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lmsscsMarch 12, 2013

I would like to put together a layout for my kitchen. My GC brought in a kitchen designer, but I'm not sure I'm a fan of his cabinet offerings. I've looked at Brookhaven and like them, but want to figure out what my options are and put together a layout. I've searched and searched and came up with nothing. Any ideas?

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Who sells Brookhaven locally? Go to that store and explain that you need some alone time with the catalog. They keep their price sheets separate from the book, so that shouldn't be an issue. I did this with the InnerMost catalog, but we'd already established a relationship with the seller, so that made the request easier. At the least, they should let you sit in the corner and study the possibilities. I really needed to do that and I can't be the only one.

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Spec books are generally only available to kitchen designers. And since there are literally thousands of choices, plus hundreds of modifications available for those choices, it's not really going to help you to have a 4" book there full of nomenclature in small print that is very difficult to understand. It would be like trying to learn a foreign language from studying a dictionary. Given enough time, it's doable, but not if you need to have a conversation in that language NOW. You need to rely on a translator---and that's roughly what a KD is.

Talk to the designer about the design and the different options. Sometimes options are chosen for budgetary reason if the client has expressed budget concerns. Other times, it's for clearance reasons. Or for symmetry. Or any of a dozen reasons. You won't know unless you ask!

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To some extent, I disagree with you, live_wire_oak. I didn't need to understand every word and every permutation in the book (although about 80% of them were not difficult to figure out), I just needed to see what the possibilities were. Actually, we were pretty much set before I sat down with the book. Specifically, I was looking at all the possible inside corner options. I know the person we were working with already knew all those things, but I didn't, and I wanted to have a more complete understanding before we signed on the line for $14,000. It actually helped a lot. I also checked out the pantry options* while I at it and the many options on various trims. As we were also doing our own install, more knowledge was a good thing. Perusing the book made me more confident that we would have the exact kitchen we wanted and wouldn't later say, "If only I'd known about X." I realize that letting the customer have a whack at the book could lead to all sorts of blithering and waffling and time sucking, but for us it allowed us to be confident in our major choices and get the paperwork signed.

*We had an issue with how close the pantry would come to the patio door and what to do about the outside light switch there. We eventually decided to use the 27" pantry and set the light switch into the side of the pantry. It works.

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The BH books are not the same-the prices are in the books, (There is a version of the main spec books without prices but I've only seen that in PDF form and is not really common.) the nomenclature is unlike anyone else's, they have more modifications than most any along with 8 pages of mods not in the book, then there is the Wood-Mode book, and 5 separate detail books. Then each of us had our own notes which were transferred every time books were updated.

Without a good understanding of the detail books and the individual notes you are more likely to create a problem than solve one. I'd be surprised if they let you play with it they are considered proprietary.

In general the short answer is every cabinet is available in every size. Standards are 3" but mods can do what you want. Between BH and WM there is every corner I can think of and most pantries. Those that aren't in the book can be done. The only restrictions will be which brand of what accessory AND that is not in the book. They won't typically swap those out.
The really short answer is make the KD do their job.

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I have the exact feelings as suzannes! I want to make my own choices v. not know all the options and going with what someone thinks I need or want. Anytime I make a significant investment I'm likely to know more about the product than the person selling it to me. I do my homework. However it sounds like it isn't something I am going to be able to easily obtain so I will have to think of a new approach. It should be more transparent in my opinion.

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You need a 13 1/8"W x 22 1/16" cabinet, you've got it. You want a toekick drawer in that, you've got it. You want the top drawer 8" instead of the standard 6", you've got it. Add a drawer organizer? A roll out tray? A custom color? You've got it.

Whatever you can imagine, can happen. That's what you're not understanding here. When I say thousands of choices, that is literal. That is what a custom cabinet line coupled with a good semi custom line can do for you. There is nothing more transparent than simply asking for what you want and getting it! This isn't Ikea land where if you want a 33" drawer base you have to kludge your way around it. If my Dynasty/Omega spec book were to list all of the combinations for a simple 24" base cabinet, it would be the size of the dictionary. So, it merely lists a couple of 24" base cabinets, and refers you to the list of modifications that are available. And then if that's not enough, there is the fully custom Omega line that will build you whatever you want.

What exactly are you looking for?

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I could be wrong about this, but I think what Suzanne is concerned about is that she doesn't know what she doesn't know. I can understand that. How many times have we finished a project, then we see someone else's and kick ourselves for not thinking of what the other person thought of. Suzanne, may e what you need to do is to go to a couple of really good showrooms where they display numerous options. Then search on this forum for threads about everyone's best kitchen ideas. It may be a better use of your efforts than paging through a spec book. You might then feel more comfortable that you have considered all the options.

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I counted on my cabinet guy to help. But I also knew what I wanted for the most part, he suggested some configurations or items he thought would help get me what I wanted.

Between GW, haefele site, rev-a-shelf site, Lee valley site, amazon, Houzz, and online catalogues for Kraftmaid and InnerMost I figured I'd seen just about everything. Honestly, it GW that keeps coming up with new stuff, and a good portion if that is custom. Or good uses for items I've already seen.

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