Programming Softener

kellerk2April 15, 2013

I need some help programming my new Fleck 7000sxt, 1cf (SST 60) softener that I just installed.

Iron: 3 mg/L
Hardness (as CaCO3): 264 mg/L
Alkalinity (CaCO3): 361 mg/L
TDS: 349 mg/L
Sulfate (SO4): Sulfur: Manganese: 31.9 ug/L
Chloride: 1.20 mg/L

Two people in household, one bath.

I would like to regen about every 4 days because of my iron content.

I have the user manual so I can figure out how to navigate the menus, I just need to know what I should change in order to get the correct salt dose, etc...


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I copied this into your original thread and answered there so all of the relevant information would stay together.

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