Young cat quit eating

vmckagueSeptember 18, 2007

We have had this cat now for about 2 months and he was growing just fine. We got him from someone who found him and was going to take him to the pound if someone didn't take him. He looked to be about 6 to 7 weeks old when we got him and so far he has been eating just great. About 3 days ago I noticed he started to slow down on his eating and now it is to the point where he won't. Any ideas? He has been eating canned food. I even gave him some heavy cream yesterday and he ate a little. This morn when I got up he didn't come running to eat but when he did come to eat he just smelt his food and walked off. Most times in the morning I couldn't get him from under my feet until I fed him. I also noticed he is not as active as before. This is starting to worry me as this is my 2 year old granddaughter's kitten. Please help.

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You need to take kitten to a vet to be looked at. three days of refusing food can be anything from an illness to an intestinal blockage. Is kitten pooping or peeing?

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Unfortunately, that heavy cream may have done a lot more harm than good. Many kittens and cats are lactose intolerant and will be made very ill by consuming dairy products.

You do need to get that kitten to the vet immediately.


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OK I made an appointment with a vet tomorrow at 10 A.M. and will see what's going on. I'm not sure if he is using his litter box or not as I'm not home all the time. I did just clean his box so I'll be able to tell. He still will chase his toys. I have a toy mouse on an string and he will play with it so I just don't know whats up with this cat. He still likes to torment my dogs as he thinks this is great fun. He jumps on them and then runs away. Dogs don't like it much though. LOL Thanks for the replies guys and will let you know what the vet says if anyone is interested.

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Good luck with your kitty. Hope it is nothing serious. Do let us know what the vet says as I am interested, & I'm sure others are too.

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It could be worms.Sometimes worms make them want to eat like pigs,other times it makes them lose their appetite.They are also extremely common in kittens.

My cat once had tape worm and all he did was sleep.He started showing no interest in food so I knew something was definitely wrong!

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You might have him checked for a upper respitory infection.If a cat cant smell their food then they usually wont eat.I had a kitten almost die on me because of one.Although he was on anti-biotics,he had no appetite at all. I had to feed him with a baby bottle cat formula until he was better.

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There are so many possibilities for not eating. I'm glad you are taking him to the vet. Please keep us posted.

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Are you keeping him indoors all the time? No chance someone else could be feeding him?

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I agree w/plasticgarden. I was going to suggest a URI. If they cannot smell, they will not eat. Have you noticed any runny discharge from the eyes/nose &/orany sneezing? Please keepus abreast post vet. visit. Good Luck we are here for you & routing for Kitty!

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Well the vet said he had worms. I should have thought of that as we didn't know where he came from. Fixed him right up. Also had his shots and he is an "it" now. I think he's good to go. Thanks for all the replies!

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That is very good news. Kittens get worms from their mother, I've been told. You did the right thing seeing a vet rather then guessing........ Thanks for the update.

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jeanonly, the vet told us that about our calico kitten. Said her Upper respiratory could have been caught from mom during birth. Amazing what you learn when you adopt a very young animal like this.

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