Cat with Terminal Cancer

moocheekoSeptember 18, 2010

We have a 7 year old cat (Moo) who was diagnosed a month and a half ago with adencarcenoma (cancer) in his liver. We were told he had months to live, and that the cancer would spread through the rest of his organs eventually.

He is the love of my life (him and his brother). I have had him since he was 2 months old when I got him from the SPCA. I feel it is so unfair that he has only had 7 years of life, and I want to do everything I can to make the rest of the time he has with us as happy as possible.

He is on a bunch of medication because he now chronically vomits. He eats kitten food to help get some nutrients into him, but he has still lost over 5lbs since June. He went from being a 17lb cat to a 12lb cat in such a short time.

Every time he is sick it breaks my heart, and we do what we can for him - clean his chin, his paws, give him as much love as we can.

When he isn't feeling sick, he is the sweet amazing cat he has always been. He is so talkative, he loves to shower still (he goes right into the shower!) he plays with his brother and he flops for tummy rubs.

Just the other day I came home from work to find he had thrown up blood. It was the hardest day since we found out he had cancer. We took him to the vet and apparently they think he has ulcers due to all his throwing up. He is now on antacid meds to help that.

Just today, I have begun to find sores on his skin. Is this is cancer spreading to his skin? Does anyone know of anything that can be used to ease the itchiness of this?

I know we don't have a long time left with him, and when we have to make the decision, it will be about what is best for him. I don't want him to suffer, and because he has always done whatever needed to make me feel better - I want to do the same for him.

I just can't wrap my head around the injustice of this. He is such a sweet amazing boy, and does not deserve any of this. I have never met a cat as sweet, loving and personable as he is.

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My heart goes out to you. I know what its like to lose a pet to cancer.Enjoy every minute you have with him and take lots of pictures, thats what I did. Hug's to you and Moo.

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I'm so sorry.

I've lost some old guys & a couple of younger ones to flukes of disease, & what I learned is that it's better to let them go before you're ready than to keep them with you long after their lives are burdensome.

I wish you wisdom & fortitude & I wish both you & Moo the best.

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I wish I could help you.

My sweet sweet ASPCA rescue cat is also dying from cancer and CRF. She's also pretty young.

I feel exactly as you do about the injustice.

I just, a couple of hours ago, picked up pain med for her.

Can you get pain meds for your boy?

Here's the website of a fairly well-known oncologist -- Tim Rocha. NYC Veterinary Specialists. 212-767-0099

Maybe, if you call or email them, they can give you some advice.

Here is a link that might be useful: ONCOLOGIST

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My heart goes out to you as it does everyone who has ever lost, or is in the process of losing a pet. Life can be very unfair at times and when it's a pet who is suffering, we often feel helpless.

I hope you will be able to share some more "good" days with Moo.


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I'm very sorry for you. Been there many times, and some times it's just not fair. Your boy knows you love him. Treasure any time he has.

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Thanks everyone for your kind words.

Moo had bit of a bad night last night. We came home and he had been sick a few times, and was again a couple times before we went to bed.

I went to sleep expecting to have a bad night - with him being sick all night. In fact, I woke up this morning to him sitting on my chest, nudging my face and purring. All he wanted was some cuddling with me, and didn't want to wait for me to wake up. I think it is the best way to wake up in the morning.

I am hoping for more days like today. Even though the heaviness in my chest hasn't lifted, Im glad he is having a good day today!

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Many of us have been in your shoes. Please know that you are not alone. You have all of our sympathy and empathy...

Glad Moo had a good morning.

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Please don't think that I'm a callous individual, because I'm not. (I had to euthanize my dog a few years ago, and I cried like a little baby in front of my wife and the vet.) Your cat is suffering. Please do the right thing for him and let him go. Bless you.

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When my late Otis was diagnosed with an inoperable abdominal tumor, my vet immediately put him on prednisone. I think it prolonged his life and more importantly kept him comfortable for another 6 months. The vet said that I would know when it was 'time'...and indeed this proved to be the case. When he became totally inappetant and lethargic, we made the decision to do the right thing.
It was still a difficult call.

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Cats hide how sick they are until the very last ... if he has lost 30% of his body weight, has skin lesions and is throwing up blood, he's extremely ill.

The critical question: Does he still enjoy himself? Does he have the strength to do what he wants to do?

And how do you want to remember his last day? The last cat I had to euthanise was seriously ill (17 years old!) and died in my lap at the vet's, purring. I might have waited a couple of days longer, but she was clearly fading fast, and I didn't want to have her suddenly go downhill on a weekend when her regular vet was unavailable.

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what lazygardens said.

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