Can bathtub plumbing be freestanding?

laurarexMay 19, 2011

I'm going to have my bathtub hauled out into the next room so that I can clean out mold underneath.

There's a shower head and an acrylic shower surround. I've taken it all off except for the panel where the water supply pipes come out. There are hot and cold knobs, an outlet for the bathtub and a handle to switch the water to the shower head.

This acrylic panel will have to come off so I can check for mold behind it.

It would be useful if I can have this plumbing still working while the acrylic panel is off and the bathtub is out. The water comes through 1/2" copper pipes.

So can these copper water supply pipes temporarily be freestanding?



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Yes, you can do that. The pipe should be attached to the framing in a couple spots, anyway.

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Connecting that water supply lines is simple.

The real question is how are you going to extend the drain line and still maintain the proper pitch and maximum trap to vent distance?

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