Problem with New Shower Drains

trinintybayMay 24, 2011

As part of our new construction, we requested our tile installer use Ebbe Square drains in both our showers. He agreed when he saw them and said there would be no problem. Now that the showers are complete, the plumber told me that each time I want to remove the grate to get to the disposable hair trap, I will need to use a drywall knife to loosen the silicone around the grate. When I put the grate back on, I will need to apply silicone again around the grate. At this point, I don't know what to do. I can't change the type of drain now that the shower is complete but if this is true, I never would have used the Ebbe Square drain. What in the world can we do now? Or did my tile installer do something incorrectly? Could someone please look at this link and give me thier opinion?

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It is a press-in fitting. No need for silicone. Tell the guy to come back and remove the grate, the silicone, and then put it back in the way it is made. See the link to how to remove a stuck grate. They make a little kit with nylon inserts and thumb screws to help you pull it out. Your tile guy is a sillycone-head. He probably uses it on everything else, too.

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