Tub Spout Diverter Does Not Drop

frank1203May 14, 2014

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue. I recently had the spout replaced in my tub/shower. The spout has a pin (diverter) that you pull up when you want the shower to come on and then it is supposed to automatically drop back down when the water is turned off and you are done using the shower. Unfortunately, the diverter pin will not drop down on its own when you turn the water off. It requires me to manually push it down at the end of my shower. I contacted my plumber who replaced the spout with two different manufacturers and its still won't work. He even tried using some silicon grease in the diverter pin to see if that would help and nothing works. His only answer is that my tub has alot of water pressure which is building up in the spout area while the shower is on, causing the diverter pin to stick and not drop after we turn off the faucet. You can hear sort of a squeeling sound while its stuck. For your info - my shower fixture is a Moen which pulls out to turn the water on and then shuts off when it is pushed in. Hot and cold are created by turning the dial left or right while pulled out. I contacted Moen and they sent me a new spout which still does not work!

So with all that said - has anyone experienced this issue before? Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get the spout diverter pin to drop?

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With the diverter in the up position, there should be some seepage from the spout which is a design feature to allow any pressure to be dissipated.

If you have the original replacement spout, operate it, the resistance should be the same.

There a couple of things to try; 1st, wait a few min. to see if it drops on it's own. 2nd, loosen the spout 1 complete turn
and try it there.

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Hi, thanks for your response. I'm not exactly sure what you are recommending. When the diverter is in the up position, there is some seepage from the spout so I guess I'm ok there. I have waited several minutes and the spout pin never drops. Like I said, I hear a squealing type noise which eventually goes away but the pin never drops. On your second idea, please explain what you mean by loosening the spout. Do you mean loosening the Alen nut at the back of it? If i do that the spout will not be secure and start to to move a bit. Need a little more clarification of possible. Thanks.

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Ok, it's similar to a MIX-IT.
So loosen the allen and move the spout slightly away from the wall and see if that changes anything..

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