Pics of small Decks or Patios, please.

kitchenkellyMarch 15, 2008

Does anyone have pics of small patios or decks?

I want to make this part of the deck a casual place to read and relax. I am thinking two chairs, at least one ottoman and a table for beverages. The space is only 12 x 13 and I can't place anything in the traffic area.

Any ideas where I can find outdoor deals? I love Smith and Hawken but it is so darned expensive. PB and RH are not as expensive but still spendy for the quality. I keep trying CL but not finding much right now. I've went to Target and Walmart but the cushions are not comfortable at all. Also, any ideas on accessorizing would be great.

Please do not look too close at the deck floor. I tried to stain it dark two years ago and the remodel and dogs have not been nice to it. I am thinking a nice big outdoor rug to help cover it up! (And, no, I never got around to doing the lower part of the deck in the dark stain.)

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I love Smith and Hawkin too-- but as much as my outdoor space is important to me, I could never swallow the prices. 6 years ago I bought a very inexpensive but very comfortable patio set from Kmart. I believe it was called New Orleans in the martha stewart line.. I know I paid less than 400 for the set. The plan was that I'd use it until I had time to look for what I really wanted. Fast forward 6 years and despite the fact that I have not covered or stored the set in the winter, I still have the furniture and it is still in great shape. It is wrought iron and not sure what you call the chair style but it kind of rocks and leans with you-- it doesn't recline or rock but you can definitely lean the seat back and curl up in them (which I do often). The chairs are so comfortable that while I consider chair pads each year, I haven't had to add them (they really do need them visually though). I am really thrilled with the set and never expected in inexpensive kmart set to last so well so long. I am not a Kmart shopper but I definitely recommend checking them out.

Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of my furniture online.. I've added a link below but you get a glimpse of it. (Please don't look so closely at my picture either.. the neighbor girls had made mint tea and I have a bucket of tools etc sitting out.. I put off painting the porch last spring and now it is top priority this spring-- before the wisteria starts sprouting again)

I am not sure what style you are looking for in a rug but I am excited to get a recycled rug this year.. I am going for one made by 'Mad Matz'. I have also seen some decent prices at Plow and Hearth and Target.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for all the info, funkyart! I just spent alot of time on Plow and Hearth. What a cool site. I looked at the Martha Stewart line on the Kmart site and it looks pretty good!

I LOVE that pic!!! Are those your dogs? Too cute. Lovely porch, too. Do you have any pics of your wisteria? I really want to add that to my yard this year. Need to find something for it to climb on. (My list just keeps getting longer and longer.)

Thanks again for your help.

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Kelly.. yes, those are my dogs. Grace is a mastiff/rottweiler mix and Beau is a 14 yo lab/golden retriever mix.

Sorry, no pictures of wisteria. Last year was my first summer here and the wisteria didn't bloom. I had trimmed it way back in the fall. I didn't cut it back this fall so I'll be doing it in the next few weeks so that I can paint as soon as it warms up. Cross fingers that the spring cutting brings blooms.

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We purchased this round patio table, chairs, and cushions from Plow and Hearth's website, on sale - it was a very good deal. The spring chairs were so comfortable and sturdy, we ordered two extra to go on our small upstairs balcony.

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Kitchenkelly - wish I could help you out with a great pic of my porch, but mine is pretty bare also. Any chance you could tell me the color of your exterior paint? That is our summer project this year, and I like your color.

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Here is a picture of small ducks, but I don't have any pictures of patios, sorry.

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You all have great spaces!

I'm another one with a pretty bare deck but wanted to add that I also purchased a Martha S. table and chairs 5 years ago from Kmart. Paid $100 for the entire set. It stays out all year on our covered deck and still looks great to this day. I only regret that I didn't buy extra pieces. I never expected it to last this long.

Good luck with your deck.

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I was laughing so hard at the ducks I forgot to reply to others.

funkyart, Grace is such a pretty name for such a big dog. I love it.

wodka, beautiful patio. I will have to keep my eye on that site.

roguevalley, the color is SW Utterly Beige. It is a nice color but I wish I would have went with something more rich. (Didn't know about this site when I picked out the paint five years ago.)

Here is a link that might be useful: SW Paint

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Oceanna!!!! OMG! too funny!! and the beauty of them-- they go perfectly with the color KKs deck and house! Sue

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Wodka, what a beautiful patio, please post more pics of it!

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Thank you. We just built and moved in our house in November. We have really enjoyed our fireplace and grill. (In this pic you'll see a Christmas wreath/stand in the fireplace because it wouldn't stay on the mantle. We're looking for a piece of artwork in iron or metal to hang above the mantle. Also, we want to add a very small pool (like a reflecting pool/"spool") with a waterfall to the left of the fireplace, to add a "cool" feature to the yard. I can't wait for the trees to have leaves. We have three of those twiggy trees that you see - they are called vitex/chaste and are supposed to have real pretty blue flowers on them. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

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Gorgeous porches (and kids and pets!)

Here is ours, this furniture is not that comfortable, but our younger dog is a chewer and has destroyed lots of wicker and cushions over the past few years. I might try some again now that she is older! We spend lots of time out here!

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wodka-- wow... your outdoor fireplace is gorgeous!

KitchenKelly-- Thank you. "Grace" was little "tongue in cheek" when I named her 3 years ago but she has surely grown into and lived up to her name in many ways.

So what are you picturing for the deck? Do you have a style in mind? What else will the deck be used for?

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I have three seating areas outside. This one is in the corner of the deck, where it wraps around the house:

I bought the bistro set online somewhere, several years ago. It still looks great, even though it's outdoors all year. It was inexpensive (less than $150, IIRC), but it's not comfortable to sit on for very long.

On the part of the deck that's covered, we have this wicker set, which I bought from KMart several years ago (it's Martha Stewart). There's also a love seat that isn't shown in this photo. This set has held up very well for what I paid for it (less than $300 for four pieces). I have repainted it once.

On our big deck, which we just finished last summer, I have this six-piece set from Wal-Mart:

Also a great deal, at $270 plus $100 shipping. It's not great quality, but actually much better than I expected. The only thing I don't like about this furniture is that the chairs don't slide under the table (they're too wide). Wal-Mart sells cushions for this furniture, but I didn't buy them.

As far as accessories, I like to decorate in "themes" so my covered porch is decorated in a wine and grapes theme. I have a wine barrel filled with corks and covered with a glass top that makes a great table. Also wine-themed coasters, wind chimes, clock, candles, placemats.

My big deck is decorated in a tropical theme, with bamboo wind chimes, tropical plants in containers, and tropical dishes and table linens.

I have bought inexpensive cotton rugs for the covered porch from Pier One and Crate & Barrel. They fade in the sun and get dirty, but I just replace them every couple years. I can't seem to find an outdoor rug at a price I want to pay (I'm cheap!).

Don't forget plants! You can put anything in a container. Large pots look great when they include a "thriller, filler, and spiller." In other words, an eye-catching plant for the center, more sedate plants to fill in around it, and something to spill over the edge. For plants that you'll be sitting close to, choose ones that smell nice or have lots of detail. If the area is sunny, try lettuce, herbs, or edible flowers. Keep in mind that, in general, red/pink/orange flowers attract hummingbirds, while blue/purple/lavender plants attract bees.

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dorry2 your dog a sheltie. It appears to be one judging by the tail and hind legs! LOL!!! Lovely pics of patios and the furkids! Thanks.

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We have faux wicker from Home Decorators on our small back deck. Sorry I don't have a pic. I got two arm chairs and a small end table from them. I have to say I don't love the table because the top warps depending on the weather, but I love the chairs! They're really comfortable. And I thought the price was right. They may have ottomans and larger tables as well. Or you could mix the faux wicker chairs with a metal table w/ glass top.

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Wodka, wow, its beautiful...what a great space!

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Here's a link to the mad mats I mentioned above.. my local garden store sold them last season but they sold out before I purchased one. I really like that they are made from recycled plastic and that they are affordable.. and I think some of them are just beautiful. My porch has a lattice roof so it isn't protected from the elements-- plus I entertain kids all summer long in my outdoor theater. I like that I can just hose off the rug along with the porch.

They are under $100 for a 6x9.

Here is a link that might be useful: mad mats

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funkyart - I love those rugs! I've never heard of mad mats before - what a great look, especially for the money! Thanks for sharing the link!

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Thanks for all the responses!

texanjana, I love your space with all that greenery. Mine will look better once the tree gets its leaves back!

funkyart, this side of the deck is for reading and drinking wine (like uxorial!) I would like a very simple design of furniture - nothing too fussy. I really like dark wicker or a simple black iron design. With big comfy cushions! Thanks for the link on the rugs. Very cool.

uxorial, your spaces are wonderful! I definitely noticed your accessorizing and think that makes a big difference. I have lots of pots in my garage and will fill them up this year. Last year I never got around to it. The year before that I told myself that I could plant up pots until I got the deck stained. (Never finished.) Nice to see your Akayla! What a good looking dog you have.

dorry, I am not sure what breed Buddy is. He is a rescue and the organization I got him from assumed he was a collie mix. He really has a herding instinct. Got kicked out of Doggy Day Care because of it. My last dog was a sheltie and I loved him! Do you have shelties?

Thanks again everyone. More pics and advice are welcomed :-)

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This looks so comfy.

Here is a link that might be useful: My dream patio

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kitchenkelly, I agree totally with you re: greenery. Living here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we purchased this new lot and built (away from the water), starting about a year ago. I love our new home, but having just moved in in November, I won't feel "complete" until the flower beds are blooming, the trees have leaves, heck, even when the grass finally needs mowing!. It won't be long, now. My husband keeps telling me to have patience, and if we've made it this far, patience shouldn't be that difficult, but it is.

Katrina left it's permanent mark. Where we built this time, even though it's a good ways from the Gulf, the area still suffered. Our builder told us that it was all just fallen trees when they started clearing out the area. That definitely makes my heart skip a beat. But not as fast as it did when we were just a few houses away from the Gulf of Mexico.

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wodka, you will have to repost when you are all greened up!

I went to Target yesterday and was pretty happy with their selection though most of the colors don't do much for me. I keep thinking that I could add my own covers over the top (and add more stuffing?) Then knowing me, I would never get around to it. I don't get piping.

Is there a sewing forum?

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kitchenkelly - you might want to check out Under the home and garden section, I searched for patio cushions and they had a pretty good asssortment of colors and prints.

I'm very happy this morning - my Stella D'oro daylily plants, even though they're pretty tiny, have buds on them. I just knew they hadn't made it - they practically disappeared after they were planted in November. So, my "greenery" has begun!

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Texanjana, what a beautiful spot! Eden there.

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Update: After countless hours or shopping (internet and real stores) I bought a patio set. It even looks a little like my inspiration patio furniture only much cheaper. (The S & H couch was approx $2300!) Since in MN we only use outdoor furniture for approx 5 months that wasn't happening.

I am very excited to finish it up. I just need some kind of table or over sized ottoman (didn't like the one that was recommended from the same set), a outdoor rug, some pillows (thinking big navy stripes or flowers), and some potted flowers!

Oh, and some nice weather. Predicting six inches of snow tomorrow. ARGHH!

Here are the pics:

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Congratulations! Those are very good-looking pieces!

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Oh, how pretty! It will be fun to see you build your space. If it's any comfort, we had some warmer weather so I bought two six-packs of yummy lettuce to plant, and as soon as I did it snowed! In late March! Phooey. They're sitting in my kitchen window biding their time.

My deck is peeling from the rain and my little dogs... well, never mind what they do out there but you don't wanna see a picture of it trust me. So I'll just live vicariously through your pictures of your deck. :) I wanna go visit you gals posting the pretty pictures. Sip iced tea... where's the sunshine? We're soooo ready!

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They're great, Kitchenkelly-- and you can do so much with them! I could even see a mix of bold stripes and floral.

I was going to put off getting new porch furniture another year since I have so many other projects going-- but you are inspiring me to make a change and add a loveseat. I show outdoor movies all summer-- kids lay out blankets in the grass and adults sit on the porch. Loveseats would be s perfect. Did they all come as a set? Do you mind sharing where you got them?

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Love what you chose!!!! It will go great with your deck and color of the house : ) It will go great with a cool drink on a warm day too.
I was thinking the same thing....take a look

Here is a link that might be useful: daybed

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Thanks wodka!

oceanna, I'll take off early today. Come on over and we will have a good old fashioned snowball fight. And hot chocolate.

funkyart, thanks. I ordered from The link is below. The shipping was $150 but it is still cheaper than what I was looking at in the stores. Love the idea of floral pillows too!

s girl, That is a cool site. Which set are you looking at? Your link just took me to the site.


Here is a link that might be useful: amazon

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kk, love that set! Great choice.

Sask. girl - always appreciate a Canadian accessible site (Manitoban girl here). If anyone wants to go right to the page you have to put in a postal code - try R3M 3S1.

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If you rent a floor sander for 1/2 day you can sand down
the deck, then when you stain it again, use a penetrating stain. With the dogs you may have to refresh it every year with a roller on a long stick to apply the stain.
Here is ours, your deck looks bi-level as well.
Every spring we re-fresh it with the penetrating stain.
I highly recommend outdoor wicker. Ours is going on 10 years old and stays out all winter.
Also when choosing furniture, you may want to consider two tables, the big table we use for company and the small table and chairs is the one we use everyday for the two of us.

Last summer I took one of our Adirondack chairs from the yard and put it on the deck for reading and napping :)
I am now on a mission to find one in wicker that blends with our other furniture.

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Thanks budge!

Oh cliff and joann! I have always loved your deck and yard. I only dream of having one as nice.

As far as the deck, the reason it looks so bad is it went through alot with the remodel, the dogs' scooby doo impersonations and a bad choice of a dark color (by me.) The dogs don't "go" on the deck. (I think that would be Oceanna's.) I do want to work on it as soon as the weather cooperates so thanks for the advice/instructions.

AS far as tables, I do have a dining set with six chairs on the other side of the deck and two adirondacks on a small patio. For the wicker set area I have one side table and would like to make another one. (I spent so much money on the equipment and need to use it!) Then I was thinking of a big ottoman in the middle that could also serve as a table if you put a tray on it.

Here is my DIY table:

Here is a pic of the dining set with a little snow:

This pic was taken earlier this season. The bad news is that there is even more snow out there today :(

I really love the privacy side of your deck. Is that freestanding or built in?

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We have a "gazebo" porch which is just large enough for the table and chairs.

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Sorry about the site kkelly......I thought if I put my postal code and copy/paste it would show you the large rattan lounger, I guess it didn't. Here is a pic, it can be a sofa type or move a cushion and it's a lounger (even the dogs could enjoy!). I'm not purchasing, just dreaming LOL.

Have you thought of making your own side table? All you need is an (?grecian?)urn and make a table top (mosiac or slate tile what ever you like) that can take rain or snow! Unique side table to match! With your deck and colors, I'd try slate with a sealer and a dark brown urn (upside down for sturdiness with the dogs). the pic of the snow. I can't believe I'm saying that since we have snow more than summer here and it's finally gone......right Budge1, as MB knows snow and cold like us LOL. Love your deck cliff and joanne.......I could see my mom reading forever in a 'haven' like that and my dad 'pruning' constantly.
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demifloyd, that is a wonderful space. I wish I had that privacy. The bad thing with my deck is that you are elevated and not much privacy. (Was better before I lost a big tree last year.)

s girl, I like that! And what a nice setting. I'll dream with you. And, I love the idea of an urn table and slate would be very cool.

I want to read and prune in cliff and joanne's haven, too.

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