Stinky Smell From Bathroom Sink Drain--New Build

mydreamhomeApril 23, 2012

I am hoping someone can please help me come up with why this smell is occurring and how to remedy it. We have been in our brand new house 6 months. About 2-3 months ago, I noticed a stinky smell when I would turn the water on in my bathroom sink (not a sulfur/rotten egg smell). I tried filling the sink with water to see if it was the water that was smelling stinky, but it was not. Water is clean as a whistle in all sinks throughout the house, so that tells me it's the drain. I tried the vinegar/baking soda trick and it seemed to work for a while, but now the smell is back. I asked DH about the vent being the right height so as not to get backflow & he stated that he saw the placement of everything before they sheetrocked & it was done properly. He also says he can't smell it, but he usually has a sinus thing going on and I do have a very sensitive sniffer. The bottom line is I still have this smell (try keeping your Cheerios down while hovering over the sink to brush your teeth with that smell wafting up to you) that I really need to get rid of. There are 2 sinks in the vanity and my sink smells more than DH's, but I also use my sink more than he does. Primarily we use the sinks for face & hand washing & teeth brushing--no shaving in the sinks. Anyone have any ideas?

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My first thought would be a blocked vent.

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Get one of the 'zip removers' from the big box store.

They are designed to remove hair from the drain.

Any number of the Chinese made pop-up drain sets do not have a method to remover the pop-up without taking the lever under the sink out that moves the pop-up.

Hair, especially longer hair, catches in the drain mechanism above the trap and then collects soap and other debris.

The small can also be from the overflow path built into bathroom sinks.
Debris in the path can start to smell.

Hot water with some Clorox, and possibly even a small long bottle brush can often clean the overflow.

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