Need help with urine test results

trancegemini_waSeptember 17, 2013

Hi everyone, I posted here a while ago about my cat having blood in her urine. so far the vet can't pinpoint the problem, it doesn't seem to be a uti, or crystals and she has started to rapidly decline. she's getting off balance/stumbling and just getting weak. she still has blood in her urine but it seems to be intermittent.

she was back at the vet today so I asked for a copy of the urine sample results she had done weeks ago but there are no reference ranges on them so I'm struggling to understand if they mean anything. The results with an asterix are the ones I can't interpret.

this is what I have:

wet micro:
Leucocytes: RBC: 57 cells/uL *
epithelial cells: 2 cells/uL *
casts: none seen
crystals:none seen

SG: 1.012 *
ph: 6.0
Protein: trace
Glucose: negative
Ketones: negative
Blood: 3+ *
Bilirubin: negative

does anyone have the reference values or have any info on these and if they mean anything?

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Blood in urine is most commonly the result of idiopathic (interstitial) cystitis. However, incoordination and weakness are not symptoms of cystitis, so there is likely something else going on. It's time to run bloodwork, including a CBC and coagulation panel. These will check for infection, blood disorders (including anemia), and clotting disorders that may account for the continued bleeding and weakness.

The following link is my favorite for helping me make sense of test results and providing me with potential explanations to discuss with my vet:

Blood test values begin at the top of the page, and urinalysis values are at the bottom. The following file seems particularly relevant to your cat's condition:,9196/refDownload.pml

The following link can also help with interpretation of urinalysis results, though the information is geared toward cats with renal disease.


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"However, incoordination and weakness are not symptoms of cystitis, so there is likely something else going on."

Hi laurie, this is pretty much what the vet felt too that her current symptoms don't fit with cystitis. she had a blood draw today to do a blood panel so hopefully the results will come back tomorrow and we might learn more about what's going on. I feel so bad for her because I know she's feeling just awful over the last several days.

I asked the vet if it could be anaemia from the blood loss but he felt even with that, the blood cells should get replaced so she shouldn't be anaemic. I don't know if I really buy it though. Maybe he's right but I would think any regular blood loss could lead to anaemia.

thanks so much for the links, it's helping me to understand her results a bit better.

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