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swspitfireMay 2, 2010

I cannot believe I have to ask this but here goes. My k4 faucet was installed Thursday. Appears to be ok but I have not really used it yet, kitchen still not doneÂ.

I was cleaning up a little today and saw the box the plumber left so I looked inside thinking I would find the installation instructions that I should keep. Well no instructions but I did find a spring all tangled and bunched up. This is the spring that comes with the faucet and should have been installed with the faucet. I am not really sure where it should have been installed or what is itÂs function.

But I am sure Grohe did not add an extra spring in the box for nothing. I have a feeling it should be used in the spray pullout area so the faucet head will "snap" back into home position.

Again I cannot believe this- I am not a plumber. The gc did not mention this so I do not know if the plumber told him he was not going to install thisÂ.

I will phone Grohe on Monday to ask but in the meantime, anyone here have any thoughts about this????


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I'll bet it's a spring to give you a little physical indication that the pullout spray hose is reaching its end. Not a big deal. A minor form of protection if a dolt pulls it too hard. F.w.i.w. you can easily unscrew these hoses and replace them, to get longer or shorter, or to change from a vinyl fabric covered one to a stainless steel one, or vice versa. And you can put the spring on.

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Thank you davidro1.
I emailed the Grohe site. I will never be able to use the spring that was provided because it is all pulled apart and jumbled up.
I hope you are correct and it is more of an "optional piece".
Upon furthur inspection, this faucet does not seem to "click" into home position. I have to push it into the home position, there is no "snap" into this position?
Any thoughts on this?

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You can get a copy of the intallation guide from as a pdf.

the spring they show is installed on the hose under the sink where it loops around from the handle to it's connection to the valve. It provides retraction force when you pull the sprayer out. You will not see the spring on the hose unless you peek under the sink.

Without it, the sprayer will not retract by itself, nor stay in place.

I'm not sure if this pullout model 'clicks' in place or just remains there. My PF does not click, it just stays there.

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Thank you weedmeister. I think I better have the gc order a replacement spring and have it installed.
And yes I found the installation guide on line!

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Since my first post I have now seen Grohe faucets with this slinky spring installed and working well. As mentioned above, it performs several functions (e.g. helping the hose to retract calmly and providing some pull to help get the spray wand re-seated).

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I agree with the above posters here, it helps the hose retract. It is also a pain in the rear to install, and if you don't have the knack to do it right it becomes a tangled mess (talking from personal professional experience here.) Your plumber probably had trouble installing it, or seen it and said the heck with it.--The Captain

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