cat pill vs. liquid & nonrecognition ???'s

cheryl_pSeptember 4, 2010

Humbley requesting advice/experience here again please. My 3 yr old cat had tooth extraction (resorptive disease- which I rcv'd pain medication and was offered choice of pill or liquid antibiotic. I chose liquid since Sealey had done ok with liq before. The tech DID look at me a little funny. Well now Sealey will take the liq.pain med alone (diff. timing) but one taste of the antibiotic Clavamox and I have a whirling dirvish on my hands. After she gets the whole 1ml: gets real lethargic and I know doesn't feel well. Should I have chosen to adm. pills? How when her mouth is sore already? She is a chow hound but is quite discriminating....

- Also, Sealey was gone for only 10 hrs from our home for the dental procedure but my older cat is acting like she's a newly introduced pet complete with hissing, yowling, stalking and then avoidance. Can I confirm that the poor dear IS nuts or is this not uncommon!???

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Sorry your kitty isn't feeling well. If you are sure it is the antibiotic that is making your kitty not feel well, maybe you should call the vet? Antibiotics can be hard on the stomach.... If Sealey hates the tasts of the medication, maybe you can have a pharmacy put a flavor in it. I just had my cats pills converted into a liquid with a fish flavor. Trying to give him pills was a nightmare. Now I just put the medication in his food, and he gobbles it up!
Good Luck!
Good luck!

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I just went through the same thing with one of my cats, Mew. Since I am aware that some liquid antibiotics are EXTREMELY foul tasting and will cause a cat to foam and drool it all out, anyway, I always request meds in pill or capsule form. It was, however, heartbreaking to have to shove pills down Mew's throat when his mouth was in so much pain. He didn't have normal extractions because he had broken off roots that the vet described as "petrified wood" that she had to do extensive digging to remove. That caused Mew's mouth to be exceptionally swollen and painful, which made administering his meds particularly difficult. Still, I just had to suck it up and get those pills into him as quickly as possible for the first few days until the worst of the pain and swelling had subsided.

As far as your older cat having a hissy fit is concerned, that is very common. Sealey returned with all sorts of hospital smells all over her, and those smells have made her a temporary "stranger" to your older cat. Take a towel and wipe down both cats several times a day with the same towel to swap their scents. Also, dab a drop of cologne or vanilla between the shoulderblades of each cat to help mask any remaining hospital smells. If your older cat continues to behave aggressively toward Sealey, just keep them separated when you're not around to supervise so that Sealey can heal in peace. Your older cat will get over it once Sealey is healed and smelling like her normal self again.


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Has she taken Clavamox before with no problems? My cat takes Clavamox like it's water so I'm surprised at your cat's reaction.
I'd taste it to see how strong it is, and make sure it's in a bottle marked 'Clavamox'.......the Clavamox I have has a light, sweet taste. It's possible the tech missed on the mix.

If all is well with the med itself, and your cat is eating well, try mixing it in a small amount of her food.

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If you have to switch to pills, try pill pockets. There are two flavors, chicken and salmon. Haven't tried the salmon, but the first cat that needed to take pills loves chicken, so we got that flavor and they liked it.

As for the behavior of your other cat, we experienced that with our first two cats. The older, first cat in the household behaved that way towards the other one, no matter who had gone to the vet (even when both had gone together). She usually got over it by the end of the day.

After the younger one had major surgery (for cancer), the older one did remain more aloof, although she had likely developed cancer herself by that time (a different type) and was probably not feeling her best.

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I prefer Convenia for cats. It's an injectible antibiotic- one shot lasts 2 weeks, so you don't have to worry about giving kitty meds at all.

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