Would you like to try some FREE pet treats!

nhardySeptember 2, 2011

After getting Wysong Nurture with pheasant those freeze dried pheasant nuggets, I started to look at freeze dried pet treats. I found on the website Whole Life Pet treats that they would send you free pet treats. It took about two weeks to get them. In all, I got 10 samples. That rights 10! My cats love the meats over the liver ones. Their chicken is so tender! My cats run when they hear the sample box opening. They can not wait until I cut up the samples in small bite size pieces. They climb on me to get them!

Now, I expect to hear your pet reviews on which ones they just love!!


So click here when it says "Click Here"

Here is a link that might be useful: Whole Life Pet Products - Consumer Inquiries

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Thanks for the link

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I sent off for a sample-and the company emailed to let me know that my sample was on its way. Really looking forward to trying it! Thanks for the heads-up.

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I requested a sample too.

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I received the samples I requested, and each flavor made my cats sick. They threw up after each taste. I gave them to my neighbor, thinking it was just my cats but they made my neighbor's cat sick too.

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Interesting, as I just looked at the link and those are really good treats. Pure fish, venison, whatever. Not the 90% grain treats most folks feed their pets.

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Got my samples the other day and was surprised they sent so many. My cat, as expected, wouldn't eat them since she eats only her food and bugs. I can leave food on the counter and know she won't touch anything!
My dog, on the other hand, loved the treats!

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My cats never cat the treats. We were gone for a couple days and the neighbor took care of the cats and dog. The treats must have arrived Saturday and our neighbor put them on the counter with the rest of the mail. I have no idea how they were packaged but apparently not dog-safe. When we got home that night the only evidence of them was a bunch of chewed on plastic baggies and a few shreds of cardboard.

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We got ours and as expected the cats turned up their noses and walked away. I was so hopeful because I would love to have them eating something so natural. They love treats but are very fussy about them, like kids they don't want what is good for them.

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