rumbling noise in shower pipes and no hot water

Lionheart12May 16, 2011

I have this problem with my shower where every time I turn on the hot water, the pipes make a very loud rumbling sound and no hot water seems to come up the pipes. Cold water does work so I am not sure what the problem is.

This problem actually never occurred in the past, maybe for 16 years, and then back in 2005 or so, it started to have the rumbling noise but hot water would still come up.

Now no hot water comes up the pipes and there is a loud rumbling. Is there any way to fix this myself?

I'm not a plumber, but my best guess is that there is something wrong with the pressure in the system.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Sounds like something has blocked a pipe (like scale that has broken off and accumulated).

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If you have a single lever shower valve, I would pull the cartridge and check for deposits in the cartridge / valve body. You may be able to clean it, otherwise take to you local plumbing parts supplier, Home depot,... and get a replacement.

Hope that helps,


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It is actually a bath tub/ shower combination with three dials, one for hot, cold, and the shower function.

How should I check for blockage in this setup?

Do you think cleaning out the sediments in the water boiler would do anything?

Besides a clogged pipe, what else can cause the loud rumbling in the pipes?


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My father has replaced the existing faucets in the bathtub in hopes of fixing the problem and so far there does not seem to be a problem.

However, his method of installation was not great. The shower/bathtub handle actually fell off on its own after trying to twist the handle and now I want to hire a plumber but he does not approve.

How much on average does it cost to hire a plumber? His main concern is the cost vs. diy work, but I believe if our problem is not fixed by a professional, we will have more headaches down the road and will actually be spending more money.

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Your description makes me think of scaled-up water heater -- which, depending on circumstance, can make incredible and loud noises that will certainly carry through the pipes. You described as "boiler". Can you say more about that? How big; how old; how heated; when last purged; quality of your water (hard/soft) ?

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