3 yr old neutered cat acting strange....

jasdipSeptember 8, 2009

Hi, I'm new here, but frequent The Kitchen Table and the Vermicomposting site.

Just in the last week or so my 3yr old neutered cat acts like he wants to breed. When I'm in bed he jumps onto the bed and hunches his back and paws the duvet with his back feet. I'm terrified he's going to pee or do something else on the bed. What on earth has gotten into him? He was fixed as a baby, so he's not missing something that he used to have.

The good thing is that he doesn't try to mount my spayed female, even when she's on the bed and he's doing his weird ritual.

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I'd get the vet to check him for a urinary tract infection.

Neutered males get those sometimes, & I think maybe they can't tell what their problem is;
they just know it's somewhere "down there"!

It is very important that he get medicine;
UTIs will get worse & worse & can kill a cat.

I wish you the best.

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Thanks Sylvia. I have an app't for him tomorrow. The techie asked if he was in any discomfort. He isn't. I brushed him and he was turning inside out as usual and loved getting his back and butt and sides brushed. So he's not holding his pee.

Let you know what the results are. If he does have an infection, hopefully I "nipped it in the BUD."

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Hi Sylvia,
Took Bud in at 4:30 yesterday. They couldn't get a pee sample out of his bladder so they kept him overnight. DH and I felt awful having him stay there. We were there at 8 this morning soon as it opened. We knew he would have pee'd and they'd have a sample so hopefully we could take him home.
Otherwise it would have been until 5:30 before we could get him.

He does have an infection so they gave him 2 shots which will last 2 weeks. We're to take him in for a follow-up in a couple weeks. So it looks good, and he's real happy to be home! The other cats missed him too.

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We have a three-yr. old neutered male cat that regularly mounts our 8 mo. old female (un-spayed). I think the urge is in the genes and even though he was neutered when he was 16 weeks old, the genes KNOW!!!

Also, our 3 yr. old spayed female fights with the little one constantly. The bodies remember.

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Jasdip, I'm glad to hear that you took him to the vet and are treating the infection they found.

I hope he is back to normal very soon.

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