Sewer smell in Master Bath

nrowesn2May 3, 2012

We recently had a shower pan leak in our master bath. (single story, cement slab). After tiling was finished, we noticed a sewer smell. After making sure the p-trap wasn't dried out etc...since we haven't used the shower for over a month, we finally had a plumber come out and take a look. We eventually settled on a smoke test to see if there were any vent leaks. There was one around the toilet and so we had that taken off and the flange was busted up pretty bad and so we had that fixed thinking that was the issue. Next day, sewer smell was back and just as bad as the day before. So we cleaned/scrubed the floors and bathroom thinking that maybe some of that was tracked in and around the bathroom from using the toilet. Smelled good for the first night but now am noticing the smell coming back. I could swear that there is a small odor coming from the grout used in the shower. Has anyone ever heard of anything closely related to my problem?


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Grout issue would most likely be mold-smell as opposed to sewer-smell. I doubt your grout is your problem.

If you're assured your traps are full, I'd be looking at clogged vents. Gas can bubble past the trap when you're unaware and remain for a considerable period of time. Just guessing....but "sewer smell" is pretty distinctive. Something's coming back in there via some undiscovered gap.

Plumbers are typically very good at this kind of diagnosis. Get another one (with a good nose) in there and noodle it out would be my suggestion.

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Forgot to mention......

Previously-saturated flooring underlayment is a somewhat notorious cause of recurring urine-like smells. Usually worse with higher temperatures and humidity. Are you talking about sewer-gas smell or stale-urine smell?

I once bought a house previously occupied by a family with three young boys who apparently had a hard time hitting the pot. I had to remove and replace ALL of the flooring and the saturated underlying wood around the toilet to resolve. It was mysterious at first because the flooring looked fine and the smell would come and go.

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