread. I have so many of the same questions. Paulines, thanks so much for your expertise! If you're reading, I wonder if you can comment on Crown Point, Signature, StyleCraft and Kennebec versus, say, Woodmode. It seems that the finish is a big differentiator.

Does it make a difference if you're getting a stained versus a painted finish? Are some companies better at one or the other? Our house is old and I want the cabs to fit in which I think means a low luster finish as much like furniture as possible. Who is best at that?

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Schuler (sold at Lowe's) is Medallion.

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I'm going to disagree with Paulines professional though she may be, because I spent a lot of time comparing Woodmode to Omega and Dynasty.

Dynasty boxes are NOT constructed the same as Omega. Omega boxes are constructed the same as Woodmode (dovetail, thickness of wood, furniture grade plywood or solid wood etc.). Omega does not offer melamine inside (though Dynasty does) but Woodmode does. Omega/Dynasty does not use particle board, Woodmode does for some lines.

Dynasty and Omega do work nicely together, and many of their door styles are interchangable, but they also offer styles that are specific to each line. Omega does not do the veneer door panel inside, but instead offeres solid wood. They also offer reverse raised panels, which Dynasty does not.

If you want a unique door style, Omega Custom will design one for you. They do the same for finishes, designing a finish specifically for a client, not forcing them to use something in a set group of options.

Omega Custom is able to build and customize better than Woodmode. We didn't go with Woodmode because they were NOT able to go as custom as I needed on a few pieces and expected compromise on those items. Omega built them (admitedly one took two tries...but they did get it).

As to the finish, Omega will do custom finishes including hand rubbed (as does Woodmode). Their finishes are fabulous, and compared to Woodmode, they stood up well against each other. The one area I liked Woodmode better on was painted and distressed style doors, but both offered the same guarantee, though Woodmode would not guarantee the finish on my son's tub surround, Omega did.

They're all three lovely lines, but Dynasty is different than Omega and Omega is different than Woodmode etc. Woodmode are lovely, really lovely, but weren't as flexible as Omega Custom when it came to being creative, and they apparently didn't feel they could support our needs when it came to finish quality in the bath. Will my Omega bath piece hold up...well if it doesn't they will send another one. Woodmode wanted me to sign off on it so it couldn't be replaced.

Again all are lovely, but boxes are all different construction, doors are all different construction and finishes are different as well. Let's be fair to each cabinet line :o)

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Since a custom cabinet builder can make the boxes any size you need them without using fillers, they also make the doors to fit. The finish is as good or better than most factory finishes, although some cabinet builders may not be set up to do some of the speciality finishes out there. Painting is a real art is sprayed like you would see at an automotive shop. My cabinet guy has a paint booth and can do very high quality painting, although he does charge more for it than he would charge for a stained finish because it is more labor intensive. All the cool slide-outs are available separately so they can add in anything you could ever want, including pull-out trash cans, hidden pull out spice racks, pull out shelves, etc.

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igloochic wrote, "Omega does not do the veneer door panel inside, but instead offeres solid wood. They also offer reverse raised panels, which Dynasty does not."

I'm sorry, but you have been misinformed. Dynasty does indeed offer a reverse raised panel door. As I mentioned above the DynastyI line offers only a veneer panel.

sayde, Crown Point's would be perfect, albeit pricey, for an older home. I believe you can even specify the level of sheen for your cabinetry's finish. I've linked Rich's (athomedad) CP kitchen. Both CP and Woodmode have fine painted finishes also, if that's what you were considering?

Good luck dalcolli, I think you'll find the Medallions beautiful and a great value.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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anne999, thanks for the note on Schuler=Medallion. I had seen that before but discovered LoweÂs sadly does not carry SchulerÂs in my region. That could be a good way of comparing relative pricing, though. For LoweÂs carrying SchulerÂs, do they also carry Diamond and/or Kraftmaid? If so, what is the relative pricing for the 3?

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paulines, can you help me figure out the difference in quality between Cabico and Candlelight cabinets? I'm getting white painted inset, recessed panels, no glaze, matte looking.

I had my heart set on Crown Point, but I'm afraid it's going to be much too expensive. I need a LOT of cabinets for my kitchen, dining room and family room.

Thanks so much,


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For LoweÂs carrying SchulerÂs, do they also carry Diamond and/or Kraftmaid? If so, what is the relative pricing for the 3?
End quote

I actually did almost this comparison.

I got the prices for a set list of cabinets to fit in what will be my new 10 x 12 U-shaped kitchen. Painted finish, shaker style maple, all plywood. I priced out Kraftmaid and Thomasville (which is identical to Diamond - Diamond even makes it) at HD and Schuler at Lowe's.

The prices were about $14,500 for Kraftmaid, $15,000 for Thomasville, and $16,000 for Schuler.

Prices included moldings and cabinet inserts (like lazy susan's, roll-out shelves, etc)

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Erika, I think you'll find Cabicos to be around 30% less expensive than Candlelight. Cabico also comes in both frameless and framed, Candlelight are framed.

As to aesthetics, I really liked Candlelight's stained finishes, but didn't care for their painted ones (it appeared somewhat plasticey to me?). Cabico, I believe, allows you to select a sheen (on stains, not sure about their painted product).

Are you in MA, btw?

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anne999, thanks so much for posting that info - we are looking at almost the exact same thing. HUGE sigh of relief for me that the prices are so similar - now I just need to figure out how much of my whole house cab quote is the Kabinart kitchen cabs - thanks so much!

So what did you decide? Did you notice any quality difference between Thomasville and Schuler?

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Hi paulines!

Thanks so much for the info. I definitely do NOT want anything with a plasticy sheen. Cabico does offer different sheens on their painted product. I saw the 10% sheen, and I thought it looked nice.

I live in southern NH right on the MA border, and DH works in Boston.


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My prices were alot cheaper than anne999. My kitchen is also 10 X 12 U-Shape. Shenandoah was $6700.00, Kraftmaid $8500.00 and Thomasville $8700.00. I upgraded to all plywood with furniture ends Cherry cabinets which are more than the maple. This included a garbage and recycle pullout, 9" spice pull out, super suzan, pots and pan pullout and 36" cabinets with crown to the ceiling. I didn't get the under cabinet light rail yet as I didn't think I needed it but am ordering it on Monday. I had quotes from three contractors for doing all my work and two of them said stay away from Thomasville had bad experiences with them so based on that I stayed away from them. I have learned since then that you hear good and bad about all cabinets probably not as much on custom or upper end. I also priced custom and I love my cabinets but there is definitely a difference in the finish.

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we have a 10x10 L with an additional 10 foot wall which houses the fridge. With 2 rots, 3 drawer bases, 1 suzan, 1 sink base, 2 regular bases, wall oven cab, fridge surround, uppers at 30 inches, crown, undercounter molding our dynasty quote ranges from 7800 for maple to 7900 for cherry to 8600 for red birch This is by going to a lumberyard and getting a good discount (good tip paulines, we had already discovered the difference!). A slightly different layout in maple with medallion was @10,000-12000-- still comparable for comparison as we keep removing items, but adding in others. We are in the northeast. My issue now, as I posted in a different thread is finding a cabinet stain that I like against the natural red oak flooring.

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dalcolli- -I haven't yet made a decision on cabinets. My decision so far has been to wait until spring, as my project involves an addition on the house.

I priced out the following:

Wall cabinets (Width x height):
one 24" x 42", glass door, finished interior, two finished ends
two 24" x 42" corner cabinets, one with a finished end
two 18" x 42" cabinets. each with a finished end
two 24" x 42" cabinets
one 27" x 42" 18" deep microwave cabinet
one 30" x 12" cabinet
one 36" x 24" with tray inserts
framing for fridge

Base cabinets (width):
one 27" 3 drawer base, with one cutlery insert
one 36" sink base
one 15" cabinet with two roll out shelves
two 36" corner cabinets, each with a super susan
two 6" spice pullouts
one 15" cabinet
one 21" 4 drawer base
one 27" full door height cabinet with 3 pullout interior shelves

Plus crown molding, toe-kicks, undercabinet molding
All-plywood construction (which added 10-12%)
All the lines had upcharges for painted finishes (another 10-12%)

marilyn234, I'd love to know where you got the prices you did.

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I got mine at Lowes. They are Kraftmaid cherry (autumn blush). They had a free sinkbase cabinet at the time so you didn't pay for that and if you spent $7500.00 you got a $750.00 Lowes giftcard free. That helped with the purchase of our new stainless fd refrig. I upgraded to all plywood with furniture ends which look nice. Mine are 36" cabs where anne999 has 42" which cost more. I also got a glass door in the corner finished interior, with glass shelves which is additonal. They actually give you the wood and a glass shelf kit. I am very happy with my cabinets. The sink, dishwasher and disposal were hooked up today. Finally have running water in the kitchen! Hopefully I can post pictures by the weekend. Crown molding, knobs and pulls are going on Wednesday. My contractor has 3 kitchens going at the same time. I have one 9" spice/oil and vinegar pullout, 2 can garbage pullout and one super susan. Also have an 18" cabinet with two roll out shelves. I also have the refrigerator panel. If you need a detailed list of everything in my kitchen just let me know.

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anne999 and marilyn234 - thanks for all the info! Tasty food for thought :-).

    Bookmark   August 19, 2008 at 1:36PM
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Oh, thank you Paulines for your assessment of the various cabinet lines!! You saved me a heap of time. Omega Custom was on my list, and now I can tick it off.

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David T. Smith?
Thos. Moser?

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We used CWP Cabinetry - located in SW Virginia. Ours were just installed last week, and we're pleased. We had priced out Kraftmaid at HD, and these weren't too much more. They do make inset doors.

Here is a link that might be useful: CWP Cabinetry

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After months of agonizing over cab brands, styles, finishes, etc., we placed our order this week for Schuler cabs, at Lowes.

We opted for the 'manhattan' door, in cherry, natural glaze burnished.

Our Lowes kd was just outstanding. I'd have to describe her as 'old school'. She was painstakingly conscientious, honest, and sensible. She spent approx 25 long hrs with me, going over three iterations of our plans.

We originally intended to re-do our kitchen last spring (2007), but got stalled. By that time, I had already spent way too much time canvassing cab stores.

My original choice had been Omega Dynasty. But I'd always been partial to Columbia (in Canada), due to the beautiful matte finish of their cabs. The downside of Columbia, however, was that the cabs are frameless, and apparently mfd. Didn't want either.

Schuler cabs appear to match that incredible matte finish, and that was our main criterion for deciding on Schuler over Dynasty.

My experience at Lowes has been totally positive. I was most impressed, as I said, by our kd. She is a true gem, vastly over-qualified for her position (not to disparage lowes' kds). We also opted for Lowes installation. Our installer came to measure twice, and also seems super conscientious.

I can say this: no two Lowes are the same. In the Lowes near work, the kds seem to be untrained and right off the street, with little accurate info about anything.

Our cabs are slated to arrive in 5-8 wks. Meanwhile, we've been raising the ceiling (roof) and knocked out two walls.

So, that's my update.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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I would echo those that have suggested you check into custom cabinetmaker -- find someone local that has done work in your area. I did, and went to visit several kitchens he had done -- fabulous work and less than Crown Point, Plain and Fancy and CWP. I, too, am trying to maintain a historic look and while the cabinetry itself of Omega and Dynasty were beautiful, the painted factory finishes of most any line that I looked at were too "plastic" for me. Crown Point came the closest, but was too pricey for our budget. Our cabinet maker came in MUCH less and he has worked with me on EVERY detail, every specification -- I learned much of what I wanted to ask for from this forum, invaluable information while planning!

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You are very welcome, taliaferro! ...but please understand that I am speaking from a value standpoint based on my experience and opinion - your milage may vary.

It appears to me that Omega doesn't do a great job of matching the wood and they also seem to utilize more sapwood than other upper end lines. As the doors and drawfaces are produced identically whether you choose Dynasty (a semi custom line) or Omega (custom), it seems you are paying custom prices for a product that can be 'valued' the same for much less money. The slightly thicker walls are moot, as they really aren't necessary (and can make install more difficult-long story, lol) and the 'custom sizing' Omega offers can be obtained with Dynasty, again, for lesser money.

When you go with a true custom cabinetmaker or lines such as Moser or Crown Point, you get the benefit of hand selected wood and the ultimate in finish details. Imo, these are custom cabinets.

That said, it's all about your budget and value for your dollar. You may find that the Omega/Dynasty showroom in your area prices their Omegas competively making these cabinets a good value.

I have Dynasty in my home. We did our remodel 3 years ago (has it been that long)? I spent under $7,000 for the cherry cabinetry (including several modified sizes = upcharge), moldings and its install. It was the best value I found - it actually priced out comparable with IKEA, lol

Best wishes for your project!

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Paulines, your comments have been so helpful. If you're reading would love to have more guidance.

Just got a quote from Crown Point. I knew it would be expensive but still, I was surprised. For one 12 foot full wall (approximately) plus 12 foot lowers, plus 33 by 46 island plus a L-shaped coffee bar: $37,000. This is for cherry in a glazed finish beaded inset series. There is opportunity to save about $4000 by not doing a glaze and probably some other things . . . I would be targeting to get the cabs down to about $26K +/-

Was wondering if that sounded in the ball park for CP -- this is a small kitchen about 12 by 13.5, u-shaped.

Question -- if you are going to have painted cabinets, which I am considering seriously rather than stained, for half to 2/3 of the cabinets, would you choose a different manufacturer than if you are having stained cabinets? Would the value that a CP provides by, for example, hand matching the woods, become unimportant if I were having painted cabinets?

I have been going crazy on this white-stained issue (in addition to layout and all the other issues). I think I was finally coming to realize that I loved white and may-be I could mix in some wood and re-use the best of the gumwood from the current kitchen. I have stacks of books and magazines, that I have been reading incessantly. And then came "The New Bungalow Kitchen." There, on page 20, is what stopped me --that's what I want! Big window, most of the cabs in ivory, with two units in a warm wood. Very simple -- it is a "bungalow" kitchen -- and it looks like it would work in this old 1927 pseudo tudor. And then as I looked closer I noticed that they used full overlay doors, not inset, which was what I was sure I just had to have.

So, now I'm wondering -- what's completely non-negotiable and how do you know what you must, must have to get the look you want.

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Sayde, have you seen Ivette's kitchen? She used unfinished CPs and painted them - perfect look for a bungalow kitchen. She brought in the warm wood for her counters, but it would look equally as gorgeous using a stained piece or two of cabinetry.

Let me give your questions some thought. It may be worthwhile for you to utilize what you can of the gumwood and then bring in unstained cabinets for painting? An experienced painter could perhaps refinish/rehab the gumwood at the same time.

If you went this route, you could get away with a less pricey line, absolutely!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ivette's kitchen...

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Thanks Paulines, yes, I really like Ivette's kitchen --- in fact I was studying it a while back when considering the Lacanche. (Still love the Lacanche but I think I have decided I should have the separate rangetop and ovens.)

Have gone all through the FKB as well as many books and magazines. From all this I have deduced that the thing that makes me most "want" a kitchen is the large window. I first realized this looking at Mamadadapaige's kitchen. So part of my budget has got to go toward enlarging my window and that means very custom leaded glass like the old zinc leaded glass we have in the windows now. It seems crazy to allocate so much to enlarging a perfectly good and adequately sized window but that is the thing I most want.

Several months ago another GW'er identified for me a cabinet maker in my city who does wonderful work -- he is a furniture maker with quite an album. I feel he could do the work but I am going through the process of understanding options before I make a decision. I don't think the local person would be less expensive -- may-be more -- but I feel he would be a good person to handle the gumwood and also the new frames around the old glass. I've sent my hand-done drawings to several people -- I was at first surprised that I have not heard back from some -- I think that they decided to no bid because the project requires so much customization.

I had been so clear on cabinets and now am revisiting every decision I had made except the one to re-use the leaded glass in the window and cupboards, and some of the gumwood. I guess I just need to let it all stay in flux and keep working it.

I so much appreciate your help! Please post if you have any other thoughts!

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Kitchendetective: I assume you're serious.

I heard a few years ago that a Smallbone kitchen (you're obviously not just paying for cabinets here ...) start at around $125,000 and go up to the sky. I don't know if that's a myth.

But in that income bracket, any kitchen they put in is going to start at $125,000 even if the cabinets come from Ikea!

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Many of the companies that are mentioned are all part of another. For example, Masterbrand cabinets offers: Thomasville, Diamond, Shrock, Kemper, etc. Masco cabinets offers: Kraftmaid, Woodgate, Mill's Pride, etc. Woodmark offers: Shenandoah, American Woodmark, Timberlake, etc. Elkay offers: Schuler, Medallion, etc. IKEA has their own brand.

So, many of what you see are similar door styles, construction, and color/paint. The name changes depending on who's selling it, i.e. Lowe's, Depot, private dealer, etc

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Elkay produces Medallion and Schuler. Many of the Medallion and Schuler products are identical, but Medallion has more door styles and wood species choices, including an inset door line.

For us, schuler/medallion has the best wood finish for their price category. I've looked extensively at diamond/thomasville and omega/dynasty, and they're both beautiful. We almost went, first, with dynasty, then with diamond. But Schuler came closest to an incredible matte finish that I have only otherwise seen in Columbia and Woodmode.

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Sayde, how are you making out?

I realized I never properly answered your questions. The quote you received from CP does seem consistent with what I've been seeing & hearing, it's hard to be more specific w/o seeing exactly what's included and not included.

If you decide on a painted finish, check out Cabico cabinetry. They offer a matte finish (either paint or stain), a nice choice of substrates, including hard maple and utilize Blum hardware. You could do a modified inset as I'm not sure they offer true insets - Cabico's cost would be significantly less than CP and I feel they are a good value.

If you do decide on a stained finish, Medallion's is beautiful, soft and perfect for a bungalow. Again, not sure about insets, but a modified one gives you the look and feel @ about 1/2 the price. Frees up some of the budget for other details that will contribute to the look & feel of the space you are seeking.

Hope this helps.

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bumping for sayde to see

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Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will look at Cabico and Medallion. I really appreciate the time you spent answering my questions. It is quite a challenge to evaluate exactly where you get the best return for investment in the various areas of the kitchen. Your input really helps! Thanks!

I am still at the stage of doing drawings and trying to figure out how and where to harvest some of the gumwood veneer panels in the old cabinets. I think that probably the local person would be the best bet to build these pieces -- probably the island and a large but simple "larder". The other cabinets will probably be ivory. This is a departure from my original plan to use a wood like cherry throughout. The more I thought about how best to make the kitchen seem original, the clearer it became that introducing a new wood (some of the gumwood doors to other areas of the house would still be visible) would probably make the new kitchen look like it was dropped in. And, I felt awful about the prospect of losing all the gumwood entirely, since some of it is so wonderful. So I started to think about combining the best of the gumwood with ivory.

I am still far from a working plan -- but getting closer.

Thanks again!

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I was interested in the Crystal frameless cabinets (semi custom), but ended up using Superior Woodcraft (custom) out of Doylestown PA...the self closing doors and drawers are standard, beautiful manufacture and a very green and clean plant...we went up to look. We elected all lower drawers and most have inserts. The price difference between crystal and Superior was negligible....and we have not wasted any space on fills....every inch is utilized to the maximum.

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Could you tell me what you mean by a "modified inset" door versus a "true inset". I am planning to get inset cabinets and haven't heard this term. I have seen how some manufacturers (Candlelight comes to mind) will put the bead on the door rather than the frame. Is this what you mean? Thanks!

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Cabico is one of the companies I'm considering and they do offer inset cabinets, both beaded and flush.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabico Website

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Modified inset is usually done with frameless contructed cabinets, CP offers them in their Limited Line. It utilizes overlays, friezes and trim to reproduce the period look and feel of a traditional inset.

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Tough housing times are great opportunities for anyone looking to make home improvements! Lots of pricing specials going on ... and many improvements to cabinet brands.

Showplace has a company store and a designer friend was walking through and saw a new display being installed that is painted inset with beaded frame; said they are introducing inset in another month but nothing is on their web site yet.

They also have free glazing all the time and free painted finish until December ... its a great time to be buying a new kitchen if you have the money!

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anyone familiar with Ultracraft? if so how does Ultracraft Destiny compare to Omega Dynasty vs Candlelight? Also, has anyone utilized any of the web dealers i.e.

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Does anyone know where Wood Harbor or Nickels' Cabinets (a Vancouver company) fit into this scheme?

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What about Marsh Cabinetry/High Point line fall into this range? Anyone know anything about them?

    Bookmark   September 16, 2008 at 3:03AM
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I'm not familiar with High Point, Wood Harbor or Nickels', sorry.

Larry, I viewed Ultracraft years ago, but unfortunately don't recall my impressions. As to O/D vs Candlelight, Dynasty will probably run you 40+% less than Candlelight. Both are framed and very good quality cabinets.

Not sure about web dealers, but I've had many clients order their Omegas and/or Dynastys through a local to me lumberyard and pricing is very competetive, service good.

I've also referred a couple clients to a Candlelight showroom in SE MA, they were extremely satisfied.

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I'm just bumping this up - it's a very useful thread for me and thought it might be for others as well!

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This IS a great thread. I'm agonizing over the different pices of cabinets. Today I went over to HD and got a quote for Thomasville cabinets - they're throwing in free glazing ($2000). So far my quotes for the same configuratio of kitchen cabinets:
(full plywood interior construction/slow-cushion/full extension doors, solid wood doors.
Dynasty 26240
Brookhaven 25000
Wellborn 20000
Thomasville 15000
I'm going back to HD tomorrow with my husband so we can ask more questions about the Thomasville.

Any one have good/bad to say about Thomasville kitchen cabinets (expecially from HD-I will not be using HD for the installation. There are only 3 in the Finished kitchen forum, but I can look for Diamond also.

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Hi, I'm in the process of getting quotes for a new complete renovation of my kitchen. I found cabinets I really liked by Fieldstone. Does anyone know how they compare to Kraftmaid Diamond and Woodmode?
Also does anyone have an Electrolux range or Fisher Paykel refrigerator? Do you like them? I would also like to know if you can notice a difference if you use different brands of stainless appliances. I loved the look of the Electrolux range but need a small size refrigerator.

Thanks Gail

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modern life interiors


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shannonskitchen - do you mind if i ask the amount of space you have for the cabinets you got quoted? we are just beginning this process and awaiting a quote for brookhaven and woodmode, and i'm trying to decide on other brands we are going to look at. completely clueless on how much the quotes are going to come back for, which is slightly frightening... ;-)
also, has anyone compared woodmode to crown point? curious how they compare price-wise.

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Trying to bump again.. but it never seems to work for me?

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I am considering Mid-Continent cabinetry. Has anyone had any experience with these, especially the painted and glazed feature? Thanks.

    Bookmark   January 24, 2009 at 3:14AM
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I found the comparative ranking of cabinetry very helpful. Does anyone have info on the following brands -- Corsi, Greenfield, Mouser, Prevo and Grabill. I'd be interested in knowing how they compare in quality to Quality (QCC), Signature, Woodmode, and Brookhaven.


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Google led me to a goldmine here! I have learned much from reading along this thread and many of my questions have been answered along the way, but I wondered if anyone has any suggestions for my particular situation.

I have a 1960's ranch in CT that is in need of kitchen remodeling and a few cosmetic changes. The current kitchen is L shaped and measures 13 x 15. The cabinets were built in place by a previous owner and stained a medium cherry color. We have replaced the ancient appliances with white ones but are wrestling with the idea of changing the cabinets. Due to the plummeting real estate values around us, we cannot justify or borrow for a full scale remodel (priced by HD last year around 14k for Kraftmaid)and have considered painting the existing cabs (although they are partial overlay slab doors and we think they'd look cheesy with a white finish), new doors or refacing. The real problem is that the cabinets are oddly sized and not effectively laid out at all. Removing any one of the cabinets (or the range hood, as we discovered in our attempt to replace with a microwave/hood combo) means literally cutting the unit into pieces. And so it seems that in order to fix any of the problems, we have to do the whole deal.

I have been wondering what the most cost effective way to replace the cabinets would be if what I'm looking for is a white finish (preferably painted) decent quality and a relatively simple layout. I've read about RTA cabinets but I'm leery, I've looked at the lower end choices at HD and been unimpressed, I've priced Kraftmaid units in a new larger configuration. I am planning on checking a few local lumberyards for their solutions. As I intend these cabinets to stay a painted finish, can I get away with a cheaper wood? I am considering a shaker style, and after reading here I think I want frameless to maximize the storage. I am willing to use stock sizes and don't need much in custom accomodations, low ceilings will necessitate only 30 inch uppers which helps. I guess I'm just hoping Paulines is still hanging around and can steer me in the right direction with some tips. This process is overwhelming to say the least.

The other piece of the puzzle is that we hope to take down the wall between the kitchen and rarely used DR to open the flow and light. In an ideal world, we will be able to create a small breakfast bar facing the DR windows out of 18in deep cabs and a countertop. The floors are currently a hideous gray/brown lino that I believe may once have been white - we will add new vinyl floor for now. Current backsplash is cream tile and will have to be replaced. Countertops will be whatever fits the budget for now but we hope to upgrade to silestone at some point.

Any tips are more than appreciated, and I do have photos and drawings if requested.

Thanks for all the tips above and any I hope I get below!

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Any other opinions on Canyon Creek? I live in Washington state where they're made.

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Bumping to keep this thread going. It really is a goldmine!

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bumping up again....

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wow... what a great thread!

we are right in the midst of a kitchen reno... we had originally decided on Kitchen Craft due to its availability... and weren't unhappy... then our designer said that two others had become available as well... KraftMaid and Cabico... and she designed our kitchen based on the Cabico because she said it was probably a better price overall due to some of the custom sizes we needed... ok... so we've now seen both KC and KM... but have yet to see a piece of Cabico... and are hesitant to put out $20K on cabinetry not having seen its quality!... we still have countertops and appliances to cover in this project too!...

can anyone tell me what they think of the quality of these three makes in terms of box construction, joinery, finish... which one would you choose?

1 Like    Bookmark   May 30, 2009 at 6:16PM
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We have been looking at Diamond, Medallion and Schrock cabinets. Any rating in quality among these three?

    Bookmark   August 25, 2009 at 1:20AM
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Five years ago I did a kitchen with Quality Custom Cabinets that turned out spectacularly! I used them because I was able to get them to make some design changes to exactly duplicate a custom Clive Christensen kitchen I had gotten an estimate for ($75,000, plus installation, plus another $10,000 to paint in place.) My cabinet cost came out to $34,000, so a considerable savings. Really well made cabinets. I am pleased with them.

When I went back last summer to look into a similar kitchen for another house the cost had jumped to $45,000 - recession or not, so I got an estimate from Crown Point which came in surprisingly high also. I had expected it to be lower. I decided against CP when two guys working in my house said they had put in a CP kitchen for someone and the cabinets had arrived out of square. They though CP's overall quality was not very good.

I also looked at Omega cabinets and thought their quality was very good. The biggest thing I have learned in my hunt for kitchens is that the designer makes all the difference. The best quality cabinets can sing with a good one, and look ordinary with the wrong designer. A designer or custom cabinet builder with a good eye can do the most amazing things.

Not sure what I am going to do yet. I think I may add on to my house and skip the custom kitchen in favor of an IKEA one for a few years. Meanwhile, I will keep reading these interesting threads.

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Is anyone familiar with Kabinart? I am considering using them and would like to know if they are a good value for a semi-custom kitchen.

    Bookmark   April 17, 2010 at 7:25AM
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Has anyone considered Ovation cabinets? I am looking for painted white maple, again fear the plastic look.

    Bookmark   April 17, 2010 at 9:35AM
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Crystal Cabinet Works has a lower priced line called Keyline. My gut feeling is that is going to be more expensive than the big box retailer lines as they offer inset and all of the doors that Crystal has.
I do agree with some of the other posters that you might as well get some pricing from cabinet lines not carried by the big box retailers. I would probably have a kd price a plan on one done by Lowes and also price a kitchen off of a budget and floorplan.

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I just received a quote from a small independent store that carries Candlelight and Kraftmaid. I was shocked that there was only a $100 (yes,one hundred) difference between Candlelight and Kraftmaid. When comparing Candlelight to American Woodmark (HD) the diff is less than $500. The KD explained that Candlelight prices vary depending the who you buy from. The customer pays for those fancy showrooms.

So if you like a brand compare from different sources.

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Does anyone know how Dura Supreme or Mid Continent rank. I'm looking for something pretty much in the middle I think.

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This is a great thread, but hard to keep track of all the different lines carried! Would anyone be willing to take the time to group together some of the mid range choices and then a upper mid range grouping? A few names I'm interested in seeing how they fit in are Mid Continent, Merrilat, Dura Supreme, Home Crest, and any of the lines carried by Home Depot or Lowes. My only real must haves are soft close/dovetail drawers and a waste basket cabinet. Nice to haves are roll out trays and 39 inch uppers, but I can deal with 36 if the difference will just be too great over all.
Thank you to anyone who can help with this!

    Bookmark   April 18, 2010 at 10:55AM
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Hi, I am in the process of redoing my kitchen and am having a tough time narrowing it down to "who do I purchase my cabinets from". Here is the list. Can someone please rank them for me from low to high as to the quality and if necessary warranty issues. Choices are Haas, Fieldstone, Candlelight and Thomasville. There is not much difference in price between them all.

    Bookmark   April 24, 2010 at 8:09AM
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Plywood construct is an upcharge with Candlelight - somewhere in the neighborhood of 30%. Make certain your KD is pricing apples with apples, Debra :)

If you're still around irishstjean, let me know where you're at and I'll try to help.

    Bookmark   April 24, 2010 at 9:57AM
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I have not heard a metion of
Decora Cabinets. I know they are part of Masterbrand. Their Catalog is really sexy. Please tell me I could do better and not to judge a book by its cover. I am going to rennovate my kitchen and am adding on. We are senior citizens and want a nice kitchen but do not want to spend an arm and a leg. We want a traditional/country french look and do not want modern. Some companies tend toward the modern cabinet. Please Help.

    Bookmark   May 4, 2010 at 1:43AM
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We like french country/european/old world too. Decora are nice cabinets. I looked at them. We will probably go with Shiloh a step below Crystal b/c I like the Shiloh painted finish A LOT and its about 15K cheaper. I also thought candlelight and acorn seemed nice and bertch were nice. I like the matte glazed, highlighted painted finish so the finish played into it a lot for me.

    Bookmark   May 4, 2010 at 10:47PM
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I've been in this business a long time. There are so many manufacturers that I can't possibly name them all. I think what is important is that you know what you want and get the best quality for what you can afford. A good KD can take an inexpensive cabinet and still give you a great design.

    Bookmark   May 4, 2010 at 11:19PM
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We've been looking at Embassy, (about $16K) Candlelight (about $13K) and a custom cabinet maker from Ohio, 4B (about $11K). Anybody have any comments on the comparisons between these three? We are especially interested in the 4B, not only because of the price, but because they are willing to do the EXACT finish we want, black walnut with a dark brown stain. If you've heard of 4B, please post!

    Bookmark   May 5, 2010 at 11:32AM
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Can someone redo the list so it is easier to read based on all cabinets in question? Particularly looking at quality/craftsmanship and price. I'd be interested in seeing the ones kmsparty listed, but would really love to see a breakdown of cabinets vs. which brands are owned by who, the quality and pricing in comparison to others. I know this is tough to do, but cabinets are part of an expensive purchase for the house. There are so many to choose from and no way to really compare apples to apples. Something like - Dura Supreme offers XX which is semi custom, custom, builder grade and Thomasville is the same as XX at Lowes and Dura Supreme is comparable in price to XX. Anyone up for a challenge?

    Bookmark   May 5, 2010 at 5:34PM
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I just got my Fieldstone inset quote for a 9x10 kitchen (L shaped) with 10' high cabinets + a third 10' wall that includes a fridge surround. The L only has uppers on the 10' wall, and 3 feet of that is a dry wall chase for the hood liner/insert. We aren't talking miles of cabinets here. And there were only two all drawer bases in the order.

$19K for ivory.

It's a 19% upcharge for a "painted" finish and basically a 20% upcharge for inset. They don't charge extra for the bead. The internal storage capacity on the uppers is 10 3/4", you can upgrade that for about $60/cabinet.

That quote does NOT include installation, fancy end panels, crown molding or inserts. It does include two glass front cabinets, but that charge is only $50.

Way over my allowance (by $7k), so I'm holding out hope for Shiloh. Wish they did exposed hinges, but...

    Bookmark   May 5, 2010 at 11:16PM
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For pricing reference, our 23 by 12 kitchen with island and hutch have gotten the following prices for inset painted with matte glazed cabinets:

shiloh- 39
grabill- "min 40, up to 60" (we didnt do a full design)

We liked the shiloh finish the best- it was the only one we knew immediately we loved. I find their hoods a little uninspired however. Construction seems very good.
Havent sent in order yet b/c the appliance hunt is never ending.

    Bookmark   May 6, 2010 at 10:18PM
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Any thoughts on Starmark...a little nervous that no one mentioned and we already purchased:-(

    Bookmark   June 19, 2010 at 10:49PM
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I've gotten four quotes ranging from 10K to 14K for my 11x10 kitchen. The one I'm going with is Old River Cabinets for $13 and includes all drawer bases, all wood construction, free wood upgrade to walnut, cherry or mahogany, installation and demo of existing cabinets. I'm glad I read this thread, I had decided yesterday but these comments make me more sure of my choice. Thanks everyone!

    Bookmark   June 21, 2010 at 8:39AM
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Starmark is a good semi-custom brand made by the same company that makes the custom Fieldstone brand. The standard Starmark cabinets are comparable in quality to the higher end brands sold at the big box stores if you buy the optional construction upgrades to the big box store brands. If one buys the optional construction upgrades to the Starmark brand then one can come close to Fieldstone quality.

    Bookmark   June 21, 2010 at 9:13AM
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Thanks barr.

    Bookmark   June 21, 2010 at 9:22AM
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This is a great thread---so glad I discovered it! I can't believe the extremes in cabinet pricing!

My budget was super tight but I needed all new cabinets because the old ones were 24 years old and falling apart.

One of my coworkers told me about an Amish cabinet maker who did a friend of hers kitchen. I saw pictures of her kitchen and talked to her too---he does beautiful work.

He is making me all cherry wood construction Shaker style cabinets for my kitchen and half bath vanity with soft close, pull out garbages, all wood lazy Susan, etc..

For cabinets, tear out and install the total cost is $9000.

There's no way to beat that price so I jumped on it.

    Bookmark   July 31, 2010 at 6:48PM
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Hi just found this thread. Wonderful info. We are beginning the process of re-doing our kitchen. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with Mid Continent Cabinets. Have found a couple of kitchen designers in our area and they only carry two brands. Mid continent seems to be a favorite. Anyone care to comment on quality relative to mid range cabinets and the brands available at Home Depot and Lowes? Thanks.

    Bookmark   August 13, 2010 at 2:40PM
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scrappykat, will you please share the name of the Amish Cabinet Builder that you are using for your home. Sounds like what we have in mind, the Cherry Wood with the features that you have described! Have you already designed your you have any picture of these Cherry Cabinets or a Door style that he will build for you? Thank you so much for your help, roseofblue

    Bookmark   August 30, 2010 at 10:07PM
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Our project is still ongoing, so we're not using the cabinets yet, but we went with CWP (Custom Wood Products) out of Roanoke, VA. Painted white, inset doors. They came in about $5k less than the Crown Point quote that we got. We did not price any other options.

    Bookmark   September 3, 2010 at 9:53AM
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I'm single and rebuilding a new home. My old house burned down last year. My new construction is vitually closed-in. With engineered trusses All of my initial design tweaks were focused on the master suite (farthest south off garage) to the 2 guest bedrooms (farthest North). The tremendously open floorplan has chaged my initial Kitchen/Breakfast nook into one huge room encompassing that with a Greatroom, foyer and dining room.

The kitchen will now be in the area in the front right indside area of this "new room".

The shape is an "L" with a front facing counter space of 150 1/2 " and the adjoining right wall with 14' 6" to the doorway of the master suite.

I am having trouble with the island design. I want

a 36' range top, downdraft, small prep sink, sufficient prep space and a built up bar height counter for informal dining.

What's the best bang for buck cabinet maker?

How to fit all of this into an island?

This is a really cool thread that I've read for a while, hopefully it can help me now.


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A couple of caveats.

1. Home Depot and Lowes cabinets are not particularly cheap. They are price competitive, but if you think you are getting a great discount because you bought at the box store, think again.

2. You will not get design help at HD or Lowes. You will get cabinet placement help, but this is a far cry from actual kitchen design by a qualified designer. For about the same price, you can usually get actual design help at your local lumber yard or cabinet shop.

3. Price all cabinets installed. We used to install for HD and Lowes and know their prices for installation are somewhat breathtaking. Both companies' annual reports brag about the ton of money they are making on installation services of all kinds, so don't expect discount installation.

4. Don't overlook your local or regional custom cabinet shops. Custom shops are usually price competitive with national brands. In fact, if you are looking at pricey cabinet lines like those a Crown Point, local shops can often build the same cabinets for half the price. Local shops include design help in the package and installation is part of the price. They are much more flexible when it comes to size, style and features, so if you need a 3-1/3" deep drawer or a 22-3/8" wide cabinet to exactly fit a space without fillers and scribes, they can build them. And the cabinets are usually of better quality - no particle board, etc.

    Bookmark   September 17, 2010 at 9:34PM
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I'm redoing our condo in FL.

I priced kraftmaid and looked at a number of the other brands and decided to go with my gc's kitchen guy and I'm glad so far I did. My boxes are installed and I've seen the doors. They are gorgeous!!! Kitchen is 12 x 11'9". I got cherry cabinets with shaker full overlay doors. Cabinets are birch plywood boxes and doors, etc are cherry with dovetail drawers.

It includes a pantry closet with pull-out shelves, pull-out double wastbaskets, corner pull-outs (see below), drawer dividers, two glass cabinets (1 corner cabinet and 1 36" cabinet), and 2 pull up appliance garages on either side of the fridge.

Kraftmaid at HD with upgraded plywood boxes, and all wood drawers and doors, etc was priced at $12,000 and with their sale it was $10,000 for the cabinets. My cabinet maker is making and installing the cabinets for just over $14,000 and the quality is far above the kraftmaid cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful: corner pull=out

    Bookmark   September 17, 2010 at 9:43PM
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Bump- and wouldn't it be great to have an updates list!

    Bookmark   November 30, 2010 at 9:38AM
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    Bookmark   December 29, 2010 at 7:04PM
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any body knows National Forest cabinets? I think they are made by Premio. I saw their line and I really liked. thanks

    Bookmark   January 12, 2011 at 12:15AM
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Can anyone post info for good Amish cabinet makers around Bryn Mawr, Pa. I had Amish build fence and I like their work ethic and quality of work. I also saw another kitchen done by amish cabinet maker and it was beautiful.

    Bookmark   January 13, 2011 at 4:27PM
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My husband and I have been to 4 I'd places, 2 prices on kraftmaid now were stirring away from because we have heard that there products when shipped comes in broken, and damaged any ideas in the new jersey area. Where to buy and what product as far as quality in wood cabinets

    Bookmark   January 16, 2011 at 11:57AM
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There is also an 'underdog' brand available on the market. I bought a MIRALIS kitchen ( They are doing semi-custom/custom cabinetry. From Classic stuff to contemporary. They have a very large offer. Custom colour/dimensions/cabinets. I consider their quality and their offer almost as good as Downsview/Woodmode but at least 30% less expensive. They have distributors in eastern Canada as well as in the east of the US. They are growing and are an independant brand. I guess they are looking at expanding in the US. They even have an IPAD/IPHONE application on the appStore

Here is a link that might be useful: miralis

    Bookmark   March 23, 2011 at 2:02PM
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How does Greenfield compare in price and quality to Cabico. Looking to do beaded inset with a paint and glazed finish.

    Bookmark   April 2, 2011 at 11:07AM
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Under a budget I have been given a good price for Kemper (Masterbrand) kitchen cabinets. I hear little about them, I am doubtful as to their quality, no one talks about Kemper. Anyone?

    Bookmark   April 8, 2011 at 12:36PM
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In our past houses, I've installed Medallion and Omega Dynasty in the kitchens, and in our current house, I've installed Showplace in our bathroom. From my limited experience, Omega Dynasty was slightly more expensive than Medallion but much better quality build/finish and better standard options.

The Showplace cabinets in our bathroom look nice, but the build quality is not that great. I will be looking to put Omega Dynasty cabinets in our kitchen when we eventually remodel.

    Bookmark   April 29, 2011 at 10:03AM
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we have built many homes and have used many of the brands described we found the best quality for the money was wellborn forrest its a semi custom line with tons of options many of the builders in our area use them for inset doors we've used woodland cabinetry, oh these are incredible. Most important a smaller cabinet showroom provides much better service

    Bookmark   June 21, 2011 at 10:23PM
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This thread is food for thought. I have been going back and forth with a KD at a local lumber yard who priced out Dura Supreme cabinets for my kitchen. I was not given any other options because this was the only brand they sold with inset doors. I was told that Dura Supreme is very high end. Now I am confused...the price quoted is high 30,000 just for cabinets. What are thoughts about this company?

    Bookmark   July 2, 2011 at 1:50AM
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Miralis is excellent cabinetry. They have modern and Traditional styles.

    Bookmark   July 10, 2011 at 11:52AM
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Has anyone used RiverRun stock cabinetry from VA. They are reasonably priced but I am unsure of the quality. I am looking at ivory glazed painted finish and I like the doors. I know they are lower end but, they work with my budget. I just want to find some customers who used or some reviews. Thanks

    Bookmark   July 20, 2011 at 5:40PM
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Diamond vs. Candlelight
Just had our second meeting with the cabinet guy and the contractor (brothers).
I finally came to a decision on my cabinet style and color,only to find out that the style I chose can't be done in white, so they did the estimate in Toasted Almond.(Strike One)
I'm looking at Diamond,LaGrange.
From that meeting, we went to a showroom to see what an upper lazy suzan looked like, and it was plastic and flimsy.
(Strike Two).
The Third Strike I had with the Diamond was that the base cabinet drawer depth wasn't as deep as the Candlelight, but was willing to overlook it if it weren't for Strike 1 & 2.
Now that that the Diamond has 3 strikes, I feel horrible telling these folks I don't want to go with their cabinets after all the time they took. (I did tell them of these concerns when I was sitting with them.)
I may ask them if they can get me the Candlelight, but I don't think they can, nor do I think I'll be able to get them to do the work if I don't buy their cabinets.
What to do, what to do.

    Bookmark   August 13, 2011 at 8:40AM
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I know a few people have asked about Starmark and they have gotten a few basic replies. Know one has put it on the ratings list that have been started.
They appear to be better than KM. But it would be nice if some one would add more of the posted cabinet makers on the ratings list.

    Bookmark   September 28, 2011 at 2:36PM
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I'd like to hear some more comments on StarMark also. We are considering them for our kitchen remodel.


    Bookmark   October 2, 2011 at 10:35PM
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Is anyone familiar with Woodland Cabinetry or Fieldstone?

    Bookmark   March 27, 2012 at 1:17PM
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Hi - does anyone know where Prevo fits in the line up?

    Bookmark   March 4, 2015 at 6:56AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Tracycole - I recommend you start our own thread asking about Prevo. This is a very old thread and people may not check it out.

1 Like    Bookmark   March 4, 2015 at 3:45PM
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Has anyone used Koch cabinetry?

    Bookmark   March 5, 2015 at 6:56AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Holly - please read the comment directly above yours - start your own thread with this question!

    Bookmark   March 5, 2015 at 9:37AM
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Any info available on Mouser & their Centra series cabinetry

    Bookmark   March 12, 2015 at 3:00PM
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Iseeparis, please see the comment above yours and above Holly0222's.


It should also be noted that the information in this thread is 7 years old - so the information in it may or may not be current/valid. Prices, quality, etc. of things like cabinets can change over time and 7 years is quite a while ago.

    Bookmark   March 13, 2015 at 11:53AM
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Already did buehl

    Bookmark   March 13, 2015 at 12:18PM
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7 years is a lifetime of annual increases in the cabinet world. 3-5% a year means as much as a 30% difference between now and then. Also, many lines introduce new features at "no charge" and have an overall price increase much greater than the 3-5% in order to pay for that no charge feature.

1 Like    Bookmark   March 13, 2015 at 12:35PM
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