finding drain pipe under basement floor

rwiegandMay 16, 2014

I'd like to tap into the drain pipe under my basement floor to provide a drain for the condensate and a humidifier on my furnace, being one to trust gravity much more than pumps. Any good hints as to how to map out the locations? I was once told that the cleanout was set to face in the direction that the pipe runs, is that reliably true? Also wondered whether an infrared camera could see them after running hot water through. The logic of how the various standpipes might be connected is ambiguous.

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What I've been told for my area is that the sewer pipe running to the street enters the house at a point parallel to the incoming water line, but under the basement. I also assume it runs directly from the entry point to the main soil stack. Using those two points I have a fairly good idea of where the main sewer pipe runs under the basement floor.

My approach would be more complicated if I had multiple soil stacks, since I wouldn't be able to see how the lines fit together under the floor.


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Do you have access to infrared camera? That actually might be an idea if you are determined to do this.

Another similar idea is a metal drain snake and a metal detector - if your floor doesn't have rebar in it.

Of course a 3/4 PVC drain line along the wall to the floor drain is workable solution that you see often also. Beats jack hammering the floor and tapping into cast iron or clay pipe.

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Thanks for the suggestions, if I had a floor drain or only one main stack I'd be in great shape, but I don't.

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If I was worried about the pump, I'd sit it another pan with a $10 water alarm at it's side. If it ever fails, I'd hear it.

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