Whole house descaler?

abscamApril 15, 2013

We are contemplating a whole house descaler. Is there any merit to these "no salt" water conditioning systems? Do they serve a purpose or are they fleecing the consumer? Examples:


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Both of the units you reference use TAC, template assisted crystallization. While these types of units do have some merit, in that they do cause small crystal formation, they are lacking in four major areas:

1) Independent, repeatable studies just don't exist.
2) Technology explanations of their own tech are terrible, leading me to believe they don't know what they are doing.
3) They work well on only certain waters that meet narrow analytical criteria.
4) When the systems do exactly what they are designed to do, you will still get many of the problems associated with hard water because the hardness is not removed.

IMO these are mostly fleecing consumers. The technology has some merit - these companies do not.

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