Need help with cats not getting along

michelle_phxazSeptember 2, 2011

I rescued a very pregnant mama cat (Amy) from a parking lot at work and 2 weeks later she rewarded me with 5 perfect kittens. Amy is the best mama and she LOVES people but not other cats. My roommate just bought a house but won't close for about 4 weeks. It was over two months ago that the babies were born, but the last three kittens and Amy are still here, confined to one room most of the time. I have three rescue cats of my own, two are declawed and one isn't.

My problem is that Amy goes after the bigger cats when she is let out and my kitties don't care for the kittens, and Amy has gotten a few good chunks out of my cats, so I can't risk her being out running the house alone which is a problem because her kittens I like to have underfoot to socialize more, but I can't trust Amy alone with my girls.

What can I do until my roommate moves into his new house (4 weeks away) and has promised to take Amy and a baby, and the girl who PROMISED to take the remaining two is getting a little wishy-washy over taking them. I just can't keep all 7 in the same house much longer. What do you suggest? I posted everywhere, at the vet, on Craigslist, everywhere I could think of.


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Have you tried listing on Petfinder? As you've seen, there is an abundance of cats and kittens and it's very difficult to place them, so keep trying to work with your local rescue groups. Ask if you can take part in their 'pet adoption days' when they show the animals to the public. They usually allow the public to bring pets they're trying to rehome, but the owner has to stay there with the pet.

Kittens have a better chance at finding homes than adults so try to get them adopted asap.

Re: the aggression of the mama cat, she may always be like that but I think a lot of it may be due to the kittens still being around. Has she been spayed yet?

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If I'm reading this correctly, the kittens are 8 weeks old? Time for them to be weaned and away from mama. Not having offspring to protect is the first step. Have her spayed and it will finish settling her hormones. As soon as the kittens are weaned, she will go back into heat, so it's important to schedule the spay ASAP. Some vets don't like to perform surgery on a queen whose milk is drying up, but most any who works with animal rescue won't have a problem. Try some Feliway as well.

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Thanks Green, I had them spayed/neutered yesterday morning, and two will go to their new mama found here in my town tomorrow. The last kitten and Mama Amy will go with my roommate when he moves into his new house at the end of the month. I guess 3 more weeks will work, Feliway didn't work that I could tell. I let all the cats roam free until someone starts a pissing match then they all go to their rooms. But they are a bit more tollerant lately.

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