No hot water in bathroom, whole house fine, Problem?

minalMay 23, 2011


I noticed today that there was no hot water coming from our bathroom tap. I thought something was wrong with the boiler setting, but that was fine. The whole house is getting hot water (kitchen, downstairs bathroom etc. etc).

Anyone know what the problem might be? I am still trying to figure out what the problem is and will be getting out whatever manuals I have to find out. Any suggestions /comments welcome?



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Is this house new- to you at least? or was it working fine for years and just started this?

If you turn the hot on, does cool water come out or do you get nothing at all?

If you let it run for a couple minutes, does it ever warm up?

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thanks for your reply. The problem seems to be solved, not sure what was going on. Did not change anything. yes the house is new..been there 8 months. The cool water was coming out, just no hot water. The water would stay warm for a few seconds and then slowly cool down.
I guess its ok now.

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