Help: Photo Shoot at MY house THIS week!

soonermagicMarch 4, 2008

I could really use your help. The local home magazine is doing a spread on my house on Thurs and I need to make sure it's ready. I've lived on the home building and the kitchen forums for the last 16 months while building my house. I've lurked here for decorating ideas, so I'm now introducing myself. Hello!

So, I asked a decorator to come over and help me finish the accessorizing, but I could still use your collective eye. I hope you're willing!

I'm going to post a ton of pictures. Please pay attention to accessories. I'm willing to move anything around the house. I'm not a photographer, so hopefully the mag's photog will have a better eye for composition.

**Living Room** Concerned that it's too drab in color. Decorator wants to move the flowered chair from landing (below) to this space and move the two brown chairs up to the landing. I think the landing is perfect as it is and don't want 2 OK looking rooms. OPINIONS PLEASE

**Stairs** Again lacking color!

**Dining Room** (OK so it's still the same room, but it's our dining "space" I suppose. Someday we're going to get fabric arm chairs for the ends of the table, but didn't find the perfect chairs for the photo shoot (one of the things I hired the decorator for). Should I set the table? I have great white dishes from PB that pop against the dark table ... perhaps I'll set the table and post a separate pic.

I will put some flowers on the hutch (red tulips in the mercury vase) for some color:

Should I put apples in the large vases on this sideboard and apples in the long white dish (didn't have enough apples on hand today), or could do apples in the vases and a flower arrangement here? Ohter ideas??

**Kitchen** I normally have stuff piled in the middle of hte island, but decorator says to leave the expanse empty with just the bowl of apples on the end. I do think that's a good suggestion. Do the accessories on the counter look good? How about the mantle ... looking OK?

**Laundry Room** One of my favorite rooms!

**Master Bed** OK, I need to get rid of the alarm clock and need to put some fresh flowers on the bedside table. Should I stage this with a tray, cup of coffee, little bud vase, etc on the bed?

**Master Bath** So, I KNOW I need to clean the shower glass and will do so before the shoot, so please overlook. For the photos, I'll set a glass of wine and a book on the tray across the tub. I need bamboo in the vases on the counter, but can't find any, so will just put something green in those. Anything else?

**Landing** (My favorite room ... other than kitchen). This is the chair that decorator wants to move to the living room and switch with the 2 big brown chairs. What do you think?

**Hubby's Room** So, this is the room where I let hubby have complete license, so it's full of Star Wars and University stuff, but he did a good job, I think.

I happily welcome any suggestions, as I want our home to present as best it can in the magazine. Thanks!

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I think you have great ideas. Your home is beautiful and shows up beautiful in pics. Definitely add flowers and stage it. It's great now! Not to get off topic but can you tell me about the tub in your master bath?

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I really have no suggestions for you - your home is absolutely stunning as it is. I think once you add flowers, set the table, etc.. you'll be done. If you haven't used a decorator up until this point, I wouldn't bother now.

Im not sure what kind of mag is coming but if its a big one, they will come with their own stylist and make changes as they see fit.

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The tub in the master bath catches everyone's eye. It's from WetStyle, the smallest of the CUBE tubs (the 08 I believe). We had a completely different tub picked out, but the bath was framed a little too tight for it to fit, so I had to scramble to find a modern looking tub no longer than 60". I searched forever and had to really convince DH to spend this much money on a tub. I still feel guilty, so am taking lots of baths so that he feels like we're getting our money's worth.

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MrsLimestone, The compliments coming from you are extremely flattering. I've drooled over pics that you've posted in the past. For example, the fabric dining chairs that I believe you posted are at the top of my list at the moment (Restoration Hardware, right?) This is a small time magazine that just serves our community. They haven't mentioned bringing a stylist, so I'm not counting on it.

Here's the table quickly set (think I need red napkins):

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You have a stunning home, and I agree, the landing should stay as is -- just adorable! I do have one comment on the accessories, which is really kind of nitpicky, but anyway: The photo frames on the kitchen counters seem out of place to me. I know this is all about staging, but the photo frames just seem to be unnatural. You have a stunning home!

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Very nice. Just a couple of things jumped out at me.

Kitchen..on the right side of the stove I'd remove everything except the cookbook/easel, pepper shaker and red vase. On the left side I'd remove the knives. The white canisters are nice, but they wash out against the tile. Do you have anything in a color you could substitute for them? Or do you have a colorful tray you could place them on? The island..perhaps you could add a nicely draped cloth napkin, a small plate and a paring kinife next to the apples?

Dining room...if you have apples in the kitchen I would not use them again on the sideboard. Group the three vases on the left side and place the mercury vase and tulips on the right side. If you leave the vase on the hutch you'll have a problem with the tall flowers hitting the bottom of the cabinets. A thought...does your china come with a coffee server? Maybe you could have the server with 2 cups/saucers in the middle of the sideboard?

Bedroom....I know the bedding is soft but you need to "crisp" it up. Starch the pillowcases if you have to and you might consider stuffing and extra pillow into each case for a plusher, richer look. Why not add some family pictures to the night stands? And a small pot of greenery.

The candlesticks over your stove..could you move them to the outside edges of the FP mantle?

Laundry room..remove the hangers and make sure you have a fresh roll of paper towels.

And relax. The photographer will probably suggest moving things around so his camera "eye" can photograph the rooms at their best.

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Your house looks gorgeous just like it is, but here are some things I'd try. : ) I hope I don't offend, I'm just going to blather.

I'd edit out some of the photo frames - they're beautiful, and on a normal day they'd look wonderful, but for the photoshoot, I'd move them.

I don't agree with moving the chair from the landing downstairs. Leave it where it is, but I'd take away the little chair and move the arm chair to the other window area.

Move the sofa forward a little and the table and lamp.

I'd also put the verdigris box on the side table with the candlesticks and bowl.

Move the little chest to the chair on the left side of the FP; leave the candle sticks (?) and a single framed picture on there.

Pick a time of the day for the whole house! If it's morning, I'd do a glass of cranberry juice, an open book (spine up), and a plate with a muffin on the tray. Take all of the toiletries out of the shower in favor of fancy, decorative single bottles on each shelf. No sponge-y thing.

In the BR, I'd move the photo frame from the side-board. The tray with coffee sounds wonderful.

On the landing, I'd take away the small pillow in front of the green ones.

You've made a beautiful, beautiful home. It's just stunning!

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It's gorgeous! Congrats on being chosen by the magazine!!

The only thing I don't care for, and this may just be a difference in personal opinion, are the bright red accents in the bedroom. I don't see any red in the rug and to me the bright red jumps out. Especially the red cushions against the color of sheets. Maybe a different shade or red or another accent color?

Your house is truly beautiful and you've done a wonderful job! I, too, prefer the chair on the landing. I do like the pillows arranged in the first pic (in the corner, not spread out on the sofa). I also like the table set for the shoot.

Great job!!


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I think flowers in general will fill up any corners that look bare--by the bed, some flowers will be enough, I think. I like the green apples in the kitchen, but they're a cliche in the glass vases, to my mind.

I sort of agree about the landing chair, as there's a lot of brown going on in the LR, but I'd wait for the photographer. The landing is special as it is.

In the dining room, have some candles you can light, and consider putting wine in the glasses, so you don't have just empty space. (Cheap box wine, unless you want to drink it after.) Grapes are nice, too. I don't think it has to look like Martha Stewart dinner, but empty plates and glasses seem sort of lost. On the other hand, you know someone will look at the story, and be all upset that you had wine out at 10 am on a weekday.

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Missed your new pictures. Love the table setting, but I think white linen napkins would let the red accent plates "shine". IMHO, red napkins would detract.
An art deco pattern for the island napkin might be nice and give added color to that spot.

Here is a link that might be useful: napkin for the island

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Gorgeous house! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

The only thing that jumped out at me was the candlesticks on the mantle in the kitchen. I thought if you lit them, they would burn a hole in the ceiling.

I love all the touches of red throughout. The way you have all matching accessories in the laundry room, very magaziney!

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Hey soonermagic-

Good to see you over here, it's a long haul from the BAH forum, isn't it?

Your home is lovely and here is my .02:

I would do what the decorator says and switch the chairs, I think the plain brown will make that funky, flowered rug stand out more. I would also move the over stuffed chair (brown or flowered, whichever you decide) to the right of the FP and put the black wooden frame chair somewhere else.

I like your table set, but it would also look outstanding with a boldly patterned, quasai-modern runner (remember Merrimeko?) in reds, browns and apple greens and some shiny silver candlesticks.

Your kitchen could use a few more punches of color, but I, too, would move the pics off the counter. Just doesn't ring true to me, a working area is not the place for framed pics. You might try that red "ginger jar" (not sure what to call it) on your range hood mantel or on your DR sideboard. Again, it's lovely and colorful, but I don't think it belongs on the counter.

How about a few bright red/apple green and yellor print dish towels folded over the oven handle/DW drawers and artfully place on the counter next to a few brown, organic eggs in a bright colorful bowl? Or the towels with a microplane grater next to a few lemons or oranges and the cookbook open to lemon poppyseed muffins or something.

I disagree with the designer about your island, it's a workhouse expanse of yummy marble, and I think it's begging for a red silicon rolling pin and an apple green mixing bowl with a some faux pie dough rolled out and ready to place in a nice black pie dish. Hmmm, think I like to cook?

Anyway, you have a lovely home and I wish you all the best on your mag shoot.


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Your house is beautiful.

I have one really minor suggestion. I had a party this weekend and everyone went crazy for my vase filler - dried green peas! I got them at a very exclusive place - Superwalmart dried bean aisle. I finally had to move the vase off a table top because the little ones couldn't keep their hands out of it. This morning I was smoothing out the peas and pulled out a Playmobile toy!

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Sooner - do you mind sharing where you got your bed?

PS: I love the touch of green in the apples. I think you need more of them but its a really nice pop of color.

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Wonderful comments. This is exactly the type of critical eye I was looking for. Thanks so much, and no offense taken, as I asked for all of these. I, too, see things differently in the photos versus living in these rooms.

Photo frames on kitchen counter: Pic of neice just brings me immense joy and the other frames DH's g-ma's cherry pie recipe written in her handwriting. Day-to-day they serve a meaningful purpose, but don't look great in the pic.

Kitchen counters do look cluttered, so thanks for all the suggestions in that vein. The white canisters were the decorator's idea, but I agree they're washed out. I wish they were vintage looking or had some sort of character.
Moving around the LR chairs ... the stuffed chair near the fireplace hides the subwofer (sp?) so it has to stay put, unfortunately. I agree it would balance the room better to have it on the other side of the FP.

Moving candlesticks to the fireplace mantle ... they lived there until two days ago, so perhaps they should go back.

Dining Room Sideboard - those comments make complete sense. I do have the coffee server with the china, so I'll just pull it out of the hutch. Love that idea.

Loved the laundry room comment about hangers and paper towels ... when you live in the house, you just don't see those things. THANKS!

Bedding ... absolutely needs to be pressed and appreciate the stuffing pillows idea. The red pillows don't look very good, do they? I was trying to tie into the red painting on the other side of the room, but perhaps not needed.

And thanks to everyone reaffirming that I shouldn't move the chair from the landing.

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How about bringing in some bright red bell peppers for the bowl on the island -- and maybe some tomatoes?? Of course I was thinking about Italian food!! Food is always on my mind! LOL!

And some wonderful darkest red flowers for the silver vase!

I do agree about the bedding -- consider ironing the pillowcases with lots of spray starch. Add a vase of red flowers there too.

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Your home is so beautiful and I like it just the way it is. Others have wonderful added touches suggestions. Please let us know which magazine it ends up in so I can buy it for ideas for my own home. :)

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Lovely home. My only recomendations are to put more plants and flowers around, even if they are nice fakes. Fresh flowers on the dining room table and other low surfaces and some fake ivy's in baskets on higher surfaces.

A bowl of lemons on one of the surfaces would also make a nice statement. I took a crystal bowl with lemons in it, put water in bottom and then inserted daisies throughout the lemons. Cheap and pretty.

On the side board, edit out those things and make one statement on there. Right now it appears cluttered.

Also, edit all the picture frames on all the surfaces. One or two would be sufficient.

I don't think the light green throw does anythng for the chair it's thrown over. Maybe try drapping over the arm instead.

Can't wait to see the layout. Congratulations.

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You have a beautiful home, good luck with the photo shoot.

My only nitpicky thing is the red circle painting in the TV room. I think it is hung too high.

Otherwise, gorgeous and post the photos when they are available to you. :)

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You're house is gorgeous. I love the table with the place settings, definitely do that. All your ideas with the flowers and final touches are great. I do tend to agree with the decorator and think the floral chairs swapped with the brown ones would liven up the living room and yet the landing would still look awesome. Love the rug there. I like the green apples in the vases but agree with some of the others that maybe some red peppers or something other than more apples for the white tray. You've gotten lots of great suggestions, it's beautiful as it is and will be even more so with all the finishing touches. Please show us final pics!

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Lots of good advice already here for you. Just wanted to say you have a beautiful home, even if you are a Sooner! :)

Jana (A Longhorn in Austin)

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I love it as it is. I think just fresh flowers, clean shower as you planned. And then relax, maybe with a glass of wine in your lovely tub. Sue

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This seems so little, but I think the murcury glass vase would look stunning filled with flowers in your master bath. Get rid of the candle in there now.

Also, just a thought... if they take a photo of your mantle area with your television 'on' I would want something nice on the screen (instead of any random commercial or junk tv program that happens to be on). I would pick out a dvd and find a nice place to press pause.

The stove mantle isn't doing anything for me. I am glad you moved the candle sticks.

Consider trading the green plate on the coffee table with the silver leaf tray on the dining table. It would add some sparkle to your coffee table and some green to your dining table.

There is a woman on here who does some KILLER place settings... can't remember who. Maybe she will see this and offer some suggestions.

Great house!

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your home is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I don't have any suggestions - I'm new to this forum, having migrated over from the kitchen forum. I LOVE your landing! Can I ask where you got the beautiful rug? Good luck with the photo shoot!

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Lots of good suggestions above I'm sure and I haven't read through all of them yet. Wow, your home, esp. your kitchen is so pretty. That marble island top is a dream!! I would so love to cook in there. And I love your arched door. Just a couple things jumped out at me the tabletops in the living room, particularly the one to the right of the brown chair that is by the sofa, look a little too cluttered to me. There should be at least enough clear space to set down a book/magazine and a drink IMO. Also, the items on top of your range hood the candles and the sign, appear too cluttered to me. Also they dont seem to make as much sense bc in reality, probably being so high and close to the ceiling they probably never get lit. I guess overall, your home has such great features, that you dont need a ton of extra accessorizing.

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Your home is beautiful. I hope mine can achieve that warmth someday.

I do think the great room could use some zing but I would not switch the chairs out. I wonder if some different pillow combination might work? I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions for you. You have used a good bit of red and some green and the muted tones provides warmth. It should photograph well. Your front door is gorgeous.

I wonder how one red apple might look with your green apples on the hutch? Just a pop of unexpected? (maybe?)

Every other photo has eye catching accessories or artwork.

I wonder if the bed coverings in the master bedroom can be zested up some? However, at this late hour, you need to rest easy and let them do their magic. It is no wonder they chose your home for this honor, it is beautiful and clearly full of people who 'live' and not just use the house for 'show'.

Have great fun with your photo shoot & breathe easy.

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About your's easy to transform them with decals. Check at a local craft store for kitchen oriented decals or red letters (F,S,C) for Sugar, Flour, Coffee.

If that fails cut a suitable picture out of magazine, adhere it to plain white paper and use water based glue to paste it on the canisters. It'll come off easily with water.

or, are you handy with a small paintbrush? Buy some red or black acrylic paint at a craft store and paint the knobs and the narrow ridge at the bottom.

Forgive me for going on like this, I obviously have way too much time on my hands.

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Try the blue-green painting from the landing in the bedroom -- it would look incredible with the blue chair! Add blue pillows on the bed!

Try the bright red painting somewhere on the main floor!

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Ok, I am going to try again... you know what? I would take that green dish on the coffee table and stand it on the stove mantle. (take those other things down)

I think it would make a great backdrop. (Plus add some green up there) From there you can add a couple accessories back.

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I wonder if you realize that when the photogs come to your house they're very likely to start moving things around on their own? It's what fashion mag people do. They'll tell you to take away things, put things in that don't belong to you and generally decide how it should look, regardless of what you want. So I wouldn't go running around yet trying to do too much as they'll probably just undo half of it anyhow.

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Lucy may be correct, but this is a SMALL time local magazine. I was told that the photog would be by himself, so no stylist accompanying him. So, I'm going to keep obsessing. If you tire of me, then don't peek at the post again. If you're willing to help, I certainly appreciate it.

Some changes. What do we think of this platter on the kitchen mantle hood (sorry, I tried to rotate the pic) and the big candlesticks and red ginger jar on the island. Also, what do you think of the lamp by the kitchen sink (of course I'll take off the plastic and tags if I decide to keep it)?

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I live the platter on the stove mantle, but am thinking it would look great just by itself. What do you think?

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Well I will certainly play. This is fun stuff!

Mantle is much better with the platter. Try moving the oil bottle close to the planter, delete the candlestick, and putting the red glass ginger gar where the candle was.

But hmmm... the mantle is such a focal point of your house. I don't really think your house says fruit platter to me.

It is getting closer though!

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So, if we're not a fruit platter home, how about one of these platters (though gold is a new color to introduce in the house)

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Yes -- as stated above -- just move the oil bottle closer to the platter. And remove the candlestick. For another idea -- try a plain white plate or platter -- and the oil jar. Or try a silver platter OR simply let the the hood stand naked .... Just teasing ..... but it might work!

As for items on the counter -- do you have any trays? I gather my oils, vinegars and mortar-and-pestle on a woven tray on my counter. Put the silver pepper grinder with the group too.

On the island -- try a cutting board and your knife box. Add some fresh veggies for color. Veggies can be so colorful -- and work so well in photos.

Yes -- I would remove personal photos from the photo shoot. For safety and security reasons. JUST a thought -- really!

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LOL Sooner, no you aren't fruit tray people :)

I still think that green tray that is on your coffee table is the ticket. With the green apples on your buffet and the other green, it would tie everything in.

I can understand wanting to leave it there though, it brings the green into the living area.

Hmm... when you put your red jar up there it REALLY glows because of that can light so close. That may not work.

Have you tried the white canister set on the left with perhaps that green plate behind on the right? ~LOL I am determined to move that :)

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Ok, I was telling myself that I was done for the night when I had a thought!

Green plate- on stove mantle.

Silver leaf tray from dining- move to coffee table >put something apple green in it.

Mercury glass vase- use on dining table with arrangement.

The tray was too low for a centerpiece of the table when it is set. Vase will give more height.

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Sooner - I was trying to help! How much unadulterated adulation do you need though?

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Beautiful home!! Wow!

Just the first thing that came into my head when I saw your kitchen - love it btw - was how do you cook in there with pictures right next to the sink and a lamp? I know when I chop away and make dinner I use some counter space and those items might get in the way. Is staging supposed to be something people actually have when they live in the house or just to display items?

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I like the plate on the mantle with the green and red patterned trim.

I don't like the candles on the island - it looked much better bare like the decorator suggested.

I also agree with another poster - get rid of the two pictures and the lamp by the sink. Those are not kitchen decor items. You wouldn't put a lamp by the sink anyways - you'll electrocute yourself.

I like a kitchen to be simple and noncluttered. It really shows off your beautiful countertops.

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In my mind there's a fine line between "natural staging" and "contrived staging". Some of these changes you're showing seem to be crossing that line.

I think the spot over the stove looks good with the tasting plaque and the other two items....simple and elegant.

The lamp by the sink would serve no purpose.

I think the island looks best with only one focal point, the apples. But you might try placing the apples in one of the colorful trays rather than the white platter for some contrast with the island surface.

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soonermagic your house looks beautiful! good luck with the photo shoot. can you tell me about you bedroom window panels? thanks.

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This is a FUN read!

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Thanks for continuing to help me tweak and I agree it's starting to look totally staged and contrived. What I love about my house is it's comfortable feel versus "showy" feel, so I need to keep that in mind.

I'll get rid of the lamp and photos in the kitchen (though the photos were not part of staging ... they really live in the kitchen, one being a framed recipe in DH's grandma's handwriting).

I'm starting to think a naked mantle hood might be best. Though I'm sure the green plate from the living room would be great up there, I love it in the living room, where there is hardly any other colorful accents.

I appreciate all the suggestions.

Paddytc - The panels in the bedroom were custom made from a textured practically sheer white fabric that I fell in love with. I wanted to use that fabric for the living room shades as well, but was convinced it wasn't the right material for that application, and I couldn't do panels in the living room.

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Soonermagic, more adulation here: what a gorgeous home you've created. You must feel very proud. Hope so, anyway.

I would love information about those cushy, perfect brown chairs in your LR (the ones the decorator suggested swapping out w/the flowered chair -- like everyone else, I think I'd leave the brown ones where they are) and your lovely bed. When you have time, though -- you've got your hands full right now!

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Soonermagic, your homes is one of my all time faves from the home building forum! I wish you would post a few pics of the exterior so these folks can see just how nice the whole package is. I'm happy to see that the interior is as beautiful and welcoming as the exterior! Enjoy your new home and have fun with the photo shoot!

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Soonermagic you have an absolutely beautiful house! Here are my two cents:

I really like the tasting sign over the stove. Could you use that with the gold platter? Unfortunately, I have to agree with some of the others and most of the personal pictures should be removed, especially the frames (and the lamp and red covered vase)next to the sink and also the candles in the kitchen.

I also think that maybe the livingroom looks a little crowded in pictures (real life is different) and you might try moving out the small chair to the head of the dining table and the arm chair to the other side of the fireplace.

Would other sheets and decorative pillows look better in the bedroom? Maybe blue sheets? Also, the bathroom looks like it needs a little more in the way of luxury assesories. Maybe a different hand towel and/or fluffy handtowels stacked on the counter. The bath also might be a place for some of your candles and the red covered vase.

I agree with the poster that mentioned you might try to pick a time of day and use food,wine, etc. according to that time of day. If you go with dinnertime and keep wine on the table, you will have to open that bottle and pour some. I like plain white napkins also. If the time of day is to be morning, maybe that pitcher could have oj in it and switch the wine glasses for juice glasses and a platter of muffins on the table or island, coffee set on the sideboard.

Please keep us posted with how it goes. I would love to see the final pictures.

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Furniture questions: Don't know about the brown chairs, as they were handed down to us from parents who longer had a use for them. The bed is from Liz Claiborne's furniture line. I bought it in our local big furniture store and would think it readily available.

Aw shucks, hoosier, of course I'll post pics of the exterior.

Detached Garage (dream is to built out the attic into a yoga studio someday and scale back my law practice, but that's years away):

Our backyard:

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Home envy here!

The only thing I saw, and forgive me if I am wrong, is put a fitted sheet on the bottom mattress. I think I am seeing a blue mattress in the pic, might want to cover it up.

I for one liked the framed recipe. Lovely thought.

Good Luck!


    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 10:51AM
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I love your is so inviting & charming! Beautiful!


    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 10:56AM
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I didn'tmake it through all the posts but just wanted to add to the great suggestions....

First...I loved the hood mantle as is, but I guess that's not the general concensus.

Pics gone, but maybe work that recipe up into the hood mantle?

I personally would flank the fireplace with the two brown chairs for better balance in the room. On the coffee table I'd place a round clear vase, 1/3 filled with pebbles and then spilling out with red red tulips.

The mag that's doing our home told me to walk around the house with a camera lense on my eye (look through the camera LOL) to see the snaps that they see. That helps with the staging quite a bit.

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 12:56PM
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What a lovely home! You should be proud of all you've done.

I have one problem here. In the bedroom, (next to the blue chair)one of the red candles appears to be crooked, lol :) :) That's all I've got for ya :)

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 1:13PM
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When you have the time, would you mind sharing where you obtained the masks you have hanging on your stairway wall?


    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 1:17PM
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I love your floor - mind sharing the details?

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 1:54PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Sunshine, Have the time? I'm obsessively checking this forum today ... the shoot is tomorrow, so of course I have the time. The masks are authentic African masks; they were a wedding present from a friend who was working in Africa at the time of our wedding. So, not anything that is easily duplicated here, at least I don't think so.

Momto4boys - Great eye. I hadn't noticed the crooked candle. Now that you mention it, it sure does jump out.

Red flowers on the coffee table are a great idea.

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 2:12PM
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Gorgeous home!! Just love your style outside -- and inside too!

Best of luck for tomorrow! Let us know all the juicy details! LOL! :)


    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 2:22PM
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amsunshine, if you "google" authentic African masks, several interesting websites appear where you can purchase similar masks.

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 2:40PM
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Oh one more thing...those three candle sticks under the pcture with the heart...they need to go to another shelf. You should have odd numbers, and their texture isn't right with the african piece (which is very fabulous). It would look better to have that space in the middle open.

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 2:53PM
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Wow I love your home especially the wood floor. What is it?
I love seeing the small changes being made with accessories. Sometimes less really is more.

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 3:24PM
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Hope you know I was just razzin' you about the candle. Shows how perfect your home is to me, when all I can see is a crooked candle :)

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 3:47PM
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Beautiful home! I also love your wood floors and would like to know what they are/where you got them from (when you have a moment.) Thanks!

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 3:58PM
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The floors are American walnut, site finished, no stain, just poly coatings. The planks are three different widths. I have to admit they turned out more stunning than I anticipated.

The floor is rather soft. For example, I have a trail of "pits" in the floor from kitchen sink, to island, to range and back and forth; back and forth from one night when I cooked dinner in my work heels (one of which had worn down to the nail). That prompted me to take all of my shoes out for repair and I now watch them much more carefully. Of course, nobody would notice the pits except me. I'm OK with the floors developing a patina, just as the marble island is developing its own patina. If you are not a patina person and need your floors to remain prestine, Am Walnut is not for you. They are much softer than the Oak floors I've had in the past. But, the busy pattern to them helps disguise scratches, pits, etc.

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 5:02PM
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My experience with photo shoots (my house, my sister-in-law's house, a friend's penthouse in SF) is that the photographer and art director/team will arrange and rearrange, and move things around, to best set a scene or capture light, or balance a photo, etc. At my house, they moved around rugs, chairs, accessories, plants, etc. At my sister-in-law's house, which has very modern decor, they brought in books, plants, bowls of fruit, vases of flowers, and even strategically placed some shoes to warm the place up! The place never looked so good! Just relax and enjoy, don't do any up-front work!

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 5:41PM
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Lovely house - I have house envy! The stone chimney is fab!

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 6:06PM
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Sooner: Your home is truly amazing. I love it! I know you are proud. Keep us all posted about the photo session. I'm excited for you.

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 6:24PM
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I am so sorry that wasn't around yesterday to "help & play" in your gorgeous home, SoonerMagic. Am hoping today's photo shoot goes well. Being huge Sooner fans ourselves (DH is from Seminole and then Norman and got 3 of his 4 degrees there/ DS graduated from OU and is now in grad school there) I was especially noticing all your DH's memorabilia. I am dying to know (1) if that statue on your landing is a replica of Paul Moore's famous "Seed Sower" and if so, (2) where did you find it? My husband would be over the moon if I could find one for his study. It would make the perfect Father's Day gift. Thanks, Lynn

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 10:31AM
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Good luck today. Please post some more pictures so we can see some of the changes. You have a lovely home.

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 10:43AM
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Today is the day!

What happened? How long were they there? Give us the scoop!

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 1:14PM
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Just really lovely! You have lovely taste and have created such a pleasant looking home. Thank you for sharing and letting us enjoy the visual feast!

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 2:35PM
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Hi Sooner magic- I am a sooner fan myself! My husband attended Ou and both are son's now attend OU! Are you still in Oklahoma? I did not recognize your neighborhood? I love your home ! It is warm and very nicely put together. I like the improvements you have made- I think the island looks very staged with the candles also. I think an oval shaped dark wood bowl/ platter filled with artificial fruit would look great. Have you seen the big fruit-like canatlopes , bananas, apples in over-sized shapes? What magazine will your home be photographed in?

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 2:36PM
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He's here RIGHT NOW. Just one photog, no stylist and he's not moving a thing around or making any suggestions based on what his "photographic eye" is seeing. For the first hour I bugged him ... what can I do to help? anything need moving around? etc, etc, to let him know I welcomed any suggestions. Nothing, so here I am chatting with all of you! I'll go around and take pics of the "final product" so to speak after he leaves.

I cannot thank all of you enough for the wonderful suggestions. I appreciate it so much. I'm repeatedly amazed at how valuable a community this website is. To be honest, I wasn't thanking those of you who suggested ironing the bedding this morning when I was ironing. I'm not the ironing type, so I literally had to take the iron out of its box (wedding gift three years ago!). DH had the strangest look on his face as he headed out the door today with me ironing away. He actually said, "You're not an ironing wife." Right, and I'm normally at the office by now, but today I'm pretending housewife (and I secretly love it). The bedding does look much better.

For those of you who asked, we live in Norman, Oklahoma, literally two blocks from OU's campus. DH is a professor, so could walk to work, if only he choose to do so (he's not the "green" one in the family, though).

Lynn - You're correct ... you spotted a replica Seed Sower. DH received it as a gift almost 10 years ago. A friend of ours obtained one in the last 2 years, I believe directly from the artist. I'll do some investigating for you. The bookshelf on the landing was designed around the Seed Sower's dimensions.

Look for a post in a few hours with the "after" pics.

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Two things I just couldn't do in the time I had (i) rearrange living room furniture; and (2) lower the red painting in living room. Still, I think it came together, thanks to all of your thoughtful advice:

(DH insisted that the pie recipe stay, but I removed the other kitchen photo)

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Let me be the first to say, "Good job!". I really like the LR with the pillows and the sideboard touches.

Your kitchen counters look uncluttered, but colorful and purposeful.

And your ironing paid off!

When will the edition be published? And can we get autographed copies?

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 5:58PM
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Very nice.

I just noticed the stools in your kitchen (the ones at the end of the bar). Would love to get some info on them if you don't mind. Could be just what I need to make my too-short overhang work.

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 6:06PM
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Soonermagic, thanks for the info. I'm not surprised that it's the focal point of your sitting area. I'd really appreciate it if you could find out who I can contact regarding the replica Seed Sower statue. DH is a physician out here, but his heart is still at OU (BTW, DS is a Criminal Justice grad student).
Your rooms looked great for the shoot. You did a wonderful job setting everything up. Congratulations!

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Beeeeeeeeeeautiful! Looks worthy of any magazine cover. You did a great job in the details, the ironed pillow cases right down to the one red apple on the island. Good job!

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 6:31PM
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I am way too wowed to find even one thing to "tweak". What a great house, inside and out!

I may have missed it above, but would you mind sharing the name of that beautiful bedroom wallcolor?

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 7:39PM
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thanks so much for the bed info - Ill have to hunt for it, I really like it!

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 7:39PM
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When will the issue be out, Sooner?

Your home is just adorable - you must be so happy there. : )

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 8:02PM
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when a plan comes together!!!


    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 8:46PM
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I have to say I showed my DH the one red apple in the bowl of green one's! This is part of my 15 minutes of fame as far as I am concerned.

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Well, I was going to comment on how much I love the outside of your house because I never see anything that style in Texas. Then, I checked to see where you're from and I see you're in my area :)


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sooner, I have been following this thread and all the wonderful suggestions you got. Everything turned out just perfect and your house is beautiful!

whenicit, the one red apple in with all the green ones really looked outstanding! It caught my eye right away. :)

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 9:52PM
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I am so glad the photo shoot went well. I love the one red apple among the green apples. Whenicit, that was a great suggestion. I have a friend that lives in Norman, Oklahoma and I want to visit her one day to see if it is a place one day I would like to move to from her wonderful stories of the town and state. Your home is so beautiful and the little exras you did made it perfect needing no more work by the camera man.

What brand refrigerator is your stainless steel French Door Refrigerator that is gorgeous?

What magazine will your photo layout be in so I can buy it?

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 10:00PM
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I just noticed the new pillows on your bed and that you did some ironing. Your bedroom now looks even more perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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Just beautiful. I know my comment will be too late, but you still might like it. My mother in law, has a big ceramic rooster on her island and her house is not "country", but it really looks nice. Another thing I would add is greenry...some little potted ivy plants etc on your end tables, maybe even a few really nice silk floor plants. Other than that, every thing is so tastefully done!

    Bookmark   March 6, 2008 at 10:59PM
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Your home is stunning! The only thing I can think of, if one absolutely had to find something to futz with, would be the height of the red picture in the LR. Would it look better hung a tad lower?

Your posts bring back wonderful memories of what I still consider to be my hometown. I went to OU as an engineering undergrad, back when Barry Switzer coached the Sooners. (Of course I was only 10 at the time.) Norman is such a great place! Is The Mont (corner of Boyd and Classen) still there? LOL Can't believe I can remember that, but it was a favorite hangout way back when.

Enjoy your photoshoot and your lovely home!

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Hi, Your home is gorgeous!! What a nice style you have. You really have a flair for picking nice furniture, I loved it all, but would really love to know where you got your dining room table?? Those photos will look great! Good Luck

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Your home is truly stunning and I can tell from your excitement just how much you love living there! :)
I hope the finished product is as lovely as your home!

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 6:22AM
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Good morning! In answer to questions posted above ...

Bedroom wall color is SW 7621 Silvermist. I believe it's considered SW's closest match to RH Silver Sage. It's a rich, but peaceful color.

Kitchen barstools came from Grandinroad catalog ... very inexpensive. Not exactly the look I want long term, but they work perfectly for now.

The fridge is a GE Profile counterdepth french door. We are very pleased with it. It's amazing how much more usable space I find in the french door design. In hindsight I am very, very, very glad I did not succumb to the temptation to go with a SZ. I was so concerned about having a nice looking fridge, since you can see it from the front door. But the way the cabinetmaker built the cabinetry around it makes it look just as good as a SZ could have I think.

The kitchen table is from El Paso Import Company. They have great, inexpensive furniture made in Mexico and other imported furniture at reasonable prices. I found them when we lived in Dallas and was surprised to find that they have an OKC store as well, so perhaps there is a store in your area.

To all of those who have once made Norman your home, the campus area remains remarkably the same, except that Campus Corner is seeing a great revitilation (O'Connell's is opening on the Corner for St. Pat's day and is closing its original location, as the University bought that property). Victoria's is still some of my favorite pasta anywhere (don't you remember those mounds of cheese!). The Library (once named "Pink's" I believe) is the bar at the end of our street ... love mingling with the college kids every once in a while. And, of course, the Mont is still thriving. When any of our college friends come back to visit, the Mont is always on their agenda. ZHKY, I'll be at the Mont on Sat night, so I'll have a Swirl in your honor!

Whenicit - If the red apple makes the magazine, I'll grab an extra copy and send it to you (will contact you offline to get your address)!

Again, thanks everyone for your help.

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Cute little house, but the decorating is over kill, and very mishmash, too many unrelated items for my taste, plus tiny items on big walls, personal photo's in the kit??? table lamp in kit.?? must be a small unimportant mag. to want to photo shoot it? course just my view none of it is my taste in home or furnishings...sooo just my opinion, you did ask for opinions after all.

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 8:36AM
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Susieq07- Put my mind at ease and please tell us you were kidding! Sheesh.

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 8:42AM
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oops, I thought you were still in the Dallas area. I was right then when I said you don't see houses like that in Texas :)


    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 8:56AM
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Now, now, Susie. Remember what Thumper's Father's said? "If you can't say anything nice..." Yes, she did ask for opinions, but she was specifically asking about rearranging what she already has.

Soonermagic, your home looks lovely, and I too like to see the magazine when it comes out. The only printing they do here in Bowlegs is over at the elementary school.

Who, 28 years ago, lived in heart of Campus Corner at the Alamo Apartments.

>insert overwhelming rush of nostalgia for the carefree days of my youth, and fond memories of breakfast at the old Town Talk Cafe *sigh* >/rush

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Susieq- You aren't serious, are you?

I think it is fabulous! You did a great job Sooner.

Congratulations! You should be proud.

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I think Susie must have missed her Wheaties this morning...

Sooner, thank you so much for you response. You should be very proud of the lovely, warm environment you've created for you and your family. I love the personal touches and your sense of style color.

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 10:45AM
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I must have missed *my* Wheaties this morning...that should say "style and color". :)

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Your home turned out fabulous! My son lives very close to you- I might have to send him over for some decorating ideas! He shares a house with 3 other college guys and I would sleep outside before I would stay there with them! Ugh! I would love to go into his house and completely re-model it. The neighborhood is wonderful with all the old beautiful trees. What magazine will your home be highlighted in?

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Unbelievable comments. Pots and kettles anyone? Do a search.
Now this great thread will probably disappear, mysteriously into the night, like Chickory's health care did.

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An excellent photo shoot!! Your home looked very charming and elegant -- thanks to all of your hard work!

LOVED your comment about ironing -- same situation here too -- I hate ironing with a passion! LOL! My mum and sister are ironing Zen masters -- and my iron rarely sees the light of day!


    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 11:32AM
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Parma42 - Agree with your "pots and kettles" comment.
Yes, I did a search and you are 100% on the mark.

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 11:45AM
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Lovely work! Will you be able to post the mag photos?

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 12:03PM
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Hey sooner,

I've been a fan of your gorgeous house over on the BAH forum for a while now. I know you've already posted so many details but I have to ask about your couch--I love it! Can you tell me what brand it is or where you found it? I love leather but I'm not a fan of all the poufy, round leather sofas and yours just looks so stylish. If you have the time, I'd love the details...thanks!

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 5:10PM
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Lovely home! I love your taste - especially the way you mix in the modern art!

If you have time for more questions, I'd love to know where you got your bedding? I've been looking for something similar!

Thanks and enjoy your beautiful home!

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 5:51PM
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Your home is lovely, lovely, lovely. I hope the magazine does it justice! Your front door is to die for!

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 6:25PM
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You have a lovely home and I'm sure the photo shoot will do it justice.

susieq, the way you worded your post, very mean. Makes you sound jealous.

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 6:53PM
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Thanks for the additional comments.

Fairytale - The sofa is very similar to RH's Maxwell sofa, which I love but couldn't afford. I searched on these forums and found out that American Leather either makes for RH or at least has a similar style to RH's. Theirs is called the Danford Sofa. I had it priced at a local furniture store and checked out the quality, but still a tad too expensive. I then did some further investigating and found an American Leather Factory Outlet in Dallas where they sell furniture that has been used at market and for photo shoots, etc. When I called, they just so happened to have 4 Danford Sofas in the color that I wanted in stock. They took pictures for me. I chose the one I wanted and begged a friend from Dallas to drive it up to us in his pickup truck. I saved thousands of dollars. Another thing that I love about Gardenweb ... access to info not otherwise available!

Rhonda - My responses to where I got this and that make me sound so cheap ... OK frugal. The bedding is from Target. The duvet cover was on serious clearance when I purchased two weeks ago, so I'm not sure if it's still available. My Target still has the blue coverlet and matching shams and throw pillow, not on clearance but still reasonably priced.

And if Susie checks back, I have to agree that our styles definitely clash (I peeked at some of your other posts and your pics therein). I've repeatedly emphasized that this was a shoot for a SMALL TIME local mag. I certainly haven't overexaggerated that fact.

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It looks awesome, Sooner! When I saw that first pic of the outside I just wanted to give the whole house a big hug. Good luck with your photo shoot! Will you be able to share the pics with us when it's done?

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I really love your home. I don't often post here lately because I've been taking an extended break from decorating. (actually, I gave up!) But I came out of lurkdom to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your photos. Even though I'm sure the magazine photos will be great, I bet we got to see more of your home this way. Thanks for sharing!

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 7:04PM
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Skimming skimming............I love your kitchen choices and your buffet/mirror in there. Too pretty and very unexpected. Will pop back in tonight so I can read this thread.


    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 7:26PM
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Sooner - your home is so beautiful. You have great taste!

Thanks for the info you provided on the sofa. I've also been looking at the Danford as a substitute...will have to check out the outlet. Was there anything "wrong" with the sofa, minor damage etc? And what leather is that? I was considering the Flagstaff Java or Flagstaff Chocolate colors from American Leather.

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 7:56PM
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Just wanted to chime in with the rest of the admiration society! Great job on pulling the home together in a way that incorporates some more traditional decor/carpentry and putting a "new" spin on it. I like the pared down decor (I think it's pared down compared to much of the fussy looks I still see), it is so fresh and liveable.

I really appreciated this thread. It is of interest to me, as much of your staging ideas are similar to what I face in my home decor shop on a daily basis! As much as I'd like to keep a pared down look in there, it is just not good for business if you don't have a lot of "stuff" to sell!!

Thanks for posting some great pics.

    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 8:24PM
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I am so happy for you! You are a star, soonermagic! I keep looking at your home trying to see what tips I a can pick up.

I really, really love the outside pic and of course your fabulous kitchen.


    Bookmark   March 7, 2008 at 8:29PM
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Just wanted to say the the house looked fabulous! You should be very proud. I hope you can post the article when it comes out.

    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 8:06AM
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Love your house. I'm sure your pictures will be beautiful.

Question...are your countertops soapstone? If so, what is your experience with them? They look so uniform in color, and I think their gorgeous, but I've heard so many whinings about how the oil doesn't stay unformly dark gray, and if you don't oil they turn light gray etc...What do you think about the maintenance of soapstone?


    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 9:11AM
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I realize I mostly lurk here but I did want to add that I think your home is just gorgeous and all your wonderful touches are simply perfect.
I also love the fact that you find great bargains where you can. Also, thank you for posting about the Mexican furniture website (or el paso?) Its exactly my taste and I have already ordered a sideboard!

    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 9:39AM
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I LOVE your home both inside and out. It has the wonderful warm, cozy, and classic "feel" I want in my own home. I actually showed it to my DH who also was very impressed ... and we are HUGE OSU fans. Thanks for sharing your home!

    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 10:36AM
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You have a beautiful home!

    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 10:54AM
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Beautiful home. Another vote for a look at the photo shoot pics when they are published.

    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 11:22AM
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hey there! beautiful home!! i haven't been online all week, so i missed this thread....but as a sometimes photostylist, i have to say it looks fantastic!

the one thing i wanted to chime in about as i read through the thread was to suggest you leave the recipe from dh grandma, so i was so glad your husband insisted on it! things which are meaningful and homey like that root a room, to me, and make sure it doesn't look "staged" for strangers. i love your home. it is warm and inviting.

the people here are sooo talented and generous!

    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 1:25PM
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Yvonne Albertyn_Brazil

Another WOW from me! Your home is absolutely beautiful, without being stuffy.

    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 1:46PM
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Just finished reading every post and loving your step by step accessorizing.

Your home is wonderful and you have such a talent for putting it together.

All of the tips you got just made it a "blue ribbon".

In your day to day living there is no reason for you not to have pictures on your kit counter.
If the little face of your niece makes you smile while you are in your kitchen.....put it back.

We should always get as many smiles as we can.....wherever,
I am of the old school if it means something to you , keep it . Real living is not "staged". Real homes are not picture perfect.

You did a wonderful job for the magazine pictures.

Susieq reminds me of a poster that use to be around here called Premier. Ummmmmmmmmm

    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 1:47PM
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I have to agree with lilhome...I love having framed pictures at many different "stations" in my house. When I'm feeling bored or frustrated they make me smile and it reminds me of what's important. I also have a framed recipe card in my china's a favorite recipe of my Grandma's that I love.

Thanks for all the couch details. I love, love, love the couch...but not the price. I may have to check out the outlet and see if they'll do freight shipping.

    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 1:57PM
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Your home is lovely. Can I ask where you purchased the chandelier in the bathroom? Many thanks!

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Diva - The sofa had no issues. The outlet rates the quality of the sofas (from a wear perspective). I was only interested in the highest quality level. The sofa was perfect. Being leather, of course, we are wearing it in. I believe the sofa is the Java color.

Carole - The countertops are soapstone. The kitchen forum makes a big deal aobut different types of soapstone. I had only one choice here in OK. All I know is that it is not a US quarried soapstone. It has more green in it that I thought I wanted, but I still love it. In the pictures above, I had used a mineral oil/bees wax rub on it a few days before. I have gone about two months between oiling, and it hasn't become light gray. I think there's too much made of the maintenance of it over on the kitchen forum. Oiling takes no time at all. I love having the soapstone juxtaposed with the white marble on the island. Anything that I feel uncomfortable doing on the island (i.e., anything citrus), I can do without hesitation on the soapstone. By the way, we also used soapstone for the floor transition between fireplace and the hardwoods. Here's a closeup of the soapstone:

Gator - I believe I got the bath chandlier from either Ballard Designs or Horchow website, but I don't see it on either website today. WestElm has a similar fixture but it's not hard-wired, so wouldn't work over the tub.

    Bookmark   March 9, 2008 at 8:08PM
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Beautiful house! It's clear how much time and effort you put into it--it's both classy and cozy at the same time, which is hard to do! Congrats. on the photo shoot. I'm sure the end result will be wonderful.

    Bookmark   March 9, 2008 at 8:23PM
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Beautiful home and decor style. I enjoyed looking at every picture. Would you please tell me where you got your cocktail table from? I can only find that in a lighter stain which won't work with my decor. Your's is perfect.

    Bookmark   March 9, 2008 at 9:28PM
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Molly Brown

I agree also, really nice house and decorating.
By the way, I think I'm the only one to agree with your lamp in the kitchen. I have one 'near' my sink, smaller than yours, and I love it. We keep it lit in the evening when the 'working' kitchen lights are off. It's so cozy and warm and it gives enough light to go in and get a snack or drink. I like it a lot.
Try it lit and see if you like it. Mine's never been a problem with electrocution.

    Bookmark   March 9, 2008 at 10:06PM
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I've enjoyed your home, this thread - just lovely, tasteful, inviting and someone who is passionate about their surroundings - that says a lot

Love the poster who quoted Thumper's mother - I can't tell you how many times my family hears that from me!
Susieq ought to mind her jealous P's & Q's

    Bookmark   March 9, 2008 at 10:53PM
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Your house made my jaw drop! It's stunning!!
That's a 10 if I ever saw one.

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 2:40AM
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Sooner, I did not comment on this thread since Monablair had covered the things I saw but I did want to come back and tell you that you have a lovely home and although some of the things had to be edited out, I think those things are the things that make it family-friendly when the public is not viewing it, so put it all back again and enjoy.

P.S. Did the magazine give you a disk of the pictures they did? If so, do you mind sharing? I think your pictures are very good but I know they have that "knack" for doing home shoots. I know that some of them share the pictures on a disk with the owner. Others I know who have had shoots done have been given a disk of all the photographs, and I just wondered if you had one. If so, will you share the pictures with us since we do not have the advantage of seeing your local magazine. Thanks bunches for sharing already what you did.

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 3:30AM
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Sooner, kudos from a fellow Sooner. In fact, I had a 'rita at The Mont this weekend with friends!

Do let us know which magazine it's in- is it the Southwest Publications' Norman issue?

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 9:51AM
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Hi Pecanpie! Yes, Norman Living. April edition.

Patricia - Thanks for the question ... I'm going to ask for a CD of the pics.

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 10:51AM
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Beautiful home.. but what I love most is how you have brought together personal momentos, gifts and purchases into a cohesive style and warm environment. It makes it all the more impressive that you were clearly budget conscious and did your work to find the right pieces at the right price. I say this based on your posts because your rooms do not look like you cut corners or looked for bargains. Kudos.. you have the touch.

And for what its worth, I love a small lamp in the kitchen.. i would just emphasize *small* and as already noted, position it further away from the sink.

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 11:23AM
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sooner, your home is tasteful, classy AND comfortable - not easy to acheive. And to susieq, I do believe it speaks volumes of the people here that no one has been as "honest" with you about your own decor as you were compelled to be with sooner...even I am having a hard time being as rude to you as you were to her - probably because your house reminds me of my Grammy's, God rest her.

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 11:50AM
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I have been off of here for a few days and couldn't believe how many had responded on this thread! So taking a look myself, I am sorry I had not followed along closer. An absolutely lovely home inside and out! Congrats. I love your style, taste, use of color, accessorizing, etc. etc. I learned a few tips from all of you reading about this beautiful home. Now I'm off to see what susieq's looks like...

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 12:10PM
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Off Topic: Law practice AND you're a Sooner? Do you know Jeb Boatman, by any chance?

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 1:09PM
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Wow. I couldn't believe that post by susieq.

Of course, this is her taste.

'nuff said.

Your house is tasteful and gorgeous, and you took the constructive criticisms and used them to make your house even lovelier than it was originally.

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 4:22PM
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soonermagic, your home is simply beautiful. It is classic and inviting at once. Hope the photo shoot went well! Will you post pics from it? Thanks for responding on another thread about your countertops. That is exactly what I want to do, soapstone perimeter with white inset cabinets, darker wood island with marble so you have been quite an inspiration! I sent you another question on another thread I can't find anymore wondering if you could send info on your seattle kitchen designer. If it makes you more comfortable, although I am a Husky (UW), my dad was a Sooner and we grew up watching the Oklahoma games. : ) And hope you ignored susie q.

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 8:54PM
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Soonermagic, can you tell me where you got your coffe table from? I can only find it in my area in a lighter wood. I LOVE your home and decor!

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 9:57PM
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I followed this thread from the beginning but let the others who have such good eyes for the details chime in with the suggestions. There was only minimal tweaking to be done anyway - just to make it magazine camera ready as opposed to real people living there! It's such a lovely home - and I especially like the scale and detail - human scale, cozy, inviting. The exterior is so charming and welcoming - is the design custom or can you share your source? It's a real pleasure to tour your home - thank you for sharing.


    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 10:33PM
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Your home is charming inside and out.
Susieq: your remarks were mean and nasty. Are you a little jealous?

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 10:43PM
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Phobie Privett

Soonermagic, absolutely gorgeous! You have much to be proud of! Congratulations!

I've never needed so badly to respond to an ugly comment as I need now to say to Susieq...SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 10:55PM
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Well I see I didn't get here in time.... Your home is perfect - I have loved it since seeing it on the BAH forum... just wish I would hvae found this thread before you let them photograph your home with an OU flag on the wall LOL Of course just kidding......

Really great job! You should be proud- you have a really lovely home. I think your taste is perfect....... well except for that flag! LOL

PD (at least your coach WAS a Buckeye!)

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 11:12PM
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sheconquers, I know Jeb. Well, I know his beautiful wife. Small, small world.

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 11:19PM
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Absolutely beautiful!!! I LOVE YOUR HOME!!! I also wanted to share that I'm ROTFLOL at that photobucket picture. Is that for real? Please tell me that is a joke and not a picture of susieq's home. OMG!!!!

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 11:38PM
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I already commented on this house, and came back later to look more and read more. Beautiful. But I am very disappointed to read all the comments directed at the person who gave an unflattering review. I was hoping people would ignore and let it go, but since that's not happening, I'm going to throw something out here.
Sooner is a class act. She did an awesome job with her home, she asked for help tweaking, and she took some advice. She also.........ignored those who either didn't share her taste or were having an 'off' day. Some here should do the same. Sooner does not need defending, most who posted seem to love what she's done. And I think it is most unkind to mock someone else's decorating, no matter what the provocation. If I say I hate Sooner's kitchen, will 20 people look up my kitchen and tell me how ugly it is? Not nice, guys. Give it a rest, please.

Most sincerely directed at a lot of
people I have grown to enjoy and respect...

    Bookmark   March 11, 2008 at 12:19AM
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Thank you for saying it, Red.

Some pretty vicious scolding and mockery was done here by people who probably consider themselves very nice folks. No one knows what was going on in that person's life or in her mind when she made her unpopular remarks. Please give her a break. Soonermagic has already made an appropriate response.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2008 at 3:21AM
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Sooner, how did the photo shoot go? When do the pics come out in the mag? What an honor to be chosen and I think your home will look just wonderful in the mag.

I especially love your kitchen with all that yummy subway tile.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2008 at 4:36AM
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Red, you're a pretty class act yourself. Thanks for giving us something to think about.


    Bookmark   March 11, 2008 at 8:13AM
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exterior paint color and trim color?

    Bookmark   February 27, 2015 at 1:17PM
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    Bookmark   February 27, 2015 at 2:57PM
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Old, yes, but it certainly explains a Certain Poster's subsequent name change.

    Bookmark   February 27, 2015 at 5:28PM
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