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bbairdSeptember 17, 2010

I know this is difficult for someone to answer without knowing the cat or specific circumstances, but, I need some feedback.

I know a lot of this is a rehash, as I've posted about my situation a lot lately, but...

I give my cat 100ml of fluids each day. She's been on fluids for 1 year; she also has cancer.

The past few days, she's been sleeping more and more. Today, she slept under the blanket all day, just to come out to drink a little, eat a little, pee a little. She seemed distracted and agitated at times.

She still purrs when I pet and kiss her. She even inspected a box I had brought home. She climbed on the couch to inspect it, then went back under her blanket. One minute she seems to be at death's door; the next minute she seems fine. I'm so emotionally exhausted from this past year. (This is on top of many other things that have been going on--blech--life is cyclical) You know how you analyze every move they make when they're sick.

I gave her the day off from fluids today because I don't see the point in stressing her when she seems to be nearing the end.

The question is, has anyone else dealt with this? When do you stop giving her fluids and just let her be? Will this cause her pain?

NO. I'm not going to euthanize her. She doesn't appear to be in pain. If, and when, she seems to be so, I have a vet who will come to my home to do it. I don't believe in killing my cat for my convenience--only if she's in pain.

Sorry that this is so long.


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I'm sorry that Taylor is not having a good day. Cats do 'hide' when they do not feel good, and they come out of it when they feel better. I saw that a lot with my own CRF cat. The fact that she still eats and does not pee a lot are good signs-especially with the issue of pancreatic cancer. About skipping a day of fluids, I would ask the vet, but I certainly would have given her a day off too... As you well know, take one day at a time. Keep her warm, and try to not feel stressed around her (easier said than done!!!) as cats do feel your moods...
Big hugs,

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