Nicks in new cabinets

kaljr82March 5, 2013

So, we are building a new home and just this past weekend our kitchen cabinets were installed. We were ecstatic!!
As we checked out the cabinets we noticed some nicked corners on the cabinets and were wondering how we should approach this?
they aren't huge nicks, but they are noticable (especially after you see them for the first time)
I know stuff happens, and there are bound to be nicks in the cabinets at some point. Just didn't envision them getting there before we moved in. Should we just touch them up and live with them, or should we bring it up to our General Foreman?

As you see our cabinets are painted white, so touch up will not be as easy as it would with stained cabinets.And the fact that the biggest ones are on the corner of the wall oven cabinet which it facing the open area of the dining room, it is pretty noticeable.

Any input will be greatly appreciated!

Are we freaking out over nothing?


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Close up of the damage?
I'd point it out to your foreman. He might say, yeah, we'll touch that up for you. Handy to do it now than later.

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I will get some pics tonight hopefully of the damaged spots.

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With any luck your GC will be able to fill with bondo or some appropriate filler and touch up with paint and sealer. If that's the way this goes, be sure to take lessons on how to do it yourself later in case you need to.

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Is it on the cabinets or doors?
Our GC ordered new doors for any that were damaged.

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Unfortunately they are on the cabinet, none on the doors that I have noticed.

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So after further inspection of the wall oven cabinet, we also found a crack on the face frame, our installer said that the box was a little banged up and now that I think about it, there was a box that was knocked over on the truck when it arrived. In any case, Merillat is sending us a brand new cabinet, unfortunately it will take over a week to get here, putting us behind, once again! Thanks for the input everyone!!

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One week is a major miracle! Count your blessings. Glad it's working out well for you.

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I just hope the slightly over a week estimate is accurate.

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