Help with matching tiles for bath please

remodelflaMarch 20, 2013

I've been on a sample collecting binge for my master bath remodel. A postage stamp sized bathroom. One of the samples that has stood out I'm thinking for accents and maybe the long wall in the shower. Actually, I can't decide if I think it's awesome or G-d awful... so feel free to speak out about it. Got it from an ebay supplier:

I have had a hard time finding floor and field tile to go with it. And trust me... I've gotten multiple samples. Loved the feel of limestone... awful on my "field tests". Have a ming green that might work but I think it's too much variation between the inclusion and multiple colors in the stone. So... I have DH hold up the tile under my range hood light to get a good pic this morning and realize that my backsplash is a perfect match. Who woulda thunk? I have 2 boxes (about 13 sq. ft) left over but I'm not sure I want the exact same tile. I just ordered 6 more samples, one of my backsplash but in a 2x16. Maybe you all can help me with some feedback?
I'm re-doing an old dry sink to use as my vanity. Here are the doors and the dresser (from my bedroom) is the color I'm going to paint it.

My sink that'll fit perfectly on top

Here are the tile samples I ordered to go with this possible accent choice. I'll also include my alternative accent tile choice. Would love your input.
Ming green for field:

1. My backsplash but in 2x16 (you can see it in the 1st photo)
2. Similar tile but in blue gray in 4x12

Next is floor tile ideas
3.Jerussalem gold with blue

That one and the next two would be if I went with the blue gray glass field (if it matches the mosaic)

And this as a possible floor if I go with the 2x16 greenish field:

And lastly here is a crushed roman glass accent that I also like in lieu of the first colorful one. DH prefers the other but likes this too.

I know it's alot of stuff... I gotta go re-read this myself.

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bumping cause it took me forever to embed the pics

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This is a bit confusing. I do like the first tile. It would look good in a beach bathroom.

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I'm so sorry... it is confusing I guess. I tried to be succinct, not too successfully apparently! The first pic is a tile I'm thinking of for accents in the bathroom. Maybe as a ceiling height vertical strip behind the vanity and on the long wall of the 4'x30" shower. The other tiles are in consideration for field tiles to go with it and the white/blue/green combos floor tiles. The last tile is an alternative accent tile in lieu of the first one. Does that help clarify at all?

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I'm not going to give an opinion on the floor tile (I think that was one of the things you wanted), cuz it'll depend on what you pick for BS.

Assuming you have no countertop (just the sink pictured), I personally love that glass tile with the white glass subway. for heaven's sake, be glad you can use the left-overs, and don't even bother trying to fiddle with a different size!

How do you do a ceiling height vertical stripe behind a vanity? No mirror? Or on either or one side of? Could you draw a sketch of what you're thinking?

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kinda sorta something like this raehelen except instead of paint... picture surrounded by field tile:

Contemporary Powder Room by North Vancouver Architect Synthesis Design Inc.

the tile is a soft seafoam green. I don't have enough for the entire bathroom so would have to buy more regardless of what size. I was thinking of maybe using it like a baseboard tile along the bottom of the wall.

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I really like that first tile. It reminds me of abalone shell/mother of pearl, and the beach. Who is the seller on ebay and what is the name of the tile?

I like it against the subway tile in the first picture the best. I think it would be fine to use it in the bath even though it's in the kitchen. It might help with room flow, and tie the bathroom into the rest of the house. The floor and accent tile would make it a different enough space.

I'm not crazy about any of the other choices for field or floor.

It would be helpful to see a picture of your space-less confusing.

Your dresser turned out nice. I think your vanity and sink will be lovely.

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I also LOVE the first tile (and am confused by the following tiles, but that could be because I'm on my 3rd glass of wine - remodeling is stressful).

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I'm just gonna copy and paste what I wrote over the bathroom forum. Apparently I confused them too!
"The only real pattern would be the accent tile... first or last picture as example. The field would be a solid color subway, be it glass or ceramic. Right now I'm looking at glass cause the ceramics I like are too expensive and I want a non maintance item so have ruled out too much marble I think. So I included pics of the soft green and soft blue.

I'll try and get pics but it's so small you can't stand there and get it all in. It's 8x4 I think... no bigger. The vanity will be narrow depth, about 18" if I recall and the sink is that exact same depth.

I should probably wait till my ideas are more streamlined so I can be clearer. Right now I'm all over the place but it is kinda fun to have a project to think about.

Hope that clarifies a little.

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robo (z6a)

I put one strip of penny tile in my shower, intending to use it a bunch more places, and found in my tiny bathroom (7x5) a little went a long way. I'm loving the idea of yours behind the vanity!

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I think your accent tile will look lovely. I know your BS in your kitchen is a lovely green glass, but it looks white on my monitor in the pic above. I think your accent will look great with the seafoam green glass, but I don't know about the blue glass. I don't see any blue in the accent glass (on my monitor). I definitely don't care for the first field tile sample (looks like slate subways?). I think the glass tiles will look much better.

As far as your flooring samples, it's really hard to tell, scrolling up and down to try to visualize the accent tile with the floor tile. The only floor tile I think might work is the second sample, but I wonder if it might be too busy or distracting from the accent tile. Maybe a plainer tile would be better? I think a mid or dark grey or even black large format tile might be a good choice.

I love the vertical stripe idea, BTW!

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I thought about a blackish tile flwrs... the first accent tile looks great laying against my wild soapstone in the kitchen. I even momentarily thought about my leftover soapstone partial slab that's hanging out in my backyard, but it's too thick and probably would be too slippery.

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robo (z6a)

Definitely love your backsplash with the accent but not sold on no 5 as the floor. Would like something both quieter (in pattern) and more glam (in color and texture). Maybe a semigloss rectified porcelain or quiet ming in a color similar to the field to minimize contrast and boost spacious feel.

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I"m going to look for the right color rectified porcelain. Whatever I choose for the floor I want to run right into the shower floor... at least in color if not the exact tile. I have a few samples but DH is not a big fan of the dark tiles for the space and I don't want a beige tile. And this is why I am a fan of getting samples!

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