Dining Room paint - having difficulty w/ gray/green

kimbo2008March 27, 2008

Hello, all. I am trying to find a paint color for the area above my chair rail in the DR. The lower portion will be all white, picture frame moulding wainscoting. I originally thought to do some sort of beige, but I have decided some type of green or gray-green might be more interesting. I am looking for an "elegant & happy" color... on the green side. The furniture isn't here yet (it is cherry wood) and I am also wondering if I should wait until the furniture gets here before I choose the paint? The rug is various hues of sage, olive & beige. Some of the colors I am looking at are BM October MIst, Paris Rain, Misted Green and Aganthus Green and SW Escape Gray or Willow Tree. I don't want anything too dark, but I also really want a nice contrast with the pure white trim. Here are 2 pics... the room faces south and gets considerable light during the day. Any thought or photos of these greens? Thanks.



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Sorry, didn't get this pic up correctly before...

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What a pretty room. How about choosing a color out of the rug? Please post photos when done, I love picture frame moulding.


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It's so hard to show a true paint color with a flash camera but here's my favorite greyish green. It's a Duron paint and the color is Fenland. It's probably a little more grey toned than this pic shows. I was just standing in my bedroom a few min ago thinking how I smile whenever I walk in and see that green and then I read your post so I thought I'd throw it out as an option for you to look at. Good luck to you.

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JR, you are too kind! Here are 2 pics of what the trim carpenter did today - not painted yet (I'll post photos when it's done). But it already makes a HUGE difference. The background color in the rug is a greenish/grayish/bluish color and changes so much throughout the day. It has been quite difficult finding a match. I think as long as I get "close enough" I will be happy. I don't want the color to be depressing (which, in my opinion, can happen with gray).

And Mimi, thank you for the pic - that bedroom is beautiful! I will check out the Duron colors.

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well, I just painted my dining room Escape Grey and after a few minutes of panic, I love it.

My woodwork is clear pine stained cherry and my floors are natural red oak.

I wasn't sure about it at first so I posted here. These pictures are from *right* after I painted. I need to post an update with pics of my new chandelier and the furniture against the walls...

Here is a link that might be useful: Dining room Escape Grey

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Wow. That is a gorgeous color on my screen, but much greener than it looks on my paint chip. That is a good thing for me, I think. I, too, have been afraid of it seeming too dark at night, but since the whole lower half of my wall will be bright white, I hope it will be OK. Thanks for the pics!

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Kim, I love your new wainscotting. You must be so pleased!

Green is a cool color, but if there is more yellow added to it, it's warmer. More grey makes it cooler.

Dining rooms are places where presumably we want people to warm up and get chatty. For that reason I'd strongly consider the warmer colors... a warm brown, gold, or even something into the red tones.

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Nantucket Gray by BM is very pretty. Sorry, I don't have a good photo to show.

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Check out the Behr Spartan Stone in the Greens gallery. That's our living room and it's a true green/grey and I love it. As you'll see it was the 2nd green that I painted as the first (mother nature) was too green for me.

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This is EK Ashen Green which is a gray/green/with a little blue.

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Thanks, Nadine - I will checkout Spartan Stone. And hoyamom, that is the closest I've seen to what I am after. Your dining room is beautiful...and mine will likely look VERY similar! I'm off to the paint stores (AGAIN) today. Thanks!

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Take a look at BM Camouflage or Gray Mirage. Or one of the lighter hues that are on the same strip at Cheyenne Green (I don't have my paint deck here so I don't know the names, but I have Cheyenne Green in my kitchen and it's a great color -- might be a little too dark for you, though).

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Here is BM Camouflage on the top and Nantucket Gray on the bottom...

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I was searching online for photos of picture frame moulding in the dining room. I'm building a new house and want it in my dining room but wanted to make sure that it would look right. These rooms on are beautiful!!! I am thinking of painting my dining room red with warm white chair rail, wall and moulding underneath. Has tray ceiling which I will also paint white. Found a beautiful red a few years ago that I have painted in my living room now in my current home...called "Opera Red" by Behr. Will use that color and White Atrium from BM. Have very dark wood floors and dark wood dining room. Anyone have any thoughts on whether that will look good?? Will it be too much white?? I'm a bit worried. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated!
By the way - I see someone mentioned "Camoflage" from BM - I have that in the Family Room....it is a very nice color.

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P.S. Kimbo2008 - What I meant to say...you may like Camouflage by BM if you are looking for a light green. :) I think the photos of the gray room are also nice as well. I think with any of those colors - you can't go wrong.

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I just posted a photo of my BM green dining room on the thread titled "red dining room". I cannot remember the name of the color. If you like it, I'll go look it up for you.

I also loved my previous dining room color:

My son's bathroom color is great!

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I love the green you posted here, but I saw the other posting you mentioned, and I have to say, I LOVE the color. If you can remember it, let me know. I plan to buy the paint tomorrow. As of right now I've got it down to BM October Mist or SW Contented. Thanks for the pics!

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Thank you kimbo2008! (I got your post on my message post! By the way - sorry for interupting your post about my red room - just getting used to this whole thing on here!) If you think Camouflage is a bit too light...check out "newhomebuilder"'s Olive green dining room (or the one above)....looks very nice!
I really like the photos of the progress of your faux wainscoting...I think it looks so nice! I think I AM going to go for it...I'll post up some photos when it's all done...probably a few weeks from now. :)
Thank you again for your comments. Update me on a new photo of your room once you paint it with your green of choice. :)

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OK, the color isn't an olive green. I think the camera flash made it look olive in that one corner. It's more of a mossy green (touch of blue).

I believe the name is BM Wethersfield Moss HC-110???

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I am having the same problem. we have wall paper in blue grey green that is coming down. can't decide to stay in the same family with paint. I thought for sure I was going with BM October Mist, or SW Oyster bay. then other times I lean toward more olive colors.
we are redoing the kitchen which leads into to the dining room, moved a wall and hence the paper was destroyed. I am leaning towards BM Maple Leaf Red for the kitchen/family room. did you decide? if you have, I would love to see pics.

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All of these pictures are from the Dining Rooms thread in our Gallery. There are many more stunning pictures there, so it's worth a look. If you like the cottage look, also look in the Show Me Your Cottage Decor thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Gallery

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I should have posted the pic here, but I started another thread. I ended up with my first instinct (several weeks later!!) and painted October Mist. It is perfect. Exactly what I was going for. Keep in mind, this room faces south, so it gets a lot of sunlight all day long. The DR furniture is supposed to be here this week, but here are 2 pics of the empty room after it was painted:

Oceanna, thanks for the DR links. They are gorgeous!

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I forgot to mention that I think Maple Leaf Red would be an absolutely beautiful combination with October Mist...I actually thought of doing some accents with that same color! We must think alike...

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kimbo, the room looks wonderful! Thanks for posting the finished paint job.

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Thanks for posting the pics.
The room looks great! My room faces east so we won't get as much light. I think I need to get a few samples. I love the picture molding and was thinking of doing the same. Good project for my DH, :)
wWhat color is the white? It looks so fresh and crisp. I have BM dove white trim throughout my house and for ease I was going to continue with it.
Please post pics when the furniture arrives.

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That looks lovely. Good color for your pretty room.


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Cody, you're welcome! Maybe you can get some good ideas from some of them. Your room looks just great. I think it's going to be spectacular. I hope you'll keep posting pics of it as you get it all put together.

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Gorgeous room! Congratulations on a job well done. Your large painting is beautiful, and I hope you will consider a way to light it. I've discovered some small lights you can place indiscreetly on a table or buffet placed in front of it, then point it up, and the painting will be lit without any wires showing. DH bought some of these at Lowes (portfolio brand, I think) and we use them in lots of places. Can't wait to see the room when your new furniture arrives.

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thank you! I will definitely look into the lights for the picture. That would be beautiful.

I love the white trim paint the builder used throughout my house. It is slightly tinted:
SW ProMar200 Latex Semi-Gloss Extra White

L1 Blue 1 (128)
R3 Magenta 1 (64)

Hope that helps. Still waiting on furniture...calling to pester them tomorrow!

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