They say this food is great, but I'm just not seeing it...

kmgardSeptember 25, 2011

Okay. Our dogs are almost 4 years old -- they're rescues (I think maybe a beagle/pit mix), but we got them when they were puppies. We started them on Orijen's puppy formula and have since moved on to the adult formula.

I have no doubt the food is quality based on the ingredients alone. However, I'm thinking of trying something new because this just does not seem to agree with my dogs. (I know, it's taking me 4 years to figure this out because everyone says that Orijen is awesome!) My dogs get super gassy (I mean, it's BAD), and their stool isn't very solid on a regular basis. They're active, playful, perfect weight, etc. so I know the food is good, but is it the best one for them? Not sure.

Anyone have any recommendations of something we could try (I can NOT spend more per bag than we're already spending for Orijen) that might be a little easier on their digestive system?


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DS has a dog that is a pit mix and she had the same problems with gas, in addition to bouts of loose stool.

They tried different brands and ended up with Taste of the Wild--Wetlands formula, a dog food that has the same 5 star rating as Orijen. So far their dog is doing great on the food.

The ratings and list of foods in the link below may be of help....

Here is a link that might be useful: Dog food reviews

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OP said "super gassy (I mean, it's BAD), and their stool isn't very solid on a regular basis."

In my experience, that means the dog doesn't tolerate the food, perhaps because of an allergy.

In any event, if you haven't yet consulted with your vet, do so.

At the very least, start trialing different foods. If it's an allergy, vets suggest you stick with one new food for 6 weeks, minimum, to determine if it will be helpful. ONE FOOD means that you eliminate all else, including treats, with different ingredients.

Because one of my 2 dogs is very allergic, they both eat the same food and their treats are also the same as their "dinner" but just a single kibble at a time.

It works, try it.

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How much are you feeding them and how much should they weigh. Sometimes folks over feed and that causes the poop and gas issues, so just asking :) Because the food is grain free, you should be feeding much less and based on label unless your dogs are very active. Try the Orijen 6 fish. Excellent wild caught fish based food and great for allergic dogs.

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It could be that the protein level is too high for them. Other highly rated grain free foods with lower protein levels to consider: Blue Wilderness (I used Salmon), Acana, Taste of the Wild. Agree with Cynthia, feed less than package suggests, starting with about 1/3 to 1/2 less and adjust from there.

Additionally, a couple of Tbls of PLAIN canned pumpkin with each serving helps aid digestion and gas (ask me how I know).

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I really like Orijen, but my dogs can only eat the regional red or the 6 fish.

For some reason, my dogs also get gassy on the adult formula. In fact, one has intolerance to almost every food we tried except the Orijen- 6 fish was a lifesaver! although the other did well on the Taste of the Wild and California Natural. (I think we narrowed it down to a chicken or turkey and grain intolerance.) We did the 6 fish for meals and only freeze-dried fish chunks for treats for 6 months before I got brave enough to try anything else.

There are a lot of good foods out there. As others have said, maybe start with one food with a different protein source and add other things back in slowly after a couple of months.

Good luck. Stinky dogs are no fun!

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Go get a bottle of beano - problem solved

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Thanks for all the suggestions -- I'll probably just try a new food. We feed them according to the package directions, and I'd hate to feed them less because they are extremely active. They are not overweight at all (according to vet). I did forget to mention in the original post that one of them (the girl) has a cloudy spot on one of her eyes. We took her to the vet for that, and after giving us $45 drops that failed to do anything, she suggested trying a food with less fat. So I'll look up some of the ones suggested and try something with a lower fat content! I'll try the Orijen 6 Fish as a last resort, but man... I already feel like I'm spending a crazy amount on food!

And mazer... I don't think there's enough beano in the world. ;)

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I wonder which ingredient is cause your dogs irritable bowel syndrome? Maybe the chicken, peas or potatoes?? Funny it contains pumpkin and that is not helping. Here is the one thing that can help until you find a food that agrees with your pets, probiotics. Brands like Eagle Pack Holistic Solution are available. I saw other brands at the holistic pet food stores. You just sprinkle it over the food. The people at the pet store may be able to help find another food. Lamb may be one to try.

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