Need quiet toilet for 2nd floor, is it out there?

scoutyyyMay 9, 2011

Just moved into my first two-story house and I can hear my 2nd floor toilet flush right thru the walls and down on the first floor. I remodeled part of the house and had the pipes wrapped in carpet padding, also heavily insulated any spaces left in the wall and ceiling, then doubled up on the wallboard. Not much change. Maybe it's the toilet? Is there a toilet out there that might be quieter? Sounds like Niagara Falls inside my wall.

Btw: pipes are plastic, plumber didn't think it would make much difference going cast iron...I won't be using him again!

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It's likely the PVC drain, not the toilet. To be sure, you can compare flushing vs. pouring a bucket of water into the bowl and flushing it that way.

Maybe the sound is coming through the weakest points, like light switches, outlets, ceiling lights, etc.. Maybe those foam gaskets behind the plates would help a little more.

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I think I was about age 13 when we got our first indoor plumbing. The satisfaction with that improvement overshadowed any concern about noise. A matter of perspective.

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Thanks seems to be the flow of water going thru the pipes in the wall (interior). No outlets on that wall - just layers of wallboard.

I agree with you bus__driver's so loud!

I was hoping there was some super quiet, low flush/low pressure (but still got the job done) toilet out there. The wall is in my kitchen right around the corner from my dining room....

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