Settle this pot filler debate...

ElectraTooApril 23, 2013

My new pot filler had developed a small leak. Friend of mine took it off and reinstalled and the leak is fixed but she thinks I'm crazy to have a faucet with no drain and constant pressure behind it that's only attached to the wall with 3 tiny set screws. She envisions some disaster happening when I'm not home in which the faucet gives way and flies of the wall and floods the house.

My reasoning is, this is ridiculous. That a pot filler faucet is no different from the plumbing in your tub/shower. Am I correct? Or am I just nuts to even have this thing in the first place? I should add that I AM considering having the plumber install a shut off valve for the pot filler as the plumbing shares a wall with my guest bath and it ought to be pretty simple to add one there with an access panel. Is this a sensible solution to the fear of the flying projectile faucet?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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Pot fillers don't have flow restrictors. Or drains below them. The are part of the "restaurant kitchen" look but the forget the floor drain that usually goes in a restaurant kitchen too. I personally wouldn't have one in my home at all. I do display one in my showroom as a concession to the requests for them, but I do make sure that people understand the issues that they can potentially have. Then, it's their fully informed decision if they want to move forward with one.

I'd rather have the floor drain myself. It's far more practical. But, you'd need to return to the days of the closed off kitchen.

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Drips happen. I'd want some kind of drain. Perhaps a janitor's floor mop sink.

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I wouldn't have one unless it was installed in a niche with a proper drain.

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Seems to me that a decent ball valve out of sight would be useful, if the plumbing is at all accessible. It would take two steps to use the pot filler - or maybe one just closes the ball valve when leaving the house empty for a few days.

My cabinet maker told me about a situation for one of his customers. A pot filler was installed before the range hood - and the guys that were installing the range hood dropped it, snapping off the pot filler. Water everywhere, of course, until the main water could be shut off.

My low risk tolerance wouldn't stand for a pot filler. I won't even connect an ice maker to my fridge, after seeing the neighbor's house flooded when the water line to the fridge somehow popped off (or broke, but somehow ran at city water pressure for 2 days).

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I had a broken line to a washing machine....alway shut the water main off when I go away for a couple of days now. And I replace my washer hoses every three years. Just about every plumbing connection has the potential to leak!

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