Recessed lighting on sloped ceiling

tklshopMarch 2, 2013

I previously posted about the size of recessed cans, but now my question is specific to sloped ceilings. Do you really need to use an adjustable light on sloped ceilings? I was checking out options at Home Depot and an electrician standing next to me in the aisle said that if the slope is not too severe it may not be necessary.

So, to those of you with sloped/vaulted ceilings, did you use adjustable lights to shine down? We will have 6 recessed lights on each side of the vaulted ceiling, so in theory the light will criss-cross and illuminate the whole space. Also have UCL and over-cabinet lighting and pendants, so this is for general light - not task.

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We have a vaulted ceiling with 8 cans on one side and 6 on the other (due to a covered patio jutting into one corner of the room). Ours were ivory "eyeballs" when we moved in and my dh replaced them with white ones. Our ceiling is pretty sloped though; it goes from 9 feet hight to 15 feet high in about 13 feet. (We also have 6 on the vaulted ceiling in the living room too). I never even considered if you could have regular ones. Are the "eyeball" ones just totally dated, don't look good or do they cost more? We do occasionally adjust where the lights are aimed in the kitchen area. We've never adjusted the living room ones.

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I have sloped ceilings with 6 in cans. I got the sloped cans because this kitchen has no windows and it needed as much
Iight as I could give it. If your ceilings are really high , then what are you illuminating? The ceiling or the living space?

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