Sump pump check valve

BrianInnesMay 19, 2013

Hello all.

My sump pump set up is outside. I have about a 4
1/2' lift. My question is: Do I really need check valves(I have 2 pumps installed)?
The discharge pipes(pvc) come up to 90 degree elbows then down a foot or so before running about 20' downhill so there is no chance of backflow into the pit. My thought is that if I put check valves in I will have to pull them out every fall to avoid freezing.

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If the end of the outflow hose/pipe is lower than the level of the pump intake, I see no problem as siphon action will continue to drain the sump after the pump turns off..
If it's not lower and the amount of backflow is small enough that you aren't concerned about continued recycling, there still isn't much issue. This assumes there is no chance of a reverse siphon action filling the sump pit.

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Thanks. The only backflow will be the water in the upright pipe before the 90.

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