Kitchen Sink: Flow not smooth

MaryalicemMay 25, 2013

So, we are finishing a complete kitchen remodel. I have two sinks (main and prep on island). I ordered the LadyLux 3 faucet from Grohe for both sinks. Once installed, the main faucet flow was miserable - all choppy and too forceful - splashed everywhere. Plumber came out, checked the flow rate to the house and it was fine. We had an extra faucet on hand due to the 2nd faucet being defective, so he switched our the spray head and the problem seemed fixed. Nice water - strong but not choppy and splashy. Used it for a round of dishes last night and it seems to be getting worse by the minute. Coming out too forceful, not as choppy, but very splashy. What gives? All reviews for this faucet are super positive. It wasn't cheap....all of the plumbing is new, water softener in place... HELP!

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The water is coming out with too much force? Don't turn it on all the way.

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What is the pressure in to your home?

Have you removed the aerator and checked for debris? Often, debris in the pipes can get knocked loose during a remodel.

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I will check for debris. Would have thought the plumber would have done this! Thanks for the reminder. Re: Snidley's suggestion - hardly seems right to have a new faucet that you can't use at full capacity. We'll get it right - one way or another! Thanks all.

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