Toilet clog

bus_driverMay 28, 2011

Have cleared many toilet clogs with the closet auger. And have found in some cases foreign objects lodged in the toilet that the auger would not break up or dislodge. But the most recent, not in my residence, is a paper clog that the auger would not break up nor dislodge. A 3-year old had used the toilet. The auger was moved through the clog (nature of clog unknown at that moment) at least 10 times without results. Removing the toilet revealed a wad of paper much larger than a man's fist stuck near the outlet of the toilet. Pliers pulled it out. Any particular style of closet auger or technique that might have had better results? But all the trouble for that family that resulted from this incident will certainly motivate them to "hold a school" for that child.

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A more aggressive (rapid) back-and-forth with a plunger might have broken it up sufficiently. If you see paper bits in the bowl water, you know you're on the right track.

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The jet coming in from the front of the toilet vented the plunger back through the overflow tube, making the plunger ineffective. And the plug was about 6" long.

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