Cat Won't Drink Water(Will Eat though)

GorganSeptember 27, 2013

Our cat started making a funny meow(She's only 3 years old, we have had for only about 3.5 months from the SPCA). She's normally very active and constantly talking to us and was eating a lot and gaining weight when all of a sudden she stopped eating and drinking.

We took her to the vet. Had bloodwork done. Nothing was out of the ordinary besides the fact she was dehydrated. Since they didn't know what was wrong with her we decided not to pay $500 to have her stay overnight and get an IV for fluids(We did this with our last cat only 8 months ago and ended up having to put her down a day later because the vet had no idea what was wrong with her and still decided to advocate the fluid rehydration and this made us feel ripped off, sad, and angry).

Cat quickly started going downhill. Didn't eat or drink for two days, started hiding, lost a lot of weight. We finally read about PediaLyte. We started forcing 20ml(CC) into her every hour. Within 2 hours she changed. After 4 hours she began eating food and running around the house and meowing.

Back to normal.

Except she won't drink water on her own. And she won't eat and starts to lose weight, get larthagic, and hide and sleep if we don't force Pedialyte into her. Whenever we do give her PediaLyte she comes literally back to normal.

With PediaLyte she eats over half a can of catfood and also crunchies, goes to the bathroom normal and has tons of energy.

Without it she literally starts to die. So confusing. I think she has an upper respiratory problem. Her eyes are red, her voice changed and she purrs strangely through her lungs like she's got an infection.

Were skeptical to go back to a vet as we've gone to two different ones for two different cats with a similar problem and all they could do was advocate taking our money without getting results.

Has anyone heard of a cat becoming fully healed from Pedialyte(rehydration) only to completely backslide without it?

Thanks for reading!

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You really need to find a vet you're willing to work with. The other symptoms concern me and she needs more tests run.
I think the pedialyte is just giving her a boost, yet she's slowly getting worse. Did the previous vet not comment on her lungs or did he even give her a thorough physical?

Do you have a 'cat only' clinic in your area? If not, ask friends or call the SPCA for vet references. I know how frustrating some vets can be.....I went to one that never touched my cat and would point at her with a pen. Needless to say, I never went back to him! But, there are good ones out keep searching.

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When a cat is lethargic, refuses to eat, and hides, it is really sick. Some of those symptoms sound like an upper respiratory infection, and for that she needs a course of antibiotics and probably a shot of prednisolone.

Find another vet clinic as soon as possible and get her there asap; without treatment she may die.

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What kind of water? Tap water? Hard or soft?

My last dog preferred four day old yellowing rain water over fresh cool tap water. And my tap water is considered good -- no taste to humans, not hard.

Maybe the flouride taste was a factor. Maybe chlorine or chloramines residuals.

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any lab work done? What was your cat's blood sugar? Electrolytes? Not heard of a cat with Addisons, but that should be on your list of possible diagnoses. If there have been no diagnostics done you, you definitely need to get that done... otherwise it's just a lot of guess work. Sure is an odd presentation, though.

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Are the foods/treats you're giving your cat GRAIN-FREE? It seems that so many issues can be resolved by simply eliminating grain from the feline diet!!

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