dog in hot car

brownthumbiaSeptember 2, 2012

Well, it happened yesterday or possibly the day before----a K-9, yes you read that right, a K-9 was left in the squad car of a police officer and died in the terrible Iowa heat For gosh sakes, I cannot imagine what in the world the cop was thinking of. Holy mackerel you hear it over and over on the news to NOT leave pets and children in a car along. Like a cop has to be told that???? I hope there is some extensive investigation on this and I hope the penalty will be as severe as if I had done the same thing, however....... It's inexcuseable.

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Horrible, there was one that died last year here too, apparently they leave them in their cars all the time but they have the air conditioner going all the time and they are OK. But something happened and the air conditioner went out but the dog had been in there was a really long time unattended which IMHO is not acceptable! If they are going to be away from their cars that long, they need to have a place for them to go? I don't know what the answer is but sitting alone in a car even with A/C for many hours just seems cruel and unusual punishment for a K-9(any) dog!

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We realy do not know the whole story. I'm sure the K9 cop feels as bad as anyone. I'm sure he did not go and just say TUFF and leave the dog. The A/C cud have quit and the cop mite have been in a situation where he was unable to get back to the dog. Sad as it is I'm sure it was not due to intentional neglect. K9s are members of the force.

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How is it cops can do things that a regular citizen would be arrested & charged with neglect/cruelty? This is a crazy world we live in.

You're right, it is inexcusable.

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Honestly? It was a really stupid mistake. That dumb cop didn't think to leave his air on. Which also brings home the fact that those are idiots protecting US. Apparently, it doesn't take a rocket science degree to be a cop - or even a minimum of common sense. I'm so sorry for that poor pup. I'll lock my doors at night and not pretend to think "law and order criminal intent" is out there looking out for my best interests.

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Must be nice to be %100 perfect at all times. A/C does braak down. Maybe that cop ws out protecting some self righteous people like you posters on this subject.

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Well, if he was protecting me, why wouldn't he have his dog with him? Lame excuse. I noticed there has not been one more word said about it so it tells me enough. The public is expected to consider these dogs to be a police officer and are to be treated as such. They even have pretty nice funerals for one killed in service. Let's see, did I read somewhere that the price of these dogs is around $35,000 ??? However, cost is not important. NO dog should be left in a hot car. I cannot imagine any one, say nothinbg about a cop, not checking on that animal. Surely a police officer, of all people, would have the good sense to check on them before enough time passes that they die in that awful way.

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what's that you say? I can't hear you from way up here on my high horse.

Was that the response you expected beegood?

We aren't self-righteous, unless expecting paid safety officers to be held to the same (or horrors, better) standards than the general public. I'm certainly not 100% perfect at all times, sure wish I was! If this was a regular citizen that this happened to, I'd feel the same way, that is, it's inexcusable to leave a defenseless animal to die in a hot car. A quick google search shows absolutely no mention of any equipment failure in this tragedy. Whatever my feelings on the cause of this, it's very sad for a dog to die this way, esp. a dog that helped society as this one did.

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Yes, jomuir, I so agree. Hard to tell how many times that dog protected his owner or someone else, or how many others. What a thanks it got in return. As I understand it, for the public to harm a K-9 it is as serious an offense as to harm a 2 legged officer. The charges would be the same, apparently, and rightly so. Wonder how it applies here.

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Some people have sawdust for brains. When I read of a dog left in a hot car, I want to put the person who left him in one and see how they like it when it progressively gets hotter and hotter, you panic, and then die an awful death. I NEVER leave my dogs till it's cloudy and in the 60's or below.

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Of course I expected this answer. This is why I seldom post here because unless some one agrees with the "IN " group they get put down. In fact I won't be posting anymore as you all just want to hear your own opinions. Good bye. At 75 I can not be bothered with such perfect people. As DR Phil says " No matter how thin a pancake is it still has 2 sides". Good luck in telling each other how great you all are.

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beegood, that's the beauty of a forum like this. Don't leave on account of a disagreement. I tell myself I'm not logging in here at least every month or so due to feeling offended or piled on by others.

We can discuss, agree, disagree, etc. At times it gets one-sided, but I think this particular thread is pretty evenly divided. I respect your (and everyone else's) opinion, even when I totally disagree with it. The times it gets rough are when it's a pile-on against 1 poster or stance on an issue. Also, to me the worst behavior is personal insults, I get offended & also strongly believe that when a poster resorts to personal insults/namecalling, they've usually run out of logical support for their position. Now when that happens, I remind myself that my opinion is as valid as yours (everyone's). The one thing I won't do anymore is shrink back when I feel attacked. I used to do that & it really just gives power to other posters.

Now back to this topic. I'm a bit jaded about cops esp. when they immediately pull the blue curtain of protection over incidents. We get to see dash cam of the public acting badly but often when a cop is suspected of bad behavior, the dashcam is 'faulty' so we can't hold police to the same scrutiny. That's my complaint here. I did scan over 3 articles yesterday about this story & even a week after the death, there was no substance to the police's story. It makes me suspicious. Well, didn't mean to go on so long here beegood, but please don't leave over me. Stay, you may find one day that we agree about something. I agree with a lot of posters then bicker over a different topic. The one thing we probably all agree on is a love for animals.

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Just on the news. The officer is ineligible to receive another dog in the future and also received a 3 day suspension. Unfortunately that doesn't bring the dog back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Officer receives supension

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glaserberl, thanks for the update. I hadn't seen anymore about it. By the responses I read I'm not the only one who thought he got off extremely easy for killing a police officer. I mean, 3 whole days!!! Wonder if he'll make it without 3 days pay. No wonder so many people don't respect the law anymore. You gotta earn it, You can't demand it.

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