marricgardensSeptember 14, 2010

A few years ago we adopted a 6 year old australian shepherd. Wonderful dog. A few months ago we were playing ball, he was winning, and he came back limping. On our next vet visit I mentioned it to him and he checked (feeling between Rileys back legs) and said it was something that happened to dogs when they play ball and that there was an operation we could have done that would correct the problem. I spoke to one breeder who told me that none of his dogs lived past 10, still can't figure out why. I looked it up on the web and various sites say anywhere from 12-15 years. We decided to try glucosamine instead, our other dogs are on it, and now Riley has very little limping unless he is out jumping or climbing, it's been about 6 months. We try to keep an eye on him and not let him do those things.

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My lab/husky mix, Dakota, was on it for years before he passed on at the age of 13.

My vet told me to give him the same thing I take, but gave me the appropriate dosage for his weight.

The 2 dogs i have now are 5 and 2, and aren't on it yet, but will be eventually.

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I've put each of my dogs on it by the time they were 5 years old. I think giving it to them before they really need it helps them in the long run. Same as I take it as a preventive measure. All my dogs were either german shepherds or australian shepherds, very active dogs. I believe that when a dog is that active it can't hurt to start them early.

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I was wondering when I should start ... thank you!

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I need to put my two bassets on it.Can you tell me what to purchase?Its it just glucosamine or does it have other ingredients?Also how can I find out how much to give them?They weigh 45lbs approximately.TIA

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I just buy the one they carry at Pet Smart. Up here they no longer carry it. It has different ingredients in it. I did talk to the vet and he said I could give him the same one I take but he wasn't to sure about the dosage. I'll have to check on that before giving it to him.

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Marric, my border collie had the same thing happen when he was about 8 years old. My precious vet said he could do surgery to TRY to correct it, but said absolutely DO NOT have the surgery - the dog would never recover and walk right if we did.

He had me start him on Glucosamine with his morning food and today, he is walking normally - he is now 12 years old. The supplement WORKS!

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First of all, no diagnosis was mentioned, so whether or not a particular surgery would be useful is an absurd statement- you don't even know what the problem was. I can think of at least 3 common knee injuries that would cause limping. Secondly, if the problem is a torn CCL there are at least 3 surgeries can be used to correct it, so which surgery did the "precious vet" say not to do? I can think of several ways to fix a luxating patella, and at least 2 ways to fix a tibial crest avulsion, not to mention meniscus tears. Thirdly, orthopedic surgeries take a certain expertise that not all vets posses, so was "precious vet" saying HE couldn't do it, or for not even a boarded orthopedic surgeon not to correct the problem? And again, what problem are we talking about? Because OP never told us... There is NO WAY to tell what was wrong with OP's dog, and no way to tell what surgery was recommended to fix it. Some problems MUST be fixed or dog will suffer arthritis; others can be medicated sufficiently.

The scientifically proven best product is glucosamine HCl 1500mg with chondroitin sulfate 1200mg. MSM has never been shown to be useful. We use the Spring Valley brand from Walmart, and when I say "we" I mean my husband, my 4 dogs, and myself. I start all my large breed dogs and any dog with any orthopedic problem on glucosamine ASAP. And it certainly makes me feel better. Your vet should be able to provide a dosage.

Other products I like are fish oil, duralactin, and above all WEIGHT CONTROL. Because nothing will help more with ANY orthopedic problem that the dog being a healthy weight.

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Meghane: thanks for the info about the glucosamine. As Kay says, it is a wonderful supplement. I put all my dogs on it. I didn't realize Walmart carried it so I'll go in and see if they carry it here.

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Meghane, excuse me for not being more clear about my dog's issue - the vet said it was an problem with his meniscus. I called him my 'precious vet' because he was like a member of our family and loved my dog as much as me.

He told me he COULD do surgery that MIGHT repair the problem, but wouldn't recommend it, saying the risk was too great for my dog. Yes, he told me I could take him to an orthopedic surgeon for a more thorough evaluation, but I chose not to - I chose his recommendation of an anti-inflammatory, which he took for 10 days, and then fish oil caps and glucosamine, which he gets three times a week, in his food.

I don't remember much more, about my dog's problem, than what I have posted. The important point I was attempting to make was that the glucosamine worked for my dog, too - he walks just fine now, and he's 12.

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