Water line size to house

pirwin21May 9, 2014

Hello all. We are getting started on a build. We currently live above our garage in an apartment. We are on a well and have a 1" line coming into the pressure tank/filtration system in the garage. We are putting our house approximately 200' from our existing garage. Is there any benefit to increasing the size of the pipe to 1 1/4" from the garage to the house or am I better off keeping it the same as our main supply line? Thanks for the insight!

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Sure there is. The ditch will be open and you get one shot to have "all the water you can need". 1" may be good for the house, but what if you decide to branch off to some other spot for irrigation or whatever. I would consider 1" the minimum given the pressure loss for 200' of pipe. I ran 1 1/2". Don't make your turns with 90's use tee and run a 1' section out and cap it off. Build for the future, whatever it may bring. Good luck on your project.

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

Run 1 1/2". The fittings for 1 1/4 are harder to find and I doubt the pipe is much less expensive.
Not that it came up but FWIW if one is curious about the physics of it, the size doesn't alter the static pressure, but it surely does alter the pressure drop when flowing! I had a plumber once try to tell me the size didn't matter _at all_. If that were the case, all houses could be fed with 1/4" poly tubing! Needless to say I did not use that plumber.

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