High Arc Spiral Coil Kitchen Sink Brands - Help Please

canyonhomeApril 15, 2010

Hi, I'm looking to purchase a new kitchen sink for my remodel, and I'm requesting help/opinions to choose among the various brands offing one of those high arc (gooseneck?) types with the spiral coil covering the arc part.

I want one actually allows some flexibility in the coil so one can pull the spray attachment down into the sink somewhat.

From my research, I've basically only found the following:

American Standard Pekoe Semi-Professional

Blanco 157-140-ST

Jado Coriander Culinary

Danze Parma

Aquabras Baby Chef 3320 or Lady Chef 3310

I need to find some others maybe...

I think I should eliminate the Danze as reviews say the spray part is entirely made of plastic, very cheap!

I don't really like the spray part on the Acquabras Baby Chef and the Lady Chef is a little expensive, but worth it?

So, can anyone offer any experience, or comparison opinions?

Oh, and one other question, what is a "pre-rinse feature"... or is "pre-rinse" the type/category of this type of sink?


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More obsessing ;)... more research and I found some others (but still looking for some opinions/experiences):

Shon SC415SS
Santec Penza Commerical
Cascade Konvex 17481 or Tower Tech 12964
Whitehaus Metrohaus
Pegasus 78CR557EX


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a.f.a.i.k. these are all patterned after commercial faucets, for restaurants, that have a huge flow rate that can blast off anything stuck to a plate. The plate still has to go into a commercial dishwasher after that in any case, for sterilization. So, the faucet that blasts like a fire hose is called a pre-rinse, because the DW is a sterilization-rinse. Make sense? They are still called pre-rinse when they go into residential kitchens although the DW is not a sterilization-rinse chamber, so they only sort of have the same basic function. They don't blast as much either; their flow rate is reduced to residential standards so you don't need to worry about backspray splattering onto everything in sight.

If you don't want the coiled spring there are a couple high arc spouts that are made of rubbery material that springs back into place. And, a couple of rubbery material spouts that hold their shape if you move them around.

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Thanks for that explanation.

So, I am looking for a pre-rinse style sink, and I do want that coiled spring. Hopefully some people have some experiences/opinions with the various brands/models. Thanks!

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"they're all the same" is my approach to them. A big spring, that doesn't get deformed. An aerated stream. A hose, a lever, and a bolt under the counter to hold it still. Ikea has one too. At an Ikea price.

A friend of mine drilled two extra bolt holes in the underside brass body so as to take some of the load off the one bolt, and to stabilize the body more. I would do that too.

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davidro, I hear you, but there are some small differences that are important. For example:

Does it use cheap plastic parts in the nozzle/spray piece, such as the part you push, or even the entire piece?

How far will it pull down from the in-place position - some have more movement than others (I _can_ find the swivel range spec for most online, but not pull down)?

As you note, how many bolts secure it down (maybe are all the same here)?

And then there's other potential differences that I'm ignorant to - I don't know what I don't know.


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Did you decide on a faucet ? I think these high arc spiral coil ones look amazing but I can't work out the differences in brands. Grohe has just launched one (catalogue only - for some reason not on the website) and I like the hansgrohe one but it is pretty pricey. Dornbracht has a v cool one with 2 faucets but it is seriously $$$

Anyone else chosen one of these faucets ?

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