My cat won't eat

Ashlee-MarieMusicSeptember 9, 2013

Hey guys, I'm new to this page and I found it while searching for answers about why my cat won't eat. It's been a little over a week now since my 10 year old cat has just stopped eating completely and hardly drinking. I know he's up there in age but the fact that it just happened over night basically concerns me. He used to be a big cat weighing in around 30-40 pounds... now he's half that. All he does is sleep ALL day... maybe uses the litter box once every couple days (#1 not #2) and I have to wake him up and set him in front of his water bowl to drink. And the other day I picked up a can of tuna and he has been nibbling on that every 6 hours or so. I have also caught him eating his kitty litter. Like I said, I know he's old and him losing a few pounds probably isn't such a bad thing, but i'm just worried something else is wrong with him. I've tried taking him to the vet but I don't have the $500 they want up front so I'm left here feeling like a bad animal parent because my cat is sick and I am doing what I can to take care of him. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!!!

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You need to get him to a vet, and if yours will only look at your cat AFTER you pay $500 up front, then you need to try to find another vet. At the very least, your cat needs to be examined. You can discuss different diagnostic test options, and perhaps billing/payment options as well during the exam.

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spedigrees z4VT

I agree, find a different vet. Your cat needs medical attention. Ten years is not that old. My cats all live(ed) into their twenties. Not eating or drinking is a sign that something is very seriously wrong. Not eating or drinking for a week is life threatening. If one of my pets goes 24 hrs without eating, and especially without drinking, they see the vet ASAP. Please take your cat to the vet. He's probably seriously dehydrated.

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Try giving him a little Karo syrup in warm water through a syringe.

$500 is a huge amount of money, much more than any vet should charge anybody for looking at a cat.

I wish both you & your cat the best.

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PLEASE get him to a vet today! This isn't somethng that you should wait on, especially since it's already been a week. Ten years is not old for a cat.


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You really need to take your cat to a vet immediately. It sounds like you need to find another vet. $500 up front is a ridiculously high amount. But really, don't delay any longer on taking your cat to the vet.

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What everyone else said - this is serious, cats not eating for extended periods are at risk of fatty liver, a life threatening situation, so please keep him going on some food, whatever you can get into him - meat babyfood is good, seems to appeal to cats who are nauseous.. .

Not sure what you mean by "big" cat - if you mean overweight, then diabetes comes to mind. Now, diabetic cats typically consume tons of water and flood the literbox - did you ever notice that happening? However when ketoacidosis, a complication of diabetes, kicks in a cat can become extremely nauseous and lethargic & go off food and water.

Can you at least get a simple exam & bloodwork that could rule out some of the more obvious things (such as diabetes)? A good vet should understand about income limitations and offer you some options.

Wishing you and your kitty well

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An obese cat who goes without eating for more than 24 hrs is at risk of developing potentially fatal hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease). An obese cat who hasn't eaten in over a week and has lost half of his body weight is, I would dare assume, almost certainly in liver failure or VERY close to it. This cat needs to get to a vet immediately. Call your friends and family. Call all animal shelters, rescues, and veterinarians in your area. Explain the situation and BEG for help! Offer to clean cages or any other available grunt work at vet's offices in exchange for help for your cat. GET HIM TO A VET NOW!


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Please tell us how your cat is doing.


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I would love an update, too.

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