Tone down the shine?

tuxedord2March 9, 2014

I posted in Paint forums but it doesn't get as much traffic.
I have BM Simply White kitchen cabs in satin. I love them!

The trim is painted BM Simply White in semi gloss. This was done by a different painter and though the can says Simply White, it doesn't have the formula printed on it like the satin can. I expected to look a little different but the warmness of the cabs is lost on the trim. I'm not sure if it's the sheen or the wrong paint. Samples from both cans in varying lights makes me think it's the sheen that is the problem.

Can I paint over the semi-gloss trim with the satin paint to tone down the shine and if so does that mean I should sand down everything first?

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Is it oil paint? Then you do have to sand between coats. I bet it is the sheen. After you paint an area and it dries if there is a difference take a sample piece of your cabinets & have them color match. My cabinets are factory painted, a company color that is not identified with BM or SW & my painter was able to match it exactly for the crown molding that is attached to the top of the cabinets & continues around the kitchen & family room.

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Thanks Romy! Great idea.
The trim is Regal Classic which I think is acrylic? I'm off to the paint store today and will ask them all about this. For the record, my husband can't see the differences that I see- but it's driving me crazy!

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Sophie Wheeler

I wouldn't want satin on woodwork on a heavily traveled dirty hand route like a kitchen. Semi gloss will stay looking better over time and will be easier to clean.

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We used BM Aura paint in Satin finish on all of our base molding (would have used Pearl, slightly less sheen, if it had been available in Aura). It's very easy to clean.

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Just got back from the paint store. It seems my "semi-gloss" is actually high gloss even though the can says semi-gloss. It's a mystery.

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Hit it with some 0000 steel wool. That may knock the gloss down to just right.

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Thanks Trebruchet! Will try!

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