When does cat start showing

carmen_grower_2007September 7, 2009

Our cat might be pregnant and if so, is about 5 weeks into it. She is not showing at all and since she only has 3 weeks to go, it seems strange.

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She is only 35 days pregnant, so has another 30 or so (on average, 9 weeks gestation for cats) before parturition. Many cats are not obviously pregnant until 45 days or so. At 45 days, x-rays will show how many fetuses are present. If she is a young cat or a first time mom, she will probably have only a few kittens and it will be hard to tell she is pregnant at all until very close to delivery date.

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Thanks so much Meghane. If she is pg, the babies must be the size of marbles. If in 4 weeks she gives birth to the marbles, that will be fine. Then we will deal with the neutering thingie. We will try to place any 'marbles' and if we can't we will have the mom and babies altered.

We found her and she is definitely a keeper.

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