Toilet flange to drain connection? Help please

FriggyApril 30, 2011

I am wondering if the connection from a toilet flange to the drain has to be made with a closet bend(is this just a 90?)or can it be made with a combination of 1/8 bends and a Wye? Would it be better to use a 3" combo long sweep fitting? Can I then enter directly into the back of either of these fittings with a 2" reducer for my shower drain and vent? My code book does not specify if I can do this or not.

When using Wyes for drains can they lay on there sides or does the drain have to enter at a 45 or > degree angle like the vents? Also, on a fixture arm from a tub tying in below a double vanity setup, does the vent opening start at the intersection of the Wye on the drain, or does the horizontal and vertical portion going back to the double fixture fitting of the vanities have to be added in for critical distances? The vanity drain is on an exterior wall and I have a vertical drop and then a short horizontal run to meet up with the tub drain in the next joist bay,before I turn the corner to the main drain.

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First off,code prohibits connecting a horizontal vent under the floor.

Code also requires that the closet flange be connected on the end of the pipe run by means of a closet bend.

They do make closet flanges called a "Low Heel Bends" or "Side inlet bends" that have a 2" connection for the tub drain at the bottom of the radius but check very carefully because they are generally not permitted by local code.

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thanks Lazypup,

I thought you were allowed to have a fixture arm length of up to 5 ft for the tub. This then ties into the double vanity drain which goes vertical to a double fixture fitting and straight up to a vent. This wouldn't be considered horizontal vent under the floor would it?

I also put the toilet flange on a closet bend, and then tied the shower in front of it with a wye and 1/8. So I guess technically the toilet is on the end of the run even though the shower is behing the toilet, but drain ties into it in front of the toilet.

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