1/2 inch brass pipe

dadgardensMay 5, 2012

The supply line for one of my toilets is 1/2' brass. I need a new flush valve, and a supply cut off.

Is there an an easy way to install a shut-off(cut-off) valve?

Standard copper parts are too small or too large. Brass has become a pain...

Yes, it is an old house (1750's). I want/need to find a way to

add a cut off valve. I do not want to become a machinest, cutting parts to fit!

I will consider any suggestion - local hardware store had none.


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Brass pipe is the same size as iron pipe. The threads on the end of the brass pipe are 1/2" MIP threads 1/2" male iron pipe).

All you need is a 1/2" MIP x 3/8 compression angle stop valve and some pipe dope or red teflon tape.

the 1/2"fip x 3/8compression angle stop valve can be found anywhere that they sell the valves.

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Thank you very much! I mean it!

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