Redirecting pool of water?

iGoodMay 2, 2013

I work in a meat department of a retail grocery chain. When we clean the room at night, the water pools in one corner. The store was built on a concrete slab, so all the drainage is above floor level. Is there some kind of pump that we can fix to the wall that will suck water from the floor and redirect it to a drain 6 feet away? We would use squeegees, but the only floor-level drain is on the other side of the room. By the time you get to the drain, all the other water has pooled in the corner again. What kind of pump should I be looking for?

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Clearly the floor wasn't properly sloped toward the drain. If the floor slope can't be fixed, the best way to fix this now would be to cut a trench from the point where the water pools, sloped over to the drain, with a grate over the trench.

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A trench is not a possibility. There is a drain 6 feet away from the corner, but it is above floor-level. I need a pump that will move the water for me. The only drain that is floor level is 25 feet away from the corner.

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12 gallon Shop-Vac.

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Found out what I need: a utility pump. Thanks for the help!

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