Tub drain second floor

gildomiloApril 29, 2010

Hi There,

We're redoing our bathroom, and all the plumbing work is going to be done by a licensed plumber. I just have a couple questions that I'll ask him as well, but they're on my mind. Can the bathtub drain pipe go down to the basement through one wall and the vent go across the room and out? My reason for asking is to avoid cutting joists to run the drain pipes. If you look at From bathroom remodel you can see what a hack job the prior plumber did. I'd like to avoid drilling most of the joists :)

The bathroom is 7ft wide at most.



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The answer to both your questions is quite simple.

1. Code prohibits running a horizontal vent line under the floor.

2. Code prohibits notching the underside of a joist and it is extremely restrictive in how or where we may drill holes through the joists.

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Thanks. They're not going to notch the new joists, there will only be holes drilled through the center of the joist. I'm going to call the building inspector on Monday and get a permit so I can hold people to their work.

I wonder how they'll get the tub venting done, maybe run it up through the attic and tie it in up there?

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If you are close enough to the main stack you may not even need a separate vent.

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