Grooming an Applehead Chauhuahua

janice_2006September 14, 2009

I want to buy my daughter a Good pair of clippers for her chubby looking applehead Chauhuahua.

It is expensive to have it done professionally.

His hair is so thick that he looks 5 lbs. heavier than he should be.

Any suggestions would be so helpful.

Nothing cheap, but 100.00 would be OK.....if they are worth it.


J. C.

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Just for one small dog a pair of single speed Andis or Oster clippers should be fine


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Just talked to my groomer DIL---she recommended not doing a DIY trim on that type dog. I used to groom ---many moons ago, and concur.

Reason being that type dog has very thin skin. It is also nery small, meaning the areas easily cut(skim slicing cuts) areas---behind the front legs, in front of the back legs, between the toes, the underside of the neck, and around the ears can be easily cut even by a professional.

My DIL also was of the opinion that Oster clippers(a good brand) were too large and heavy for a DIYer. I used Oster clippers for 20 years trimming horses and could not imagine trying to do a chihuahua with that size. I also managed, on occasion, to cut a horses ears with those clippers---and a horses ears are much thicker than a chihuahuas skin.

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Thanks for the advise.
I was looking at some Wahl's at the pet store today and then again at Walmart...much cheaper there.
You have me concerned about the DIY thing...and the thin skin......that could be true......
Would thinning with thinning shears be any better?
We all have a pair of those.......
His hair is so darn thick that I believe he gets hot and bothered with all of it on his the shedding is not fun either.

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Hi, we have two smooth coated saint bernards. They shed as much as the long coat we had.

We have Oster clippers. I think Oster is the best. You just have to to make sure it's not getting overheated. They have a spray that comes with the clippers. You spray it on when you think it's becoming overheated.
You will know when the clippers are overheated, cause they won't work as well.

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Try the thinning shears first.

If you decide to get electric clippers, get a #7 adapter. That will keep the actual cutting parts farther away from the dog's skin. It will still be possible to cut the skin, but the adapter will make the job safer.

Another concern is the how fine the dogs hair is. Very fine hair often clogs inexpensive clippers. That causes two problems---no cutting or pulling the hair rather than cutting. The less expensive the clipper, the more prone they are to clogging.

The sharpness of the blades is another factor in the not cutting/hair pulling problem.

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my grand dog is a long haired apple head...... and he's a bit on the chubby side too....and not to mention he's tri colored mostly black... so he is very hot... my daughter has been looking into a clipper too but she just uses her hair cutting sissors .....course sometimes it gets a bit close so he has ridges..... but he doesnt mind ....and as long as he doesnt mind this is a pic of tj and his g/f cassie Jennifer

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roper2008 (7b)

I know it's a little late advice. I would go for the cheap wahl clipper.
They can get hot if you use it too long. The oster clipper is the
professional one and cost over $100 dollars. It does not get hot.
I use to cut my cocker spaniels hair a long time ago with a cheap
whal clipper and some guards..The oster is used mostly by groomers
that have a lot of hair clipping to do. I have Oster 76's because
I work in a Barbershop and cut many a heads. Did you buy a clipper

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