DC , smelled like Smoke ?

hawk307December 15, 2011

Went to the PO today and picked up 2 Packages.

The PO woman asked if I was burning Leaves, said I smelled like Smoke.

One larger package was the Food Processor ,I ondered from Amazon.



Sent the other smaller Package. It smelled like Garlic.

The PO Clerk verified, that is what she smelled.

Had to open it there.

This is what I found !!!


I generally rather give gifts, than recieve them.

Have to make an exception in this case.

The smell is making me Hungry !!!

Thanks for a great Gift.


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What a nice gift! Lucky you, Lou!


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Nice gift! Haven't seen anyone report back on what they're doing with the black garlic and if they like it. Hello out there?!?

Today I'm doing a trial run of the filet mignon I plan on serving for Christmas dinner. I'm going to incorporate black garlic into the duxelles which will be served on the beef. Not the linked recipe, but very similar in concept.

Here is a link that might be useful: black garlic filet mignon

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Yikes, FOAS! That's the same site & recipe I've got copied for us to try. I can't get DH enthused about it. He thinks it's more complicated than he's willing to tackle. I'm working on him though...

Anxious to hear about your trial run. Also saw a Chopped show last night using black garlic combined with raspberries for a sauce. I thought that looked interesting. We've got lots of freeze-dried raspberries so that might be a possibility.


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Saw the Chopped show last night, too, and it was the first time I'd ever heard of black garlic. Guess I've been living in the dark. Also guess I need to get some and try out it out in an appropriate recipe. I've got raspberries in the freezer.

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Aren't you special!

I'm glad I finally opened this thread--I thought it was going in a totally different direction!

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I hope you will enjoy them. Black garlic is delicious, as well as great for health.

Use them regularly, you will be eating very well and very healthy.

You may not need those red pills, purple pills, blue pills ---- :-)


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Wow, that's a great gift. I too, would like to hear what people are using this black garlic for. What is the process for making it? Dcarch do you know?


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Tricia - Turned out great although I'd say I used to much garlic in the duxelles (roughly six to a half pound of mushrooms) so I'm glad I did the trial run and know to cut back. Again, I didn't follow that recipe but it was quite similar.

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