HW heater question

gardenwayMay 22, 2012

Above the HW heater is a fat cylinder, a pipe from this cylinder goes directly into the heater. Also from this cylinder is a pipe(s) with red knob that goes directly into the wall. Can someone please tell me what this cylinder is for.

There is also separate pipe that comes directly from the HW heater and then into the wall

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Picture available?

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My first guess that the "fat cylinder" you are referencing is what is called an expansion tank.

The purpose of this small tank is used to protect closed water heating systems and domestic hot water systems from excessive pressure.

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There are stickers on it but are upside down - impossible for me to read, but think one word I saw was thermal.

My heating and a/c is a heat pump (a first for me).

I'm inclined now to think it is an expansion tank.

Thanks much for your response and info.

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