Moving a bathroom sink - (with mating plumbing)

imharris1May 20, 2012

I have been reading the forum and have not found a situation quite like mine. We wish to relocate our bathroom sink drain to the right about 8 inches. The problem is the drain in the bathroom we are remodeling is mated up to the same drain pipe as from the bathroom sink on the opposite wall. I have seen where it is not legal to add an extension. Is it OK to add a new entry joint into the existing drain pipe? We would have to block off the joint from the remodeled side and only allow a single entry at the old location for the opposite sink, and add a new joint for the new sink. My husband is speaking of having to open the wall to the other bathroom (under the sink) to do all this but I really hate to tear into both bathrooms at the same time. Any suggestions?

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First let me lay your fears to rest, you will not have to open the wall.

Typically the drain opening for a bathroom lavatory sink is 8" to 10" out from the wall and you want to move your sink 8" horizontal to the right or left side of its present location.

That would make the diagonal measurement from the wall opening to the proposed drain position approx. 11-5/16" to 12-1/8".

You could cut the existing trap adapter off the pipe extending from the wall, then install a sanitary 1/8 bend (DWV grade 45 deg elbow) and a new trap adapter.

You could then install your P-trap on the sink and run it diagonal into the new trap adapter.

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